This was posted 4 years 3 months 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[QLD] 9 Pieces for $9.95 via KFC App (Select Stores)


Hi guys I saw 9 for 9.95 is back for my local store in vic. I am NOT sure it is national or not. Login and give it a try.
Just a reminder they stop dine in option.

Edit: No longer available in VIC, appears to be QLD only. Check your app (ensure it's updated).

Screenshot - Thanks brandogs

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    Where can you find it on the app? Not seeing it in any of the menus

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      Colonel's Offers

      • Damn, nothing interesting

  • Not national, WA was posted for $10.95 yesterday. Still a good deal.

  • Not seeing it here in SA on the app.

  • I’m in wa and can’t see it on the app either

    • I'm in WA got an email last night.

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    Only on the KFC App in participating QLD stores. Only available every Tuesday from the 24/3 to the 14/4 and while chicken lasts. Sorry not sorry.

    That's what it says in a mail received yesterday

  • Hey op, what store are u ordering from?

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    Cant see any in NSW , may be wait until they are open i will check again.

  • Might be Vic only, I'm seeing it in my local store on app. Tuesday's only.

  • Any store in Melbourne CBD? I'm not able to find it.

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    Can’t see it, I’m in Vic

  • It might be selected stores only. It is showing up on only 1 out of my 5 nearest stores in VIC.

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      Same as me. Sadly not valid at Vic gardens which has hot and spicy…

      • I wonder where else in Melbourne has hot and spicy apart from Vic Gdns?

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          Only Vic Gardens
          I messaged the KFC page a few years ago and they said that was the only store in the state with H&S

    • @capslock: Which store has the offer?

      • Reply edited. That store had it this morning but now it doesn't. Might have been an error that is now fixed.

  • This is on every Tuesday in Darwin :-)

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    Im in Newcastle nsw and it's showing under colonels offers.

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    I don't care

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    None of the following stores have it in Victoria:
    - Docklands
    - Melbourne Central
    - Swanston Street
    - Elizabeth Street
    - Bourke Street
    - Ormond

    Must be a really limited offer.

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      Available at Kew if you’re bothered going that far out

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    Showing under Colonel's offers on Central Coast NSW (Tuesdays only).
    Only 1 out of 5 stores nearest me are open to check though..
    Seems that was an app bug, all stores open now.
    Just checked, still one out of five participating.

    • Not showing for my 2 locals in syd

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    Getting jipped here in the West… $10.95 over here for the same thing.

    • nothing showing for Hoppers, werribee or tarneit under colonel's offer.

    • Not avail in Chatswood NSW also. WHY?!!?

      (By the way Gypped is rascist term, maybe re-phrase)

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        Last I checked the meaning was to make a mockery or getting scammed.

        I purposely did not use the vernacular that you have chosen and used the term and spelling as I was brought up with in Australia with the above meaning.

        No offense intended.

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    Is it just me or is this offer always available? Every time I ask at the order intercom they say yes. We don't have the silly app installed.

    • It depends on the store I guess. We ordered for years at our local the Chicken & Wings pack however were told at the counter last year, all offers must be via the app.

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    Why doesn’t NSW get it

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      They do, it seems just a very limited number of stores do ahaha

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        Ah bastards haha. Just like hot and spicy. Why isn’t it here.

        Moving from Brisbane recently. I don’t go to KFC here anymore haha

      • Which stores? I can't find any near me.

    • Rutherford NSW
      WArners Bay NSW
      Kotara NSW
      So Newcastle, lower Hunter area?

  • While chicken last? Is KFC going to have some stock issue soon?

    • Apparently they are giving a KFC toilet roll with each pack to 'clean yourself with"…………

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    I've got both 9 Pieces for $9.95 and 9 Pieces for $10.95 available in my store, which one should I go for?

    • Don't be a sheep and follow everyone else, I reckon go for special price… the $10.95 option.

      Because you're special :).

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    Can't find it anywhere, checked like 7 different stores.
    Do you need to have ordered for this to work?

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    When is KFC gonna bring back the Hot n' Spicy!!

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      Where I am in QLD it's part of the normal menu :)

      • You're the luckiest person in the whole wide world!

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    C'mon KFC, what's this selected stores BS! Make it all stores or nothing :(

  • can't see it on elizabeth store in app

  • Fountain Gate, VIC

    Tuesday only

    • Can’t see it on the app at Fountaingate

      • My bad, I meant Narre Warren, just mins away from Fountain Gate. It’s also a Drive Through, so it’s better.

        • Was there before opening time
          Will probably reappear after closing time

    • It was there earlier it's not there anymore!

  • Not available at any of the ones within 5km of me :( Nandos for dinner instead then… (VIC)

  • @talentmyj whats ur local store?

  • not in my KFC vic app

  • On the one hand, love some KFC. On the other hand, gotta conserve that toilet paper.

  • I cant see this offer in vic at any stores around my area

  • Pretty sure that is a BUG, the offer has disappeared right after I updated the app, so you won't get the offers with the latest version of app

  • Can't see it @ my local on app in VIC

  • not available @ Prahran :(

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    Hey all in VIC…this was available for most stores this morning but after an app reset at lunch it is no longer available in any of stores near me

    It seems it may have been a bug

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    Why is this marked as expired? Its definatly still avaliable through the app at the store I work at.

    • Im in QLD, so this screenshot was taken like 30 mins after it was marked as expired.

      • Hey Vinodra
        Any clue as to why this is at select stores only

    • Try update your app and the offers will be gone

  • This was available tonight through my app for dinner tonight (I'm in QLD)…and it was delicious

  • Can't see it in Queensland.

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