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UniBank Student Banking 5% Cashback ($150 Max in 6mo) for Uni Students & Recent Graduates


5% cashback ($150 maximum over 6 months) on purchases on the VISA network within 6 months of opening a UniBank Everyday Direct account and Online Savings account - $3000 spend in the period to get the full cashback.

Eligible transactions can include purchases using your VISA Debit card via:
i) payWave and mobile wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay),
ii) any scheduled direct debit (recurring) payments,
iii) any online purchases,
iv) purchases at point of sale using PIN via inserting your VISA Debit card and selecting ‘credit’ and
v) any other transaction method that is sent to us as a VISA transaction

The cashback amount will be credited into the member’s Everyday Direct account within the first 5 business days after the end of the previous month for all eligible transactions received and appear on your statement for that month during the cashback calculation period, up to but not exceeding the total $150 limit.

Cashback TnCs

Zero monthly fees - $10 credit included to cover the bank joining fee.

Full fee schedule


This banking program is available to you if you are a current student at any Australian university or other tertiary education institution in Australia or you have graduated in the last two years, and may be withdrawn at any time.

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  • citizens or permanent residents of Australia who are current or retired employees, students and graduates of Australian Universities or family members of members of the Bank.

    Is that employees of any company or employees of Australian Universities only?

    • +1

      The latter.

    • Reading more on the UniBank website it seems that "Membership" as referred to here is to become a customer generally, while this promotion is only open to current tertiary students and recent graduates - Not sure how it's verified though. Bit confusing, I have updated the post :/

  • T&C: This may mean that transactions sent to us are presented as EFTPOS transactions, and we do not pay the cashback on these transactions.

    Isn't everything practically EFTPOS?

    Eligible transactions can include purchases using your VISA Debit card via:
    iii) any online purchases,

    Does this include suncorp giftcards? :)

    • Isn't everything practically EFTPOS?


      Does this include suncorp giftcards? :)


  • +3

    Also any cancellation fees?

  • Is it applicable to casual employees at uni?

  • In the fee section, it says “ Fee free transaction limit -
    Number of fee free transactions per month via transfer to another Internal account” as only 1. Does that mean we can’t move money between Saving account to Transaction account as and when we need?

    • That's for the Reward Saver account, the Online Saver is fee-free but only accrues 0.8% interest (>$2000 bal.). Better off with your savings elsewhere and this for just purchases.

  • Do they verify your eligibility?

    • my guess is a flat no

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