[Switch] Drawful 2: US $0.09 (Was $9.99), Revenge of The Bird King: US $0.01 (Was $4.99) @ Nintendo eShop (US Account Required)


A couple more insanely cheap "self-isolation" games on the US eShop

Revenge of the Bird King link:

Also available for $0.03 is Watermelon Party:

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    Hmmmmm, 0.09 usd is still a little out of my price range, might wait for future deals to get a better deal.

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    I wish the AU eshop had these deals…


      How do we get on to the US shop?


        Sign up to a US account online, then make a new profile on the Switch itself and link the two together. Then, open the eShop with the new US account and make the purchase there. Once purchased, the game can be accessed by any profile on the console, including our Aussie ones.

        As for the purchase method itself, I haven't tried it myself - as I, like many others, had leftover Gold Coins from the Target US fiasco.


        Log into My Nintendo, go to your profile and change your region to the USA. Less finicky than creating a second account with a second email.

        To note:

        1. You cannot change regions if you still have funds in your account

        2. Gold coins will remain in your account, but will only be usable in the region you earned them

        3. You can use certain physical games to redeem gold points across multiple regions. If this works, it saves you buying American eshop cards to purchase these titles.


          What I wish I knew before having two accounts on one system is:

          Not having two accounts prevents the stupid "select user" nag screen on your console which comes up every time you want to do something (not just when you first turn on the system).. Sigh. It comes up so often you won't believe it.

          Downside: no stacking cheap credit


    How does Watermelon Party compare to Lemon Parties?

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    Any way to make payment methods work? card and paypal don't work with american account.

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    a word of warning re: buying the US eshop GC, you can't change back to AUS if you have outstanding funds, as I do ($9.87)

    "Do you have an outstanding Nintendo eShop balance? While you have funds remaining, it is not possible to change your country/region setting."

    So might just have to leave this on the US region until I use up the funds. Could potentially be crappy as the requirement to get to zero funds means I have to find games that exactly cost $9.87 USD (unless I use a friend's US credit card to pay for anything over)

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