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Cygnett Smart Hub + IR Remote Control (Compatible with Homekit, Alexa & Google Home Assistant) $69.96 @ Myer


All the new Cygnett smart items on sale at Myer -


They are compatible with Homekit, Google Home Assistant, & Alexa

Your Smart Hub + IR Remote Control is the heart of your Smart Home. Your TV, split system aircon/heater, electronics and appliances – almost anything you can control with a remote control - you can control from your smartphone or smart speaker, through your Smart Hub.

Combine all your remotes in one place through the Cygnett Smart app. Our Smart Hub + IR Remote Control can learn the commands of all your remotes, which you can then access and control from the Cygnett Smart App. This includes being able control your TV, Foxtel, air conditioner and much more.

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    Is this compatible with Smartthings?

  • +5 votes

    Seems pricey compared to the Broadlink equivalent…

    This is just IR, not even RF

    User Manual

  • +4 votes

    I use the $29 one from Kmart and it works quite well! Not sure what more this one could do…

  • +1 vote

    $70 for a ir controller?

    You'd be better getting a device compatable with TUYA ( that's been adopted by many manufacturers) which supports both Google and Amazon. The kmart ir controller for $30 is one such device. Alternatively the same device can be had for about usd$10 on Ali.

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    FFS. People aren't even reading this.

    It is a smart hub with IR Controller. Not just an IR unit. Can we please add a comma after Hub in the title.

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      Many smart devices don't need hubs. This forces you into using Cygnett devices for other things to justify the price paid.


        Like Samsung, Phillips etc?

        FFS. The devices this is used for are small temp/door sensors that don't have normal wifi cards. Pretty much all companies use the Hub for these tools.


          The devices this is used for

          And just conveniently skip light bulbs and power sockets, which there are many companies that offer these without requiring a hub, and would be the first items purchased to create a smart home.

          You seem to be upset by my opinion and are taking this to heart, I think you need some yoga or something to relax


    OMG. Another hub. Can they come up with 1 common hub and then focus on create more devices?

    Good thing is CYGNETT is an Australian company, although the device is made in China.


      Home assistant integrates things from different manufactures. There's also open 'hub replacements such as Zigbee2MQTT which is controlling my Ikea and Xiaomi lights, I don't even have an IKEA or Xiaomi hub.


    So what makes it better then the cheaper broadlink or even the kmart merbellia ones


      I'd say it's worse. I've easily integrated my broadlink to Home Assistant. It controls my TV, Speakers and AC. Kmart one can be flashed with Tuya I think.


    Does anyone have any experience setting up an AC in HomeKit with an IR blaster?

    Super keen to get one to control the AC with Siri, but I'm worried that it will only offer an on/off switch. Was looking for something cheaper than the tado° kit.


      Also keen to know


        Just got mine in the mail.. and wouldn't you know it, on the back of the box it says:

        "HomeKit functionality is supported when using this device as a smart hub, and not as an IR remote control"

        Which is the only reason I bought it. I probably should have read the fine print.

        Edit: Read the fine print. Can't find any mention of it online. Big sad.

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      I've got a broadlink ir blaster connected to my Google home via some random smart things service.

      Can control the temp, power and fan settings easy enough. Not sure I've tried anything else.

      I think you can drop the temperature by increments… Pretty sure I've done that.

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    Another Aqara wannabe ?


    After some digging these appear to be Zigbee based. Possibly worth waiting for them to invevitbly fold and then scoop up the sensors for steep discounts (if they're supported by Hubitat/Smarthings/HomeAssitant).


    Unless you are after all other Zigbee products from Cygnett
    Otherwise better get the Broadlink RM PRO $53.59 and it can support both IR and RF

    Just note that this hub may only support Zigbee based product from Cygnett
    for Zigbee hub that support most third party Zigbee IoT devices
    better get Amazon Echo Plus or Samsung Smartthings hub

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