[iOS] Balance: Meditation App. Free 1 Year (Normally $48.99/Year)


So Balance: Meditation is an app similar to Headspace / Calm / 10% Happier. They are giving away a free-year long trial atm, then $48.99/yr afterwards but you can cancel early. Just use the app, create an account, go through the first time setup and select one of the locked option (I selected a different plan) and you will be presented with the IAP option.

I can confirm that by just subscribing to the free trial and cancelling right afterwards (in Settings -> iCloud Account -> Subscriptions) will ensure the subscription still active yet you don't have to worry about forgetting to cancel it next year.


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    Thanks OP


    $48.99/yr seriously?

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      And it's not even meditation.

      You already have the app you need to do meditation: a timer.

      Meditation is actually a very difficult exercise for most people so these guided relaxation courses are still beneficial.

      A mindset that made meditation a lot easier for me was something I learnt from Sam Harris. Part of meditation is becoming aware of whenever your mind wanders - and many people look at this the wrong way.

      They think of the wandering as a sort of failure when in fact the point of the exercise is to catch your mind wandering and bring it back onto whatever you are focused on, usually the sensation of breathing.

      So every time you catch your mind wandering you can think of this as the equivalent of a repetition in physical exercise.

      That moment when you catch yourself is like a bicep curl not a failure.

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    Last time I tried Headspace, liked it so much I kept the $80 subscription thereafter. Will try this too.


    Where does it say that it’s a free trial?


    Winner - I really liked headspace too but stopped then never renewed but wanted to find something to start again.

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    Thanks, OP. I enjoyed my free year with Headspace. After it expired, I considered subscribing, but thought I’d give Smiling Mind a go. While the basics are there, and it’s free and Aussie, it’s a bit clunky and not as slick and rich as Headspace.

    I downloaded Balance thanks to your post and while I’m still new, it’s incredibly visually appealing and the user interface is remarkable. If ever there was an argument that good design makes you happy, this is it!

    Others seem to agree- it has a 4.7 rating on the App Store and no negative reviews.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes. Thanks once again!!


    This is a great app!