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[eBay Plus] Apple AirPods 2 - $99 Delivered @ eBay


Looks like the ebay airpods competition is back. 100 units at 1 pm and 4 pm.

Good luck.

Based on previous deals, likely to be this seller (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/123932436002)

Mod Note: Out of Stock at 1pm, Next drop will be 4pm.

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  • I need more than luck, I need a miracle to get one of these at this price.
    Tried so many times previously. Any past winner able to share some pointers?

    • +28

      You can go read through 100s of comments from previous posts like this or just stay sane and don’t bother with

      largely shit specials like this.

      • +1

        You need to call on the power of bots lol!!!
        It’s the only way to win it.

    • It's really not that hard to get one if people follow instructions from previous $99 deals.

      Unless eBay stuffs up…

      • +1

        Sold out immediately. I got as far as hitting 'Buy now' and inputting the code, and the next screen informed me that it wasn't available in the quantity I requested (i.e. one). I would say it is actually quite difficult…

    • So can I get this straight, eBay releases 100 units at the posted times and they sell out within seconds? I am new to this and curious, is there any point?

  • +14

    Yeah don’t bother. Waste of time!

  • +2

    Not again

  • +24

    Would rather see eBay send the offer to 100 random plus members.

  • +2

    Agree but just letting the Ozbargain community know. Usually easiest to get it the first time as the code is not often known beforehand. So best to try at 1pm. By 4pm, bots will be ready to get them.

    • +3

      “Just let the community know” not to waste time too : )

    • Yeah first time is the most even as in theory no one already has the item added to cart and hopefully the code is unknown too

  • +1

    Probably same listing and same code. Noticed code expires today when it usually expires same day.

    • Updated with code. Just in case.

      • And I was right :)

  • +4

    yep im taking a pass. not worth the time.

  • +3

    Good luck everyone. May the odds be ever in your favour.

  • +6

    Use Credit Card… in first hour add to your cart. In second hour checkout cart.

    PayPal takes longer to process payment. That is how I got them 6 months ago.

    • +1

      if u saved ur paypal details on ebay, u only need 2 clicks to finish the purchase.
      click "buy it now" and then "confirm".

      • True. But I found when I did it a 6 months ago. The PROCESSING time on PayPal vs Credit Card… worked faster fro Credit Card.


        • +2

          Dude calm down on the easter eggs.

    • By first hour and second hour do you mean add to cart at 1pm and checkout at 4pm?

  • Will it be the same seller and code as yesterday?

  • +3

    They need to sell the AirPods pro instead, not interest in this one !

    • Agreed, and there not even wireless charging like a previous deal.

  • +8

    Should be 1 to 4pm. Endless stock.

  • +10

    For those uninformed, yesterday's deal was a mess.

    eBay were meant to release 100 units for each selected hour - 10am, 2pm and 6pm AEDT.

    For the 10am release, eBay had linked to the wrong listing for the first two minutes, which was then corrected straight after. It resulted in many panic-buying the Airpods at full price and many more missing out.
    At 12:45pm, the (correct) listing went live prematurely and about 1000 were sold in the space of about 45 minutes. When the 2pm release dropped, only 50 were sold ILO 100.
    For the 6pm release, another 100 were sold as planned.

    As a result, 1200+ units were sold, 900 more than planned for the day.

    • I think 1200+ total unit sold includes previous deal?

    • Wow that was unexpected

    • +1



  • Don't waste your time, will be sold out in 3 secs. If you can train your AI to buy it for you, good luck.

  • -3

    still not sure about spending $100 on these.

    • +6

      Then don't buy them maybe?

      • +1

        he is not sure for 100 but he is SURE for 99

    • +1

      If you can get it for $99, you can safely try it and if you dont like it, sell it used for more than $99.

  • +1

    Serious question - why are these so popular and so expensive, even at $99 a pair? Is it becos of sound quality or becos if the Apple brand?

    • +2

      Apple brand and the physical quality.

      Sound not so much.

    • +12

      status symbol mate! if i wear these everywhere i go, ppl would think "he doesn't look like the type of guy that browses ozbargain daily".

    • These sound okay - but they're worth it if you have an iPhone and make a lot of calls

    • I ask a serious question and I get downvoted…lol…I luv OzBargain and all its triumphs and flaws.

    • They sound like shit, they are popular because they are apple

  • yesterday was a waste of time. This kind of flash sale deal should be banned.

    • Really? Should be banned? You believe a company's marketing methods should be banned?

      • +4

        I think a companies marketing methods should be called out. (as a waste of time for example).

        And they are!

      • There are lots of marketing methods that are banned. This flash sale has nothing to do with the AirPods, it’s purely aimed at getting users to signup for eBay plus.

        This isn’t an open eBay sale. It’s a signup form for eBay plus. Users will signup and have an extremely low chance of actually getting these AirPods.


      • Young people today would ban anything they don’t like.

        They also keep walking on my lawn.

    • +1

      I just wrote pretty much the same thing before reading this. eBay is a leech at times. Like allowing the sale of tickets that have been purchased to push the markup and allowing sale of toilet paper and baby milk, whilst others can’t get essentials.

      • +2

        eBay is a leech at all the times.

    • it's their marketing skill. just don't try at all then you lose nothing.

  • +1

    lol what a shitshow 😀

  • any update on whether they will honour yesterday's deals? if they're not honouring then i might have to have a snipe at this one.

  • +1

    Is eBay plus worth (1) joining in general & (2) joining just to try if I can get $99 Apple AirPods but going by what people are saying it’s gonna be impossible lol

    • I get it when they offer it for $1

      • I think you can get airpod 2 for $1 when people don't use dollar anymore.

    • +1

      (1) Only if you have something you want to buy over $50 and feeBay offers you a $50 voucher. A toy, gadget which is nice to have doesn't count.

      (2) There is no real harm though you will most likely ended up wasting your time.

  • Does hoarding toilet paper have anything to do with this normalised flash sale society? Flash sale make up, flash sale electronics, fast greed.

    eBay is still allowing selling toilet paper they should really f*** off with that kind of behaviour for now.

    • You are over-thinking this way too much. Not everything has to be linked to Covid 19.

      It's typical feeBay. It is getting close to end of financial year. eBay AU management need to report revenue, performance to the parent eBay organisation. They might have some promotion budget left to use for this FY. It's the revenue they care about. Shareholders want to see revenue growth.

      • $1000 revenue is nothing. 100 pcs * $99.

        That’s ground breaking revenue right there.

        • Most people will miss out and do you think 0% of them will just do nothing and not shop around to take advantage of feeBay plus for that 30 days? Based on past history, this won't be the only feeBay Plus promotion before end of this FY. There will be more.

          It is 100 per hours for few hours. feeBay management can report an increase on people signing up for feeBay Plus (even though this is purely just people trying these). This kinda of pipe dream deal works better to entice people to sign up. You don't want to report feeBay Plus membership dropping.

          • @netsurfer: Yeah I wrote that above in a different comment that this has nothing to do with AirPods and everything to do with feebay plus. We agree more than you think.

            Just this timing and optics and the whole allowing toilet paper and stuff to be sold and flash sale’d is still scummy.

            • @checkingthisout: Amazon have zero allowing crazy toilet paper selling issue? You cannot be certain feeBay actually take a cut on those toilet paper deals.

              feeBay, prior to Covid-19, dried up free or discounted FVF waiver. But lately, they caved in and started offering more. Those dodgy sellers could be taking advantage of those. Until we have facts that feeBay actually actively promoting selling toilet paper (which I really doubt that's the case), it is best not to do the finger pointing.

              • @netsurfer: Why would eBay not be taking a cut on toilet paper sales? There was news on the TV the other day about eBay sellers selling Australian brand toilet paper when in fact it isn’t. Those sellers are still on eBay right now. Even though one that had nearly 10,000 sales was taken down last night. That seller is still up and selling the same product but on a different listing.

                There is now also the AFP looking into sellers hoarding and reselling on places such as eBay.

                There is also eBay acknowledging that there is an issue in their covid19 update on their front page.


                “ As a buyer, we ask that you exercise your judgement and be aware of those sellers who may be listing items that attempt to capitalise on the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. This behaviour is un-Australian and will not be permitted. We won’t tolerate scalpers of products that Australians need right now - especially toilet paper, face masks and hand sanitiser”

                So now that don’t like scalpers. Got it. eBay is also saying the buyer should know that the items aren’t fake or that these sellers are capitalising on this. Instead of eBay actually policing the platform.

                • @checkingthisout: Why are people still buying them? There are many issues on feeBay. Counterfeit items are everywhere. Those sellers are still there too.

                  All buyers are innocent? No way. So many dodgy buyers out there too. Retailers are all model citizens? No, they too take advantage of the situation, just not to the same crazy level. Some shops are selling a face mask at a price that's typical for one box. Nothing has been done. In some countries, those stores would cop a huge fine.

                  The real culprit is Australian people buying more than they actually need, driving up prices. We have Australian people buying a full trolley of toilet paper and refused to let someone else have just 1 pack. If making feeBay the scapegoat will fix this behaviour, then fine.

                  Any feeBay Plus sellers have the guts to do this dodgy toilet paper rubbish? All we need is some buyers buy them intentionally and exercise the free return to screw them.

      • So do you need to be a eBay plus member to buy this? I don't recall signing up for it when I attempted to buy yeaterday.

        • Today's ones are. The eBay page says so.

  • +2

    I tried the AirPods 2 on in the Apple Store and found them to be painful. I’ll have to try the AirPods Pro next time.

    • They have demo AirPods at the Apple store? :S Isn't that kind of unhygienic?

  • It seems like the same code from yesterday is being reused?

  • +4

    cant eat airpods
    I'll stick to.toilet paper

    • +1

      Wonder whats harder to get, $99 AirPods or toilet paper

      • +2

        toilet paper

    • How's that toilet paper diet going for ya

  • +2

    Come on, eBay, do Airpods Pro for $200-$250.

    • +1

      And please add 10,000 units so everyone can buy one.

      • please add 200000 rolls of toilet paper instead

        • That won't last more than 5 seconds. We need 100M rolls of toilet paper to feed those panic buyers. I went to Coles/Woolies/Aldi in the past 2 weeks and unable to buy a pack of toilet paper. The shelves are always empty.

  • +7

    Ebay lottery more like it

  • +1

    I have no Ebay plus membership. Don't bother

  • +3

    It's easier to win lotto than buy this.

  • eBay click bait to get people onto their site. Move along nothing to see here.

  • +6

    This it not a deal, this is a competition imo.

  • I checked at 1:27 pm yesterday, just random time and managed to get one, was a bit clumsy as well with the code as the default was $5 one but still could get it. 4-5 min later OOS again, so don’t just check main releases as almost impossible to get one then

    • +1

      has yours been sent off yet ?

  • +2

    I reckon this should go into competition section 🤣

  • +11

    I think i have a better chance of getting Coronavirus than this.

    • agree

    • -3

      i don't really get how ppl miss this?
      their purchase history shows u got at least 25 sec to make the purchase,
      all u need to do is save ur paypal info be4 hand,
      then click "buy it now" and "confirm" when it start, took u less then 5 sec!

      • +1

        what about the time it takes for you to enter the code in, and wait for the damn system to process in between clicks? I'm sure it takes more than 5 secs bud

        • -1

          use ctrl+c and ctrl+v to enter the codes took u how long ? 0.5 sec?
          system loading time depends on ur pc and internet speed, if u ar saying the webpages took more then 5 sec to load on ur pc, then i don't really know how to respond…

          • +5

            @samelight: So I literally took 5 secs to do it all - refreshed page at 1:00:00, Buy it now, paste, confirm to buy - Out of stock. Prolly missed by .005 of a sec :<

            • -1

              @integriti: the last one sold

              o***c ( 130Feedback score is 100 to 499) AU $249.00 1 21-Mar-20 13:00:32 AEDST

            • @integriti: The quickest person took 15 seconds to do it

              • @I Smell Pennies: na the history only shows the last 100, they said they only got 100 units but usually more then that.

                • @samelight: I think it may have been exact 100 this time since it's now on 1,318 sold (I recall it being on 1,218 beforehand).. unless they're fudging numbers

                  • @integriti: ar u sure about the 1218?
                    becoz yesterday they sold neally 300 in 1 go.

                    • @samelight: When I looked just before 6pm it said around 500 and reloaded to 1,000.

                      • @domo653q: i remember its not started form 0 and it went over 500 after the first one in 10am.
                        anyway, they sold lot more then what they say they would.

                    • @samelight: Can't say definitively, but I was staring at that number for a good 15 mins while refreshing the page

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