Where to find cost effective Hand Sanitiser?

Looking for 200ML, 375ml or 1L hand sanitiser gel.

Every single pharmacy and grocery shop appears to be out of stock. Ebay,Facebook and Amazon are selling it at rip off price.

Can anyone suggest where to find the stock?

Many thanks


  • Until it is sourced , I suggest thorough handwashing ( as advised in many online tutorials ) and the standard flu precautions already taught .
    Carry baby wipes for a hand wipe too . Some people are making their own with many " recipes " floating around the Internet ๐Ÿ˜Š

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      Baby wipes won't really help.

      • They are suggested as " better than nothing " in the case of Tipu being unable to source Hand Sanitiser …..not a solution ๐Ÿ˜Š
        Especially if you are out and about and can't easily scrub your hands properly.
        Many folk catch Covid-19 from droplets inhaled anyway ……

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    Soap + good scrubbing.

    • I originally read that as "soap + goat scrubbing". Advertising works apparently.

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        Havenโ€™t heard of anyone getting Coronavirus from scrubbing a goat, so youโ€™re good!

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      The hand sanitisers are more for on the go, unless you want to carry a bar of soap in your pocket.

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        True, but OPs requirement is "cost effective Hand Sanitiser"

  • where you live would probably help, as there's no point in me telling you that my local pharmacy has plenty

    • I am in Sydney

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        Only a short trip to Melbourne.

        • …and head to Plenty.

  • Soap and hot water.

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    Guardian article saying soap is as good HERE

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    Wash your hands with soap and water for 20-30 seconds, properly.

    Soap is more effective, IF you wash your hands properly.

    If you are an adult and still cant' wash your hands properly, reevaluate your life.

    Problem solved.

  • aliexpress

    A lot can happen in the 2-3 weeks it takes to arrive.

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    carry a fanny pack with soap

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    IPA is 4 bucks a litre on eBay.

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      Is it really? Thats a great price, pandemic or no pandemic

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      Link please?

  • How much is the 1L bottle going for at the moment?

    • Chemist Warehouse tried to sell me a bottle of 500ml for $20.

      • I can custom make you 1L for $15 ๐Ÿ˜‹

        • Do I know you in real life…

          • @Banana: Maybe we 'hung' around the same 'bunch'. ๐Ÿ˜†

      • Priceline is charging 44.95 for 1l

    • I paid $22 at a chemist in Doncaster, VIC a few days ago.

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    Last year.

  • Why do you want it when normal soap will do the job? Do you want to be part of the uninformed masses?

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      Sanitizers are great for when you don't have a sink and soap nearby.

  • Droplets inhaled through your mouth and nostrils …what chance do we have unless all wearing masks !

  • DIY? Someone posted WHO's formula here

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    Follow this guide to was your hands


  • Vodka with a touch of glycerin. Can also drink it.


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      This is better than nothing as it will kill some bacteria but a minimum alcohol concentration of 60% is needed to inactivate (kill) viruses effectively. WHO recommends a minimum of 75-80% ethanol or isopropyl.

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    There is instructions on the WHO website to make your own. Watched a video yesterday of a model railway bloke making it from the WHO website recipe.

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    Bar of soap and a good hand wash for like at least 30sec.

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    Rubbing alcohol and glycerine or aloe? That's what I heard anyway.

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    Agree that soap (if used properly) is far more effective than sanitiser. However I did buy a 1lt bottle of sanitiser a few days ago along with some of those empty 100ml travel bottles from Woolies you'd normally put shampoo or similar in.

    I've put the sanitiser into those empty bottles so I have some sanitiser for when I'm out and there is no other option, like the petrol station.

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    Buy 5L of 100% isopropyl alcohol on Amazon or eBay. $45 last time I checked.

    Mix with Aloe Vera gel

    Ensure mixture is at least 60% alcohol (ie 100mL of end product should have 60mL+ of alcoh)

    Add essential oils if you want


    • Does not always work. When in doubt, stick to the simple stuff. Mix water and Isopropyl alcohol and make a hand rub solution.

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      Out of stock again

  • Have tried mixing aloe vera and isopropyl. It turns to a chewing gum kind of substance. Why? Any way, aloe vera costs more than hand sanitiser. I paid $16.39 for a 300ml bottle of 99% pure aloe vera from chemist warehouse.

    • Why would you mix aloe vera with isopropyl alcohol?>_<"

      • Isopropyl Alcohol will network on its own. Needs to be denatured to for. It evaporates before it has any effect and is harsh on the hands. Aloe vera Aloe vera solves both problems

  • Isopropyl Alcohol now selling for hundreds of dollars on ebay. Up to 5000% price increase.

  • Since unsuccessful in getting any sanitisers (and even isopropyl alcohol order is delayed with unknown timeframe), I have resorted to carrying a kit in the boot, comprising a squeeze bottle of water, hand wash, paper towels, and a small bag for paper disposal. So hands can be washed before getting into car, after going out. Then, as soon as destination reached, hands are washed again thoroughly.

    Just as a tie-over measure, until hand sanitisers are available.

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    What some don't realise is that by closing our borders we restrict imports. This means buying locally produced items. It may seem expensive, but when you compare Australia's wage rate with China's wage rate you might understand. We are so used to buying Chinese imports that we forget that the real price of goods is far higher. Factories need workers to produce goods, Each country has its own standards of pay. Finally, the consumer covers the cost of everything. As a side note, hoarding does not ease the problem. Many manufacturers are hoarding and trickling out their products at exorbitant prices. This is how commerce works in the real world. Remember how much one banana cost in 2014?

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