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Corona Extra Beer 24x 355ml Bottles $50 Delivered ($36 with Kogan Voucher) @ CUB via Kogan


Learn how to get the Kogan voucher here

If Corona doesn't suit your tastes, have a look at their other ranges.

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  • Good way to keep busy in lock down.

    • +6

      Having a corona during corona!

      I see what you did there

      • +2

        You get extra corona from corona extra

  • I got the voucher, what beer should I grab? Best deal?

  • +6

    Fat Yak is $37 delivered with the $14 voucher https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/null-fat-yak-original-pale-ale-…

    • Awesome
      Thank you

    • -2

      Muuuuch better

    • Legend

  • +21

    Corona $50 Delivered

    This will go viral !!!

    • +8

      There are millions of cases already

  • How come the credit doesn't apply?

    • You have to apply the credit first.

      • Applied, I even have two codes but none of them work

    • I'm assuming you used your unique code on checkout. Redeem your voucher here and then complete the checkout. The deduction should happen if all done correct.

  • I'd go with the stella, seems to be the most decent Lager they have

    • lol I thought you were joking. I didn't downvote you btw.

  • Pure blonde is also good value :-)

    • Post it when they name the next pandemic PureBlonde-19.

      • +6

        are you sure that isn't a p.hub video?

        • +2

          p.hub are offering free premium memberships to people in some of the locked-down EU countries FYI. Someone should post a deal for a cheap VPN…

  • Pay a bit extra and get some good beer from this deal- https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/524917

    • Or buy both

  • +5

    Velocity pays 4 points per $1
    Qantas pays 2.5 points per $1

    It would be nice if OzB started linking this, and/or Flybuys.

  • Its corona time.

    • “For relaxing times, make it Suntory time.”

  • Can someone pls confirm with me that I have to be specifically targeted to have received a unique discount code via email?

  • +4

    I think I'd prefer having the virus over the beer!

    • +3

      two negatives make a positive

    • +1

      be careful what you wish for

    • Ooh kid, Ur so kool

  • Only 50 cents cheaper (per six pack) than Coles.

    • link

    • the $10 shopper docket? I haven't seen it that cheap in awhile. It is usually $12 or $13.

  • +3

    If you're seen drinking this, people will keep their distance… Job done!

  • Thanks OP!

  • Was wondering how I was going to use that voucher. Thanks OP!

  • got me self some good old carlton dry, for $41,

  • Thanks, bought myself some tasty ginger beer to get me through these self isolating times.

  • nice one OP!

  • Got myself a slab of Corona, thanks OP!

  • Whats everyone's preference - bottles or cans?

  • Hoe's at $48. Need to find a $2 item with free shipping lol.

    • +1

      Sim card

  • Thanks OP - Hoegaarden a steal at the price especially considering Dans is still listing it at 65 lol

  • how do i get a voucher?

  • Crown Lager @ $50 to

    • Some cheap as cheap Becks also with the voucher


  • I might just be having a moment, but I can't seem to find any way to add the coupon code to the cart on desktop or mobile. How do I add it?

  • Alot has sold out since last night! Damm

    I ended up with Frothy Beer. hope it's alright!

    • +1

      True… I couldn't decide last night and now have fewer to choose from (but some in my shortlist gone!)

      • Exactly, should of grabbed some Fat Yak but ended up with a beer I've never heard of haha

  • Noticed the voucher expires midnight tonight so I picked up a case of Corona tinnies for a change, $36, bargain. Cheers OP.

  • Anyone else still waiting on their delivery? I'm getting impatiently thirsty.

    • I got a text saying it was coming today, but still to hear a knock on the door.

      • How long took them to deliver? I just placed one order.

  • Damn. Hopefully my beer is not being held hostage at the QLD border.

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