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Lavazza Prontissimo! Intenso Premium Instant Coffee 95g $5 (RRP $10) @ Woolworths


Another variant on sale as well: https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/551887/lav...

Seems to be a good price for the instant coffee - a bit more expensive than Nescafe Gold but I assume that Lavazza is more premium. It was last at this price in Woolies in Nov 2019.

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    This is a reasonable tasting option when instant is your only option.

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      I agree.

  • Jaysus! I can't believe they charge so much!

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    I'm European and my family loves good coffee, espresso, etc. They have it every day and use a moka pot (though they also have an espresso pump coffee machine AND also a Nespresso machine). They love coffee. While I also appreciate 'good' coffee, I don't care as much and will just have instant in the morning, like a filthy pleb.

    Anyway my point is, I appreciate a good instant coffee. And a terrible instant coffee too. And I've been drinking this for a few months and I think it's really very good but it's on par with Nescafe Gold tbh. Maybe slightly better but not a huge difference. Nescafe Gold dissolves better— this leaves coffee residue in my cup. I still think it's pretty worth it at half off, but Gold (Original) is still better value for money. Still a really nice instant coffee though, it's miles better than the cheaper instant stuff like Moccona or Woolies/Coles brand. And the smaller jar is nice, handy to take to work or camping etc.

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      You ought to try Coles Organic Fairtrade Coffee. It's been my go to instant coffee for ages and very well priced.

      • Cool I will try it next time, thanks you for the suggestion :) Cept I'm still getting through a massive jar of Blend 43 my brother bought and didn't want. Haha.

    • I've been drinking this too lately the past 8 months, the gold and silver one. I buy them from Coles on special i think last time they were $6-7. However as it contains fine powdered coffee at the end you need to stir it up or you have undissolved coffee powder residue at the bottom of your cup.

  • Saw this one this morning on sale and bought it, it’s pretty good for shitty instant coffee

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