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$10 Whole Roast Chicken (Mondays & Tuesdays) @ Red Rooster (Selected Stores)


Similar price to Coles/Woolies but far better taste in my humble opinion. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

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    Taster chickens but smaller!

    • +20

      I work there. The chickens aren't smaller, they are literally the same as spudshed, woolworths and coles.
      We get them from steggles. They are already marked as big chickens on the invoice.

      The problem with steggles is the inconsistency. The chickens we cook could be absoloutely massive, turkey size, and some the size of a quail. Obviously its up to individual franchises to not sell the smaller ones and use them for peel or quarter chicken w chips, but they don't always do that.

      Its crazy how we all want big chicken, but at the same time don't want hormones. Chickens are like humans, all shapes and sizes :)

      Also with that being said, this promotion hasn't rolled out yet. It's in a few days…

      • Well aren't I a clucking weirdo! I prefer the smaller ones myself, they tend to cook quicker and do it right… more consistent :)

        Also… thanks, you saved me a trip tonight if it hasn't started yet!

        • Saw advertised today in Sydney

          • @Kuzdog: Only some stores will do it since they got the advertising material today. Other stores will wait till it starts.

      • +1

        Oh the promotion hasn’t rolled out yet? No wonder they didn’t know about it. But they called somewhere (HQ?) and honoured it anyway. So I had a Red rooster for the first time in years today!

        • Yup.. same happened with me as well. The staff was not aware of the offer but checked the system and approved.

      • +2

        No added hormones in chickens, just selective breeding. Please don't encourage the myth.

      • +1

        Definitely smaller.

      • Is this like eggs though, where large is usually the small ones below extra large and jumbo?

      • Checked today at my Tugun , QLD store, had not heard of this deal 😞

  • +2

    Yep, smaller than Coles/Woolworths chicken

  • +12

    Costco chicken if you already got membership ~

    • +1

      …Costco have amazing chickens, almost like dinosaurs-DNA in that they are so HUGE.

      • +8

        almost like dinosaurs-DNA in that they are so HUGE


        • +1

          Hmmm, I hope not, but my first thought is that supermarkets like Coles/Woolworths used to give you 3 size choices in chickens, and the large ones were really large, but still not this large.

          Then I read that the chickens are a loss-leader for them, to get thinking how amazing the prices must be if chickens are so big and cheap.

        • +6

          I believe its illegal to put hormones into chickens, chicken size comes down to the genetics due to selective breeding.

        • +15

          Not at all - chicken sizes are just based on what the retailer wants to sell. A typical roast chicken is around a size 15, which is 1500g dressed weight (head, feathers, insides removed). The chicken pieces you buy in trays/deli come from chickens which are anywhere from a size 26 to 35 (2600g to 3500g) - you could theoretically buy and sell these as whole birds for roasting but they're impractical.

          As above, it's also illegal to use hormones in chickens.

          Source: chicken professional

        • +1

          It's some of the antibiotics they pump into cows and chickens that makes them grow quicker.

      • +3

        Costco has its own chicken farm in the US, apparently on the land where dinosaurs used to roam.

        • +8

          Username checks out 😄

      • +1
      • Their supplier is Steggles and clearly marked as such - at least at the Marsden Park store, but I suspect elsewhere too.

        Great taste compared to local WW/Coles and much larger. No stuffing though if that's an issue.

    • Cost more to get it from Costco as it is quite far.

      • +11

        Maybe get a house that's closer?

        • +1

          Or buy Costco itself ?

    • +4

      Had costco chicken once, it was massive but had no flavour. The meat was very gelatinous and there was a very thick layer of fat between the skin and the meat that I've never experienced before.

      • +1

        They inject the chicken with Saline and hence why it's so large.

    • +2

      Costco chickens taste awful.
      I don’t know what they use for a marinade but it’s terrible.

  • +16
  • +2
  • You guys should try the Costco Chicken,the best

    • That's because their chicken have Dinosaur DNA.

    • ..the best way to ruin dollarydoos on coarse flavorless chicken? Aight

  • Soooooooooo tempted! Last time the chicken I bought from my local was cooked literally to perfection.

  • +1 for drive thru

  • Costco chicken is delicious. Anyone know why it is often juicier, more tender and bigger than Colesworth chickens?

    • Higher quality chicken, quality control, better than red rooster

    • +2

      They wet brine their chickens before cooking

  • Any idea if these are gluten free ? Coles and woolies aren’t anymore ..

    • Do you have an allergic reaction to gluten?

      • My 11 yo daughter is coeliac .. separate toasters etc .

    • yeah try it and let us know :)

    • I would imagine the majority of pre-roasted chickens would be, as bread crumbs are usually used int eh stuffing.

    • +1

      Costco roast chicken is gluten free.

    • +1
  • +5

    The apostrophes on the flyer are killing me :(((((((

    • Monday's child is fair of face
      Tuesday's child is full of grace
  • Are these free range birds?

    • -2

      Free range is a scam. A massive chicken shed can have one small doggy door and be classified as free range. Anything RSPCA approved when it comes to food produce doesn't mean a lot.

      • For eggs though, pasture raised means they're outside and actually have space to roam around.

      • Ah yes…

        That charity that refused to allow myself to even 'meet and greet' with a husky without giving me a reason. Nevermind I had translatable breed experience!

        Turned that boy from a charging, aggressive mess into the sweetest thing after six months! (Long story how I acquired him)

      • +1

        Some free range are scam but not all of them: https://www.choice.com.au/food-and-drink/meat-fish-and-eggs/...

      • +1

        That's not strictly true.

        To be certified free range, chickens must have uninhibited access to the outdoors for a part of the day (not sure how long). They also have different requirements in terms of medication and antibiotics that can be given. As a result, free range chickens generally grow slower, or are smaller for the same age.

        RSPCA certification is based on a number of things, including growing density, transport density, transport time, methods of slaughter etc.

        As above, source: chicken professional

  • Might be smaller. But I do prefer the Red Rooster chicken!

  • I hadnt had red rooster for decades then had it a few months ago, gotta say the chicken did taste quite nice. Can this pair with a decent delivery price?

  • +2

    Just went (Summer Hill) and it was normal price.

    • Just visited Kelvin Grove and it was not $10

  • +16

    I love ozbargain but you guys upvote anything

  • +1

    Ok, so I just called my Maryborough store (here in Queensland). They have not heard anything about this. It is all regular price. So I am guessing this is not nationwide, and probably should be mentioned in the deal description somewhere.

  • I can confirm that it is regular price on Gold Coast. The nice staff member discounted mine to $10.40 though.

  • My local Red Rooster (Warwick WA) said it starts on the 30th March.

  • +4

    I'm a fan of the Red Rooster chooks. Much nicer than the Supermarket ones that sweat in the bags and marinate in their own juices.

  • +4

    Hungry - Check
    $10 - Check
    Local Red Rooster (WA) - Check
    Ozbargain page on hand - Check
    Dinner - Failed

    Went to local Red Rooster…they thought I was smoking crack. Tried to sell me some $20 family meal. Then they asked for physical voucher. Then they tried to sell a $13 meal… not in that order, may have been smoking crack.

    Smile and apology from chick in drive thru window - Check.

    Another comment above says doesnt start until 30th. Window chick and guy in background shouting had no clue about any promo.

  • Damn i missed this post

    • +2

      No you didn't. According to this, it hasn't even started yet.

  • Ozbargain - $10 for a rooter chicken or a half price one from the supermarket after it gets discounted after being out for a couple of hours?

    • Less chance of corona with this one :) If your local does it right the rooter is better

  • +3

    My local rooter was shut down for piling all those chickens in the car boot…🤢

  • +2

    Alright. It is finally the 30th. If this deal isn't available in my area, I am going to be pissed.

  • +2

    My local doesn't know anything about this deal

    • Same here, called both Clayfield and Kelvin Grove in Brisbane and they've got no idea….
      Theres another flyer on the FF website, also lacks a lot of details

  • Got it at 2298 today. Good chook!

  • +3

    Local RR in Brisbane doesn't know about it, and I can't see it on their website or the mobile app.

  • a No for Alex Hills in Brisbane. Chickens were the usual price ($13). :( Disappointing.