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[VIC] Haagen Dazs 3-Packs $0.50 (Was $6.50) @ Coles (Campbellfield)


No idea if this is national, but Coles Campbellfield (VIC) is clearing a heap of freezer items for $0.20 & $0.50. There's frozen vegies, frozen meals etc, including 3-packs of Haagen Dazs ice-creams. There were around 30 packs left at 7pm which obviously won't last long. Enjoy :)

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    Why are they doing that? I hope they are not closing temporarily due to Covid 19


    TA you should have gone hoard mode !

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      World has gone mad enough without me adding to it. Such a sad state of affairs :(

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        Absolutely! Thank you for being one of the good ones. I refuse to take part in this mass hysteria as well.

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          I can admit to buying probably…. Double? What i normally would of non-perishables and meds; just makes sense when getting to shops might be hard.

          But it'll never be impossible; i dont need to prep for war…

          ill never understand the 'entire trolley full of x' mentality.


    Might go have a check in Bris in a few mins.


    Could be that sales have plummeted and expiries are fast approaching? If the country is heading into a Recession, smart shops will start dumping lines that make no sense

    Edit - or it could simply be the freezer is stuffed and needs emptying

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      No need to get excited it’s just a failed line , clearing space for you know what .


      The funny thing about Australian economy, is that very few industries can be hit by a recession.

      Dont get me wrong, condolences and best wishes to the shops that may suffer!

      With that said, we as a country dont have the same excess that somewhere like the USA has.

      We have a wider spread population; so our shops are built expecting a low base-line of sales; and those reliable sales cant stop, because people need/want that product, regardless of economic stress.

      As i said, there will be stores that suffer; chains especially, because they ARE in excess; however'mums fruit barn' and 'garrys produce' and even places like tobaconists should be fine.

      We can go into recession on paper; but life wont change too much.

      Pour one out for tourism and entertainment though….
      Ill at least be sure to visit the drive in cinemas more often; keep them going :) also, isolated! Winwin.


        I disagree. Most of society is built on consumerism of things most people don't need!
        Bigger tvs, seasonal clothes, new cars.

        Food is a requirement. I'd also argue that culture - ergo the arts (events) are a requirement too. You'll be hard pressed to enjoy a society without a good music/arts culture.

        As one of those effected by this, I can tell you that it isn't at all a fun time. Being a performing artist is hard enough…and you sacrifice a lot for your art (pardon the pun) but having enforced sanctions that close down your ability to make money? What happens when half the artists then go and get other non arts jobs…and there is less and less live music, art, culture?

        There are few things in society that as a business are required. Middle management goes. Retail, hospitality, arts, gone. And you think Australia won't have a recession?

        :-S ok.


          Correct, i dont, well, Not in the same way the eu or us will.
          I already aknowledged that the entertainment industry WILL suffer, and my condolences.

          But ive worked a lot of different sectors, private and public, and most departments are running staff ragged with overwork; if the company is continuing to exist, the staff need to stay. That includes middle managment.

          Tv's people will buy in a lockdown; they're a delivered product when they're big.

          Clothing will still be needed.

          What happens when half the artists then go and get other non arts jobs…and there is less and less live music, art, culture?

          I think you've answered that in your question; there will be less.

          As soon as this is over, there'll be warehouse raves again; there'll be rock shows as people start touring again; and there'll be pop culture conventions.

          A lot of entertainment is driven by passion; you'll dent it, but you wont kill it.

          As someone who is VERY into several arts, i can assure you people will still entertain out of passion. Maybe not now, but soon.

          You sound like you're in entertainment, so im sorry that it sounds like a hard time for you, that sucks, honestly; stay strong.


    nice deal, shame they're not available at my local

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    My local Coles are all empty. Why can't I live near this unicorn store?


    ..oh jesus. this is the last thing we need…..


    its worth to go if I could buy 10 packs lol

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    The new TP, somebody will take a photo of the empty ice cream shelfs tomorrow and post it on Facebook, everyone will panic and rush off to stock up on ice creams before they miss out.


    Not on sale at my store :( or at least, the stickers don't show your price.


    Meanwhile, frozen meals have no trouble selling at full price here…
    Could you imagine getting them for 20 cents each!

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    Campbellfield frozen specials are gone. I'll post pics soon.

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    All gone at 8pm


    My coles was selling red bull cola 4pks for 50c each. I imagine it’s a slower line they just want to cut out quickly.


    They are closing Coles and Woolworths for refilling in UK.
    Might be same they are planning here.


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