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[eBay Plus] Bose 700 Headphones $399 | AirPods $99 | RM Williams Boots $399 | Xiaomi Air Purifier $179 | LEGO SW $199 @ eBay


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PS. Before you go and buy the $10 SD cards @ Harvey Norman, I believe there will be micro SD cards for 99 cents that haven't been mentioned in the article.

Thursday 19 March – 10am AEST

  • Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones 700: $399 (RRP $599.95, save $200.95)
    Link to item. Promo code PAJ17.
    100 available each at 10am, 12 noon and 2pm.

Friday 20 March – 9am AEST

  • Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H: $179 (RRP $299.95, save $120.95)
    Link to Item. Promo code PDB16.
    300 units available Expired
  • Zinus Memory Foam Mattress: $249 (RRP: $399, save $150)
    Link to Item. Promo code PNA13.
    200 units available
  • 300W Folding Solar Panel: $199 (RRP: $289, save $90)
    Link to Item. Promo code PJJ19.
    200 units available
  • Suunto 5 G1 Fitness Watch: $199 (RRP: $449.95, save $250.95)
    Link to Item. Promo code PFC91.
    300 units available
  • Zinus Ironline Queen Bed Frame: $199 (RRP: $299, save $100)
    Link to Item. Promo code PZX58.
    200 units available
  • LEGO Star Wars Droid Commander: $199 (RRP: $367.40, save $168.40)
    Link to Item. Promo code PPM15.
    100 units available
  • Parlux Ardent Ionic Hair Dryer: $179 (RRP: $219.95, save $40.95)
    Link to Item. Promo code PGA58.
    300 units available

Friday 20 March – 10am AEST

Note: The Apple Airpods, R.M. Williams Boots and Dyson V7 all share the same coupon code (Maximum of 1 Transaction Per Coupon).

Friday 20 March – 11am AEST

Friday 20 March – 12pm AEST

Friday 20 March – 1pm AEST

Friday 20 March – 2pm AEST

Friday 20 March – 3pm AEST

Friday 20 March – 4pm AEST

Friday 20 March – 5pm AEST

Friday 20 March – 6pm AEST


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  • +3

    $29 for a 24 pack of Strongbow classic pear cider bottles seems pretty good.
    Code: PNB97

    • Thanks for that link - just scored a carton !!

  • +1

    anyone know if titan will be selling the last batch of air pods?

    • +1

      It’s always the same so yes.

      • awesome ive still got the page with the discount code applied in the cart, hoping i can spam confirm and pay button come 6pm

        • +1

          how did u do that when the item is out of stock?

          • @lknight: i got to the checkout on the batch at 2pm, applied the code and then when i hit confirm and pay it states of stock.

            • +2

              @david6509: hmm i did this too but later it made me remove the item from the cart. Anyhow goodluck mate, looks like you have a good chance this time.

              • @lknight: Same, mine also got removed from the cart

  • +2

    They've completely stuffed up their IT system for this promotion e.g. those that bought from another seller at the 10am slot, X amount of units sold around 12pm, 100 units sold at 2pm and then there's another 100 units to be sold at 6pm assuming they even have sufficient stock. Those that bought outside the promotion time might not be honoured but here's hoping.

    • +1

      50 units at 2pm even, agree that it was a mess!

    • 50 Units were sold at 2pm instead of the promised 100, this is what gives me hope. So if another 50 are sold at 6pm instead of 100, then we all might get away with the 12pm drop.

      • lol but hundreds were sold at the 12pm drop, doesnt add up

        • Let a man be hopeful, friend. :(

  • has anyone's been sent off ?

  • There's a bunch of new deals up now so make sure you check the page.

    • Added to description.

  • +4

    dont cancel your Wireless1 orders looks as they are honoring it for $99 & credit differance or cash refund

    • Props to Wireless1 if they do that! I saw the voucher code didn't apply so I didn't buy

      • +1

        you mean props to eBay, they would be covering the difference for their stuff up

    • +1

      How do you know they are honoring the orders?

      • +1

        called, was told they will honor it, so if anyone that ordered through wireless1 hasn't called get onto it

        • +2

          too late hah order already cancelled

  • The page displays "Vera Wang Princess 500ml" while the item is 50ml.

    • Yep I had to updated the deal description.

  • +3

    There is hope for those of you that got the lunchtime drop, a similar thing has happened in the past but if I recall they simply sold more than the 100 at the drop and ended up selling 800, I think they also then cut the later releases to 50 units per drop. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/471174

    • that's great news, i remember that incident now. we just need someone to pressure them on twitter if/when they rescind on the deal. nothing like a good old social media backlash.

  • $9 Deals are live now.

    • At least the $9 TWS Earbuds are a nice compromise if the Airpods fiasco doesn't pan out well.

      • +3

        "Black Airpods"

  • Golf G80 power Bank Worth it?

    • +1

      It's alright for a basic power bank at $9, pretty much the same functionality wise as the Xiaomi that tends to go for $16-17. Just doesn't feel as nice because it's not a metal casing.

      • Thanks. Currently have no power bank and only need it for occasional use. For $9 seems to fit the bill well!

  • "200 units" of the wallet while it's 'Sold Out' at 10. Is that not false advertising? Don't even want it but thought that was pretty weird.

    • +4

      The whole eBay Mega Deal promotion has been a mess from the start.

    • eBay removed all reference of the Wallet from the Promotion page.

  • Man that one direction edp must be so old now…..

  • -2

    Today's haul:

    $99 AirPods Gen 2

    $179 Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H

    $19 Royal Comfort Foam Pillow Twin Pack

    Not bad.

    • +1

      doing the economy wonders!

  • +1

    Gone in 2 seconds f

  • +1

    Wow. How are people so quick.

  • +4

    MF. Had it right on the clock, clicked Buy Now, in the split second it went to next screen, no stock left! Die bots die :-p

  • +3

    Competition, not a bargain

  • +1

    gone in 1sec

  • +1

    Yes I got one! Had the item in my cart from the 2pm and kept clicking the Buy Now button from 5:59pm

    • lucky you

    • +1

      Yup, did the same and managed to get it.

  • -2

    i suspect people are using some sort of an automated tool

  • +3

    tried three times for airpod. no luck. ended up buying Black Airpods. lol

  • +1

    99c deals are up

  • Quickest way to pay by linking Paypal account with ebay?

    Wont matter with the bots around though

  • +1

    Does anyone know any good bots? i can understand why many might won't want to share it here.

    • +3

      Haha there aren't any bots my friend, its just 10000 people trying to get their hands on 100 pieces. You do the maths.

  • Any AirPods dropping another day or is that it now?

    • That’s it for now

    • there's more at 1pm today

  • There are now some $0.99 32GB sd cards and phone/ipad charging cables

  • +1

    Thanks got a 99cent micro sd card and usb cable just now

  • +1

    managed to get the $99 airpods.
    was at the checkout screen for the 2pm one which didn't go through
    at 6pm sharp, kept spamming the confirm button and got it.

    • How did you manage to keep the cart alive, mine got removed from the cart after some time, I also had them from 2 pm round

      • i just didn't touch it until 6pm. that's it.

        • I pressed confirm and pay like every 15 mins and then spammed it

      • Were u using the phone app or website?

    • Same :)

      • I had it on the ebay app, what about you guys

  • I had it on the ebay app, what about you guys

    • Just gotta do nothing else on your phone. I had on the app occasionally went to press confirm and pay, that kept it alive also was it in the cart or were u on the buy screen?

      • I was also on the confirm and pay screen

        • +1

          So you just spam confirm and pay at the drop time with everything filled out and don’t do anything else on your phone otherwise it may shut the eBay app and click confirm and pay every once in a while even though u know it’s out of stock to keep the screen active.

          • +1

            @Doovik: Thanks, good to know for future attempts

            • @Rookie1: :). Thats been said multiple times previously as well but sure.

  • +1

    Got $9 yumcha airpods in case this whole thing goes pear shaped

  • ar there anymore deals tomorow?

    • I was about to ask that as-well. I'm thinking yes.

  • There’s actually $10 shipping for the perfumes even if ebay plus, So it’s not actually $19

  • +1

    Anyone had any airpods ship if so what time did you order?

    • Nope !!! ( it was the 12:00pm (1,000 sold)

    • Not yet. Sold at 1:27pm yesterday to me.

  • Airpods came back to the deal. I didn't close the payment page last night. Will it still work today?

    • Yeah I wonder if anything else will drop today or show up!

  • +2

    AirPod deal is back today - 1pm and 4pm drop of 100 units each.

    I think it’s fairly safe to assume everyone from yesterday should be getting their order. I don’t feel that they are under stocked.

    Anyone get a confirmation out of the 12-1pm drop from yesterday?

    • The Mystery drop thing

    • +2

      yeah eBay must've got a good deal with Apple since their retail store on George St has been shutdown for ages now. and general retail sales have fallen off a cliff, they must have loads of stock.

      • +1

        Does anyone know who Titan Gear are to eBay? How does this all work?

        • i think ebay basically own titan gear.

  • 1pm deal sold out at 1.01!

  • Don't know why OPs don't add "1 hour rotation" or some such to the title, it would certainly save members some time..?

  • I got a shipping notice for the USB

  • Anyone get shipping notice for AirPods?

    • +1

      I’ve got nothing. So, when do we pull out those pitch forks?

      • give them a day or 2. They do have a load to ship out. Last promo last year it took them several days.

    • Nope nothing same with Sandisk 32gb.

      • My microsd $0.99 just got shipping notification like 30 mins ago.

      • I just received shipping notification for micro Sd Card. AirPods no

  • +1

    Received an e-mail containing order number and tax invoice at 7:03PM this evening. My order was placed at 1:25PM (Glitch Drop) on Friday. However, no shipping notification as of yet. Does that means I am getting one? OMG!

    • A number have received them for the Sandisk and the USB cables. Did it say for the earpods? EDIT: I received 3 emails just then - order and 2 tax invoices for the airpods.

      • but no shipping notification ?