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Support Our Aussie Retailers & Get $20 off ($40 Spend) @ LatitudePay


Hi Guys,

First time caller, long time listener so if I am doing something wrong just shame me into never doing this again.

Got an email yesterday offering the $20 off with a $40 spend form LatitudePay, even for existing customers. Can't seem to find any other post with this offer. It is targeted but maybe someone saw the headline and the sender and ignored it or deleted it, ctrl + f.

Maybe I can use it to get toilet paper somewhere.

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  • Targeted.

  • Just make sure you pay off the amount in time because they will hit you hard. Plus make sure you know any monthly account keeping fees. Personally I wouldn't support a company that thinks 24.5% is ok for interest rates on some of their cards.

    • As long as the monthly repayments automatically debited from your nominated account, there should be no fees or interest.

  • no email for me.maybe because I haven’t been set up LatitudePay yet?

    • Yeah looks like it's for existing customers only that received an email. And they won't be resending said email.

  • Maybe for first timer. I got one last month, the same discount, just different wording.

  • this is from my email -
    *$20 OFF when you purchase an item with LatitudePay. Promotional period starts 27/02/2020 and ends 26/03/2020. To be eligible for the offer you must be a recipient of this email, click on the activate offer button and purchase with LatitudePay within the promotional period. Minimum payment plan of $40, single use only, cannot be used in conjunction with any other LatitudePay offer. $20 off will be applied to your LatitudePay payment plan on 30/03/2020, and it will appear on your account transaction list once it has been applied. You must have $20 or more remaining on your LatitudePay Payment Plan at the time the offer is applied to your account.

  • I got the offer, but struggled to find something that I wanted that is actually a good deal given the limited range of retailers + paying shipping etc. At the end of the day I didn't bother buying anything.

  • abysmal yank company

  • Beware a number of banks consider payments to Latitude for LatitudePay to be cash advances, and so they don't attract your credit card's interest free period (and this has the further effect of killing your interest free period for all other purchases you might make on that card until you pay it off in full). I fell into this trap with BankWest. They ultimately waived the cash advance fee but i still had to pay off the card immediately (as i was lost my interest free days and was incurring interest on the whole balance from the date of the LatitudePay repayment).

    • Is that because you were trying to pay one credit account with another credit account? Some banks don't allow credit to be paid off with other credit. If you have a visa debit account then you can pay from the savings part.

      • I bought a controller from catch of the day using LatitudePay as they had a promo a while ago. I then went straight into my LatitudePay account to pay the remaining instalments off, and used a credit card to do so. That's how I got stuck.