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Hawaiian Airlines: Los Angeles Return from Sydney $657 @ YourFlights


Destination: Los Angeles

Airline: Hawaiian Airline

Valid Departure Dates: Some dates in June and August 2020 (Hopefully Corona will be settled by then..)

Sample Dates:

Depart Wed 10 June Return Fri 10 July $657
Depart Thu 23 July Return Fri 31 July $657
Depart Fri 07 Aug Return Thu 27 Aug $657
Depart Tue 11 Aug Return Tue 25 Aug $657
Depart Tue 11 Aug Return Wed 26 Aug $657
Depart Tue 11 Aug Return Thu 27 Aug $657
Depart Tue 11 Aug Return Fri 28 Aug $657

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  • +8 votes

    It is more important than ever to list the change and cancellation fees these days. So Rep, how much are the fees?


    I flew HA from HNL to SYD last year on a VA ticket (I usually fly direct in/out of LAX but thought I'd give myself a day in Honolulu especially as work was paying for it). I would absolutely recommend VA direct to LAX instead, unless of course you want to visit Honolulu. Only 1 meal service (and no choices), less attentive staff, less entertainment selection. Though I loved Honolulu airport, half of it is outdoors which was a good change. VA Platinum use the DL SkyClub too and the HNL SkyClub is way nicer than any other SkyClub I've visited in the US.

  • +4 votes

    Will they make allowances at the security check point for the huge iron balls someone would be packing to take that trip?

  • +12 votes

    18 year lows for AUD against the greenback.

    Everything is going to cost a fortune on the ground!

  • +4 votes

    Anyone promoting international flights right now is being irresponsible, plain and simple. Laughable to think that the world, let alone the US, will be done with the coronavirus epidemic by July or August.

    • +5 votes

      Cant we make our own choices? There is a variety of reasons someone might need to fly

      • +5 votes

        For the moment, yes you can, although I would suggest in light of what is happening in Italy, Spain, France and the UK right now with accelerating infections and deaths, that is an incredibly selfish and arrogant view to take.

        If someone simply must travel (and would be allowed to travel - since the US has banned all non-citizens from entering who have spent any time in any part of western europe or the UK - expect Australia to be added to that list before any countries are removed), im sure they can fire up skyscanner and find a flight themselves, they don't need to have hapless travel agents try and push flights on them.

  • +8 votes

    Anyone who book international flights now is crazy or desperate. It might be a couple hundred dollars cheaper, but, in case you have to change/cancel, the hussle and anxiety worth more than the dollar.

  • +3 votes

    Buyer Beware

  • +5 votes

    Dont do it!!


    Dont infect others!

  • +6 votes

    not worth it,

    airlines could go bust before this is all over and you lose out completely!

  • +3 votes

    "Hopefully Corona will be settled by then.."


  • +10 votes

    Honestly, these kind of deals should be stopped for the time being.

  • +4 votes

    should really stop advertising these deals
    its irresponsible and hurts the rest of us

  • +2 votes

    Not a deal, seems like gambling on a flight to go ahead.

  • +1 vote

    looking at the exchange rate :'(


    Feels like they’re getting rid of flights to avoid a loss .

  • +3 votes

    Stay away. America has the worst health care system by far. If you look at ABC statistics the US is by far the largest exporter of COVID 19 into Australia.

    If you value anything in your life or even if you don't value your life and just want to wipe your bum with toilet paper you'll do yourself a favour and forget about going.

    I put a May trip to Europe on hold because I can see it blowing up. Even through young and healthy (so I think) I'm not going to risk it helping COVID 19 to spread.


    This deal might as well be a Brady vacation with a cursed Tiki.


    600 not worth to look at lotis old fat chunky bitchy flight attendants


    what about the 14 days mandatory self isolation / quarantine each way , is that included in the HOLIDAY package

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