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[eBay Plus] Apple AirPods 2 - $99 Delivered @ eBay


Looks like the ebay airpods competition is back. 100 units at 1 pm and 4 pm.

Good luck.

Based on previous deals, likely to be this seller (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/123932436002)

Mod Note: Out of Stock at 1pm, Next drop will be 4pm.

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          Supposed to be 300 from yesterday and 200 from today. So 500 in total.

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            @Sainter4Life: There was a drop that wasn't supposed to drop as-well 1:00pm-1:30pm.

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    anyone received email confirmation?

    • Email from Yesterday, Shipping No seems a bit strange.

      • they don't ship on weekends

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          I sent 2 parcels today, I have few AusPost offices open on weekend. Plus creating a shipping label counts as "shipped". So depends on seller.

          I doubt this seller will be able to process this volume of shipments in a single sitting anyway, so not unusual

        • Some Places do it depends

  • It's safe to assume that the (0) rated buyers are Ozbargainers.
    Although this was advertised outside of Ozbargain, no regular person could obtain one without cart spamming.

    This means that those null rated buyers either creating a new acc to have access to the eBay plus free trial to buy a pair

    or they are creating new account to buy a second pair.

    • or u know used their eBay plus trial before this ever happened

    • +1

      Yeah the cynic in me says that it's people creating a new account who were successful in yesterdays deal, I say that because the first 100 that went at 1 werent from new accounts which would have been the new accounts adding to cart and then getting the 4pm lot

    • The rating number 0, isn't a safe indicator. The new user icon is a better indicator. I recently sold an item to an eBayer with feedback of 0 (no feedback), but without the new user (recently signed up) icon. Also, people could have another account that has never signed up for eBay Plus (so someone having a number > 0 doesn't mean he/she didn't just signup for eBay Plus).

      Doesn't matter whether they are OZBers or not or whether they are buying 2nd pair or not, we are just not fast enough. It's not overwhelming 50%+ new users so it looks like it is fairly even.

      No need to over analyse it, if you tried your best and still cannot get one, so be it. Majority people are in the same boat anyway.

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    Thanks OP

    Got one at 4:06 in the second batch after the 4:03s

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    This is not a deal, it’s a lottery

  • this was a SCAM!!!! dirty f0—-ers!!!

    • Not a scam, just people found a way to spam buy it before anyone else… Anyways

  • What a wicked game you played to make me feel this way
    What a wicked thing to do to let me dream of you

    • OzBargainers.
  • +2

    Supposed to be 20 left. I think they are waiting. It was at 1318 now it's 1398. Only 80 sold

    • 80 confirmed payments.
      20 payments in pending.
      All units sold.

      • Refreshed the page for an hour, wasting time ;(

  • I give up. 'Wait until the profiteers put them back on EBay next week for around $150….there should be a few hundreds for sale by then…

  • +1

    Got the 4:03 one. Finally.

  • What even is this?

  • Still unclear on whether the second chance people who get them wait on the checkout page with the coupon already applied (and refresh a seperate page to see if the listing is live) or F5 the check-out page and re-apply the coupon. I reached the checkout page but was told the code was wrong (when it was right) still putting the code in and it's saying wrong code. How do you successful OzBargainers get it who have the old checkout page open?

    • Nowadays, Web pages keep a lot of information on the client side. When you recall a history page of that checkout screen, it has sufficient details to essentially resurrect it. When the time comes, just hammer Confirm and pay button non stop.

      Even if you do that, you probably still won't get it because there is always more people able to get to checkout screen but not able to complete it from previous sessions.

      It's a simple maths. Assuming 100 people get it, but 2000 people failed to get it but managed to reach checkout screen, the next session will start with sufficient number of those 2000 ready to click confirm.

    • It says ‘wrong code’ when you don’t have Ebay Plus.

  • Final round tomorrow at 4pm.

    • I think that's for other deals. Says the airpods have sold out.

      • Not AirPods something else earbuds or something $199

    • +1

      Good luck to profiteers selling their Airpods 2, as the Sony is better value. Not saying one is better in term of form/fit/function, but the market price as the perceived acceptable value for a new Sony is ~$250 and the Airpods 2 ~$200. Now there will be hundreds of both flooding onto EBay and Gumtree next week…

  • This is rubbish

  • This is worst than lottery.

    • +5

      Sorry, lottery is worse. This one, at least you don't need to pay when you didn't get it. Lottery, you still need to contribute to the jackpot when you lose.

      Didn't get one either.. but I just think of it this way: saved $99.

      • +1

        Good perspective. Sounds like win-win for everyone. You got a pair, you save $99. You don't get it, you save $99.

      • You had to pay for the plus membership

        • +1

          Or used a free trial with a new eBay account if you have already used a trial

    • +1

      Not fake. Many were successfully if you go through the thread. Just the luck of the draw or if you followed the hints of how people were able to increase the odds you may have been lucky(ier)

  • -1

    Out of stock less than 2 secs, eBay stop letting bots take over our chance to shop jeez, we want a bargain and people creating bots to take it all from us

    • +2

      Not 2 seconds according to order history. And prior drops within approx half a minute.

      • -2

        Ok thanks i didn’t need to know that it was just a guess

  • Best way for people to have a chance eBay needs to make this targeted and not for everyone so we can get a chance haha

    • +3

      Respectfully, I would have though more chance to everyone if it wasn't a targetted deal?

  • Just found a pair of airpod2 at the gym 😂

    • Corona flavour?

    • -1

      score! i heard there are tonnes of airpods at the lost property section of the airport too. save yourself $99.

      • -1

        Ear Heath Problems could arise I wouldn't chance it.

        • -1


        • Sterilized it.

          • -1

            @cloudie9: And that would kill everything. Answer is NO

            • @domo653q: you need a sense of humour mate

              • @alamodey: Yes I known it’s a joke and that they would likely have many in lost property.

  • Is there any final round today also for these airpods? (22/03/2020)

  • lmao at the amount of people complaining. stuff like this is capitalism marketing 101.


  • Has anyone’s been sent off yet ?

    • +1


    • we've been had!

    • Nope

    • nope

  • Did anyone email the seller?

  • +2

    Mine were just delivered

    • +1

      did you get tracking information? mine aren't even shipped yet

    • What state are you located in?

    • I ordered about 1:15. I received tracking info late Monday and delivery to Sydney today.

      • +1

        I think it is coming from Sydney so that is why it so fast.

  • Yep I got mine posted with tracking number. And I’m one of the 300 did it before 2pm

    • Same. 1:25pm drop

      • i ordered mine in that drop too but haven't heard anything yet

  • Mine still haven't been shipped yet.

    • Edit: they have now been shipped.

  • I got tracking. Bought on Mistake Drop. I'll probably sell mine though to fund the Sony WF-1000XM3 I got on the eBay Plus deal after

    • +1

      LOL. I'm in the same boat. Din't think I'd get either and hit the mistake drop accidentally .. then scored the WF's also (which I'm preferring for the ANC). though most the time I waste my time on these bays deals this time it felt like it all came my way.

  • mine's been shipped but no tracking!

  • Got an email saying I'll get it by Friday.

  • +2

    AusPost hasn't even picked it up yet. Last thing was at 1am saying Shipping information approved by Australia Post.

    • Same here. Purchased during the glitch drop.

  • Got a shipped email and AusPost tracking number from TitanGear, I purchased on Friday during 4pm sale

    • The parcel arrived the next day, shipping is quick if you're in Sydney

      • I think it is coming from Sydney

  • Found a bunch of TitanGear Invoice emails from Monday in my junk e-mail.
    All referencing my name and address, but someone else’s eBay name. Anyone else get that?

    Return address is the same PO Box as Wireless 1. Might explain the original listing stuff up.

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