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[eBay Plus] Bose 700 Headphones $399 | AirPods $99 | RM Williams Boots $399 | Xiaomi Air Purifier $179 | LEGO SW $199 @ eBay


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PS. Before you go and buy the $10 SD cards @ Harvey Norman, I believe there will be micro SD cards for 99 cents that haven't been mentioned in the article.

Thursday 19 March – 10am AEST

  • Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones 700: $399 (RRP $599.95, save $200.95)
    Link to item. Promo code PAJ17.
    100 available each at 10am, 12 noon and 2pm.

Friday 20 March – 9am AEST

  • Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H: $179 (RRP $299.95, save $120.95)
    Link to Item. Promo code PDB16.
    300 units available Expired
  • Zinus Memory Foam Mattress: $249 (RRP: $399, save $150)
    Link to Item. Promo code PNA13.
    200 units available
  • 300W Folding Solar Panel: $199 (RRP: $289, save $90)
    Link to Item. Promo code PJJ19.
    200 units available
  • Suunto 5 G1 Fitness Watch: $199 (RRP: $449.95, save $250.95)
    Link to Item. Promo code PFC91.
    300 units available
  • Zinus Ironline Queen Bed Frame: $199 (RRP: $299, save $100)
    Link to Item. Promo code PZX58.
    200 units available
  • LEGO Star Wars Droid Commander: $199 (RRP: $367.40, save $168.40)
    Link to Item. Promo code PPM15.
    100 units available
  • Parlux Ardent Ionic Hair Dryer: $179 (RRP: $219.95, save $40.95)
    Link to Item. Promo code PGA58.
    300 units available

Friday 20 March – 10am AEST

Note: The Apple Airpods, R.M. Williams Boots and Dyson V7 all share the same coupon code (Maximum of 1 Transaction Per Coupon).

Friday 20 March – 11am AEST

Friday 20 March – 12pm AEST

Friday 20 March – 1pm AEST

Friday 20 March – 2pm AEST

Friday 20 March – 3pm AEST

Friday 20 March – 4pm AEST

Friday 20 March – 5pm AEST

Friday 20 March – 6pm AEST


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  • Code still works, still 10 available for Bose

  • It might be a personal feeling
    But I have no motivation to get the Bose 700 headset given that the I am still pretty satisfy with my Sony 1000-XM3
    Unless it is far superior on the 700, otherwise I will just pass this deal to whoever loves the Bose vs Sony

    • I think that's fair.

      I'm a collector of headphones and I have more than I should. I quite like these 700. Would I pay $600 for them? Hell no. But $400 is a good price for them since the QC35 II's have had their ANC reduced with a firmware update.

      I wouldn't upgrade over an XM3 though unless you're a headphone addict like myself.

      It has some small things over the XM3 such as supposedly better call quality, and the passthrough sound mode sounds less digitized and more natural.

    • Why on earth would you want to upgrade your XM3? These are mostly equivalent, it would be a waste of money. If you didn't have XM3, though it would be a very nice deal.

  • Still 10+ available after 1 hour of flash sale start!!

  • Change the title to 5 seconds AirPods deals!

  • Interested in the purifier. Can anyone comment:

    How expensive are they to run 24/7? (Like electricity usage)
    And how much the filters cost and how often you need to replace them?

  • FYI, people on the fence about getting the Bose 700 or Sony WH1000-XM3:
    The Sony WH-1000XM3 is still the better buy when it comes to premium noise-canceling headphones, even though we might lust after the looks (and feeling) of the latest Bose model. That said, if you make a ton of phone calls on your travels, it’s worth remembering that the Bose 700 offer significantly better call quality, and a pretty great overall package as well.

    • compared to the standard Bose price, the XM3 is way better value but at $399 the difference is about $70 which makes it worth getting if you want the better call quality. For everything else it loses out I think.

    • FYI, also keeping in mind that XM3 is only the better buy when it's cheaper and you don't need the features of the 700. There is nothing premium feeling about the XM3 palstic.

      • some people care more about how they sound and function than the plastic that contributes nothing to their purpose.

        And also, they've never not been cheaper. Unless you're going to point to some store that is listing them at RRP and compare them to the historical low of these, which admittedly is a very you thing to do.

        • 100% agreed. I have a priority on sound quality ability, which is why I sold my xm3. They are one of the best noise cancelling headphones. They aren't the best sounding, the comfiest, the best build quality, best call ability etc etc.

          My point stands that since the xm3 is cheaper, in general it's the better buy. Unless you need other things or have priorities like sound quality, material quality, longevity etc.

  • +1

    Wow if this deal (BOSE) happened last December, it will not be available after 1 minute. Now it is still available. But if you put Quilton 45 at double the price ($40) and make 100 of them available every hour, they will be gone within 30 seconds (faster than Nicholas Cage movie about stealing high-end cars) :). Be safe everyone and remember our currency is still AUD not toilet rolls :P

    • +2

      "remember our currency is still AUD not toilet rolls"
      Just checked a minute ago, Aussie dollars drop below $0.55 against the USD.
      Its very close to toilet rolls value I dare say ;)

      • -1

        touché :)

      • No wonder my "saved for later" items in Amazon cart (from Amazon US) jumped up in price!! :(

  • +1

    The Bose headphones have sold 136 and stock still available from the 12pm and 2pm allocations am I reading that correctly?

    So out of 300 available from 3 batches still more than half are available?

    If this was last year they'd all be gone within minutes

    • Gotta save my money for toilet paper. That stuff ain't cheap these days.

  • They should of have less headphones maybe 200, (e.g)REMOVE DINNER SET. and ADD more AirPods!!!!!! (More Popular and you won't get people angry) THINK EBAY THINK !!!!

  • Is the RM Williams any good? Thinking of caving in but have rumours the quality is dropping

    • Yup Great value at $399. Difficult to get at this price in the past

  • Are you meant to put the code in the box "Gift cards, vouchers, coupons"? The code doesn't seem to apply the discount. Thanks

  • how do you find the airpods in the first minute of release :\

  • The Bose are still in stock lol.
    I’m sure the AirPods will sell out in seconds though.

  • Anyone know who will be doing the airpods or code?

  • Is DEEBOT N79T any good,any review, worth buying?

  • +1

    This sale is more so an ad for ebayplus rather than a genuine sale for the customers. Things sell out literally instantly. Forget trying to purchase airpods or any of the popular items. It’s not equitable. Those with fast connections and automated systems will get the products first and the rest of us will be left empty with a useless membership which we just signed up to.

  • Can’t find Xiaomi Air purifier deal…

  • Got 1 Xiaomi Airpurifier, even though I have no use of it.

    • Same

    • Same

    • +3

      Really not the time to be pissing money away on stuff you don’t need…unless you have some ultra secure government job or something.

      • +3

        Well, my savings can last me years. I got a place to live, my parents got enough money for themselves as well and I hope tenants will keep renting my investment properties.
        I know we are all going to a hard time. It is already hard to find any other pleasure. Keep Ozbargaining (wasting money) is kind of my only way to keep me happy for now :p

        • Good on your mate, always good to have good spirits during tough times.

  • No more $1 special XD

  • Something was wrong with eBay's payment system, error-ed 4 times before checkout successfully. Didn't think it happened last time.

  • Got one xiaomi. Almost pull a trigger to buy one a few days ago on Amazon for $239. Thanks, dealbot.

  • +1

    Dont support this click frenzy / COTD BS

  • That deal will be out of stock more faster then toilet papers.
    I think less than 1 second for Apple airpods.

  • still another 84 xiaomi air purifers up for grabs

  • First time able to score the $99 Airpod!!
    I beat the bot!

  • code doesn't work?

  • I like how on the actual item it displays a different voucher code that removes $37

  • Airpods 2 Gone in 1 minute 19 seconds at 10am.

    Update: Looks like they added more, since eBay stuffed up the link.

    • How did you know the correct seller?

      • +1

        Shown on this page

      • I am just guessing it will be titan_gear store
        as I have added the item yesterday (in stock) and this morning it become OOS
        so I guess this must the item to go on sale at 10am

  • Code doesn't work…

  • +1

    No idea what happened. I put in the code but it didn't work and accidently purchased $249 headphones. fail

    • +1


      • Damn can you put through refunds?

    • Same.. Just used "Ask to Cancel", hopefully it cancel. I'm not paying $249 for it

      • I asked to Cancel as well

    • Same here…

    • same

      • it's already gone from my purchase history

        • but I've received an invoice from wireless1

  • well looks like they were gone in less than the 10 seconds it took me to try and put in the code

  • code doesn't work

  • same code did not work


  • No idea why it says wrong code for me?

  • +6

    For some reason ebay linked to wireless1 when that wasn't the seller. It was a different seller.

    Ebay fail. What a bunch of useless clowns

  • +5

    They screwed up the deal link. They linked people to wireless1 when the deal is at titan_gear. Why would they link to wireless1 in the first place? Throw people off for what? You had to refresh the page a few times before the link updated to the right seller

    • Bugger I was checking Titan gear a few mins before the deal went live and they still had zero stock so figured they weren't the store. Still at least by them stuffing up the quickest people didn't get it.

      • Its the other way, they intended to put into 0 stock, so by the time when deal starts, they can set the stock level back to 100
        I am just lucky that i didn't even wait for the banner
        but just refreshing the titan_gear item page at 10am sharp

        • Thanks I’ll know for next time

  • +1

    how is it sold out? code didn't work lol

  • LOL. ebay give us a wrong link to wireless one for airpods.

    it is now linked to Titan_Gear


  • +1

    Tried checking out with the AirPods while they were still available and it kept saying wrong code.

    • Same here!

    • That explains it. Damn. Thought I actually was actually gonna get it for $99 from Wireless1… nope :(

      • Apparently eBay “accidentally” linked to the Wireless1 listing when the seller for this deal was Titan_Gear …so I guess try again at 2pm; hopefully, if it’s Titan Gear again, might have better luck but after that, I give up! I already have a pair for myself but was hoping to pick these up as a gift for a friend who has been wanting a pair for ages.

  • +1

    Lol, got a pair because if the link screw up. Cheers eBay.

  • +2

    dont worry, they linked to the proper seller once they were sold out…

  • got 1 thanks

  • Lost my airpods from the original $99 deal. Managed to score another set just now. Thanks op

    • how? could u pls give tips

      • First time had them in cart. Spammed code until applied just before the drop.
        This time had the item open as I was confident titan gear was the seller. Had a second page opened on the deals page. As soon as they went in stock from titan, added to cart, checked deals page for code.

        • I got sent to Wireless1. So are the second and third drops likely going to be titan gear too, was that the case last time this deal was on? Dang, you’re lucky to have scored this not once but twice!

          • +1

            @Vivk: 2nd and 3rd drops will be from titan gear. I actually added them to my watch list last night while they were still in stock..

            2nd drop have the direct titan gear airpod link open. Keep refreshing a minute or 2 before the drop. Add to cart. You'll probably miss that drop.

            3rd drop hopefully they'll still be in your cart. If the code is the same on drops 1 and 2, it'll be the same code on drop 3. If this is the case, have multiple pages of your checkout open. Keep refreshing before the drop until it shows available to purchase. Have code copied, paste code and cross your fingers

            Best of luck, let us know if you get a pair

            • @NixMo1: Thanks for the tip! No luck this time as I was just too busy when the 2nd and 3rd drops happened! Will definitely keep that in mind for next time and just keep it on my watch list for now!

  • LOL i got one too, i came in at 10:02 via official link and thought I had no chance…

  • by the time the link was updated it was sold out

  • +1

    Link is different Titan_Gear is the seller not wireless 1 so therefore the code does not work

  • +5

    FAKE DEAL… wrong link was provided on the ebay site.

  • +1

    Why do I even bother… eBay are the worst.

    • They are complete morons

  • +6

    they stuffed up the link for the airpods, so some people (me) got sent to the wrong product page/wrong seller.

  • +1

    So many people bought full price from Wireless one

    • You'd be dumb to do that. You'd figured out pretty quickly that the code don't work.

  • I miss the $99 Airpods again

  • +6

    Meanwhile Wireless 1 just sold 50+ headphones at $249 at 10am on the dot. me included. Lol. Ebay are so incompetent.

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