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Free: Ultimate Google Cloud Certification – All in One Bundle (4) @ Udemy


32 Hours of Content. Credit : Freebies Global

110,000+ GCP Students, 500+ Questions - Associate Cloud Engineer, Cloud Architect, Cloud Developer, Cloud Data Engineer
Rating: 3.9 out of 5
3.9 (238 ratings) 13,264 students
Created by Google Cloud Platform Gurus !

What you'll learn

From Beginners to advanced - I would say from Zero to Hero Google Cloud Platform
Become Master in Google Cloud Platform
Prepare for Google Cloud Certifications - Cloud Engineer , Cloud Architect, Cloud Developer, Data Engineer, Cloud Network Engineer - TBD.
Save time in preparing Multiple Google Cloud Certification exams.
This course includes:
32 hours on-demand video
94 articles
9 downloadable resources
1 practice test
Full lifetime access
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of completion

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  • is google cloud a thing in australia? everyone uses aws?

    • +15 votes

      Exactly why you want to learn GCP. Then you can be a specialist in a niche market

    • Google cloud is coming along fine.

    • Yep, it's a thing here.

      I agree that AWS is the clear market leader but Azure has a lot of penetration and is ramping up fast, particularly with businesses looking to migrate their exchange / sharepoint / etc services - before eventually moving to a true SaaS model.

      GCP has put a fair bit of effort in the .edu market over the last 12 months so I'd expect to see it becoming much more of a thing moving forwards.

      • Been using AWS (EC2, Glacier, SES, S3, Light sail etc.) quite a bit
        and more on Azure now (App service, SQL server, Azure function, Key vault, Storage account, Azure DevOps etc)

        Personally feel Azure is more user friendly and easy to deploy
        Especially since Microsoft makes Visual Studio (Community Edition) and Visual Studio Code free to the community
        The integration of Azure cloud deployment is just so handy to manage
        I would go for AWS for personal project or with smaller budget
        But for enterprise project, Azure seems much easier to work on and manage (tho Azure is more expensive than AWS in many use case)

        For GCP, not really touching much other than Firebase (Realtime DB, Push notification server, and those legacy Google Map APIs)
        One big advantage on Google Cloud is their free tier usually are very generous that it fits most small to medium projects
        and even they are charging base on usage the amount is much smaller than AWS and Azure

    • +1 vote

      Local customers already making use of GCP include Woolworths, Service NSW, Monash University, and Woodside.

  • Most definitely. ANZ Bank is using Google cloud.

  • Definitely. It’s probably the 3rd biggest cloud player now but slowly catching up AWS and Azure. Got 10B revenue last year and growing.
    I myself using it and you get lots of free credits every month. Very good for startups.

  • Woolworths uses both clouds - Google for analytics, and Azure for workloads and general infra + business applications

  • Can someone please help so I don't screw this up this time.

    How do I buy this, to use it later?

    Last time I tried, somehow I added to cart, checked out and I think I didn't launch it, so due to that, it wasn't truly purchased?

    Then I went to access whatever course it was again and it wanted me to pay?

    Can I "buy it" to use it later?

  • ANZx is using GCP, ambition being it will gradually onboard other larger departments' workloads.

  • Scored a 4 in 1 bundle course that I'll probably never do. Thanks mate!

  • I say this every time, but if I can inspire one person it will be worthwhile.

    People that have actually completed Udemy courses often notice a trend - courses with ratings below 4 (being generous) aren't all that good and often a time-drain from more productive resources. My personal cut-off is 4.5 for a flooded topic and 4.3 for something niche that I need to catch up on quickly.

    Udemy themselves won't award a best seller badge to courses with a rating below 4.2 (https://support.udemy.com/hc/en-us/articles/229605188-Udemy-...). You'll notice the highest rated badge requires at least a 4.5.

    Carry on. I might copy-paste into every Udemy deal from now on to save people time to be with their loved ones…

    • Instead of just looking at the rating
      I would rather look into the number of subscription and rating
      eg. a 4.2 rated course of over 30000 votes are far more recognizable than a 5.0 rated course with 10 votes

    • Thank you for this information it's really appreciated.

      Can you recommend other online services and courses worth taking a look at, as well as Udemy.

      • Unfortunately I'm not up to date with all the platforms these days. I used to be a big fan of the longer, project-based Lynda.com tutorials for learning the fundamentals of a topic (the shorter ones are like YouTube taste testers on a topic). Back then (about 5 years ago now) the non-Udemy competition (Pluralsight, Treehouse etc) was not ideal for novices (bored-sounding males don't keep me awake) while Udemy, like today, was overrun by entrepreneurs that didn't care about best practices.

        I'm never fully impressed with any course. I think Angela Yu's friendly approach is the best for beginners, for example, but she doesn't get into production-level topics. The presenters that do often can't communicate as well.

  • Thanks mate!

  • Thanks OP.

  • "Requirements

    Student should be computer science knowledgeable will help to understand and prepare for certification."

    How knowledgeable?

  • Thanks op another course added to my list. Just like my kindle library. and steam… and ps4… and switch… eventually I will get there…

  • I misread this as Unlimited Google Clout Certification and wondered how that worked…

  • I misread this as Unlimited Google Clout Certification and wondered how that worked…

  • Nice find, I got my GCP cloud engineer certificate from last year's challenge.

  • Thanks OP

  • Wondering: what is the best place to learn about cloud technology? let's say platform agnostic with the main purpose of skilling up so I could build & deploy an application to a cloud and run some tests (dev-ops style). Currently working with an in-house combination of TeamCity and Octopus Deploy.

    I find it easy to skill up at work because there is an actual thing that I am trying to achieve. When I try and learn something in my free time (e.g. a new scripting language) it always feels "empty" because the exercises are always made up (i.e. not real-world scenarios like at work). Would love to be able to contribute to open source stuff while skilling up!

  • Regardless of whether it's good, it's expired.

  • tried to use the coupon >>> The coupon code entered has expired.