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2x 950g Fresh Roasted Coffees $59.95 Incl Free Shipping @ Manna Beans


$59.95 deal includes the following:

1 x 950g Colombia Inza Microlot
1 x 950g Magical Unicorn (MU)

Price inclusive of shipping anywhere in Australia. Whole Beans Only.

The Magical Unicorn

A beautiful smooth blend with a well-balanced acidity, especially suited for milk coffees. Intense aroma with full body & flavours of sweet chocolate & caramel. Fragrance with nutty base & long pleasant finish.

Colombia Inza Microlot

Altitude: 1,750 - 1,850
Varietal: Caturra - Castillo
Processing: Washed

Sweet chocolate & caramel with a hint of floral notes. Smooth & well balanced body & acidity.

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    Good offer for cafes? Surely for the rest of us it won't be particularly fresh after about half of the first bag?

    • I regularly buy these specials and split it with a couple of mates. I don't think the value gets much better than this if you can come up with something similar. By the way, pulling 2x 17g double shots daily (me and the wife) gets me to ~250g per week, so I can usually take a kg before it goes stale.

    • I apologise if this is not the forum for it, but can you, or anyone, give me some tips on how to tell if a kg bag of beans has gone stale? I ask because I always use 1kg bags at home. 3-4 single shots per day is the usage. But I haven't noticed a difference in taste or quality from the start to the finish of the bag. I'd like to be better educated about it. Cheers.

      • +1

        disclaimer: not an expert just a home enthusiast

        We probably need more information about your specific brew style to comment, specifically - where are you buying your beans and what are you buying (most importantly how long have the beans been roasted by the time you start brewing)? What kind of brewing equipment are you using and how have you set it all up?

        The reasons I ask these questions:
        = When coffee goes stale it doesn't taste bad, it just loses some of its potency and the oils that create the more delicate aromas/flavours of the coffee have largely degraded. A stale bean will still make coffee that tastes like coffee, but it won't be as strong a cup or have as nuanced a flavour. While the flavour of the bean changes dramatically over the first 30 days or so, after that it tends to stabilise for a long period (I find it hard to tell the difference between a 2 month old bean and a 12 month old bean, but can easily distinguish between 1 week old and 3 weeks old).
        = Coffee is generally considered fresh between ~3 and ~30 days of roast date. This can vary but that's a rough guide that works most of the time. If you're buying coffee that is already more than 30 days old, most people would probably struggle to taste the difference as the coffee continues to age.
        = Different brewing styles are more/less sensitive to the the specific profile or age of the beans (filter and espresso are some of the more sensitive brew styles) and you can sometimes compensate for stale coffee with brew techniques in certain ways - e.g. I find with espresso adjusting grind size and using a double walled portafilter can compensate a bit for a staler bean.

        I hope that is helpful… In general you have asked a complicated question and the best guidance I can give is to get your hands on some very fresh coffee, brew with it every day until it has been more than a month and take notes daily on what you taste. Compare your notes at the start and at the end. More experience with brewing and drinking will probably make it easier for you to discern changes in your inputs and outputs.

    • Hah my Mrs and I punch through about 400g a week. 3-5 a day at 20g a dose gets through it surprisingly quick. Thankfully the manna beans deal normally comes up once a month!

  • Any chance you could include Unicorn? Probably my favourite bean of all time.

    • It is included. Prpbably my least favourite of theirs, and it's a blend, so not a bean.

      • I like the non-magical kind

        • My bad, maybe that's better.

  • Website down?

    • I just checked, it is working for me at the moment.

      Please can you try again?

      Otherwise, you can PM me?


      • Looks like its working now, I was getting a database error page or something like that.

        Ordered some more beans, thanks!

        • Thank you! :)

  • Thanks Flora!
    The 4×470g deals are convenient but I'm happy enough with the 2×950g deal as it means less packaging. I'll freeze one whole bag and repackage the other into two smaller lots.

  • Still open for orders with the virus thing going around?

    • Does anyone know. I have asked on here and sent emails and had no replies

      • I ordered this week and received my order, so far as I know they are operating as usual.

  • Is Colombia Inza Microlot a milk blend?

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