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iPhone 6s Plus 32GB $549, X 64GB $899, 7 32GB $479 128GB $579, 8 256GB $899, 7 Plus 256GB $729 128GB $699 @ JB Hi-Fi

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    6s plus for above $500 after all these years lol

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      Yep, that’s some markup.

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      It has been on clearance for $399 or less at other stores so $549 (15 months after Target sold it with an included $30 optus SIM for $399) is a completely ridiculous price that JBHiFi want for it.

      More recently BigW also had it on clearance for $399

      • The Australian dollar 3 years ago was 80c US. Today it’s 57c. Significant currency depreciation.

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          The Target deal was 15 months ago not 3 years ago, and the BigW deal was only 2 months ago for $399.

          Yes the AUD has fallen, but there is no need to defend JBHiFi's awful pricing on what is effectively an EOL iPhone (It is a fine phone - I use it as my phone - but this 32GB 2015 smartphone is not worth $549 by any stretch of the imagination).

          The falling AUD can also definitely not excuse this significant price discrepancy from the BigW deal (in addition JBHiFi likely bought this ancient stock when the AUD was much stronger anyway rather than having to buy new 6S plus stock right now with a weaker AUD)

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    The 6s plus at that price is a meme. During sales, a pixel 3a xl/v40 is around that much

  • I can’t believe they still stock these outdated phones in 2020, a 32gb phone !

    • Does 6s even still support new software updates

  • I don’t think it’s a sale. Vodafone has better deal on IPhone XS Max.

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    As an iPhone user and love my 7 the price of the new phone is just not worth it. iPhone 8 for $899? What!?

    The iPhone 7 for $479 is good and I’ll stick with that Apple until your prices aren’t ridiculous.

    • Agree, 7 is a good phone for under $500. Comparison to Android devices has very little relevance.

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    How are these "clearance prices" ?

    I love my iPhone 6s Plus… but no way its worth $550 now.

    • Yes. Still a very good phone, but not counting on support from Apple after this year.

  • showing $499 for the 7/32GB.


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    I'd hold out for the rumoured iPhone SE2. Should be here in the next month or so…

  • 6s plus 128GB is now $499

    I know it's EOL, but it's still an excellent phone and this much memory is very practical.

    I have personally bought the 6s twice and still use it.

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