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twohundredº Cold Brew Coffee Maker $49 Delivered (Was $129) @ twohundredº Amazon AU


Working from home and your local cafe has sadly closed its doors? The world is a bit crazy right now and we know you need your coffee fix more than ever. If you're not able to grab a cold brew from your favourite cafe at the moment, we're here to help…

We're offering our twohundredº cold brew coffee makers at the reduced price of $49 on Amazon, so you can make some delicious cold brew without even leaving your house.

Usually $129. Qualifies for free shipping through Amazon (available on orders over $39).

Offer available until this weekend (midnight Saturday 28th March), whilst stocks last.

Use code COLDBREW49 at checkout - see below for further instructions.

Any questions (now or once you've received your coffee maker), please feel free to email us: sarah@twohundreddegrees.com

Happy cold brewing (from self isolation!)

To claim this offer, add the cold brew coffee maker to your Amazon basket as usual and go most of the way through the checkout process.
Once you get to entering your payment information, there'll be a drop down menu under the heading "Gift Cards".
Here you can enter the coupon code (COLDBREW49) and this should reduce the price to $49.

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    Ordered. I have a couple of cheap cold brew things but this looks like a nice premium product instead of the plastic one I have and the French Press which requires a bit of filtering. For $49 I'll give it a try, if it's good I'll buy another in future if there's another special, certainly wouldn't pay the $129.

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    200 degrees is quite a warm brew…


    Is this a good price? What's the difference between cold brew and normal coffee in the fridge? Sorry newbie here lol

    • +3 votes

      A quick Google should show you the difference but in short: cold brew = steep ground coffee with room temp or below water in the fridge over time (generally at least 12 hours depending on the coffee but sometimes as long as 24 hours), no heat involved at at stage. It's not the same as cooling espresso, filtered, stoved etc coffee in the fridge.
      The difference between them is quite stark, but biggest one imo is the acidity/bitterness in cold brew is very low due to no heat involved. You should try it, highly recommended. There's another method called cold drip, which sounds similar but quite different as well. But the tools for cold drip can get quite bulky/expensive while cold brew is very cheap.


      There are better prices obviously.

      Got a Zell one from Amazon US via Amazon AU for $24.16 shipped last year which is better than I expected. Unfortunately it's no longer available.

      Anyway, there are similar product on Amazon AU with similar price tag.


        True, but it doesn't look as nice… ;)
        This one also has an open spout, which means the cold brew won't stay as fresh for as long, and can end up tasting a little like fridge! Our original version had an open spout like this and changed the design following feedback from our customers.
        You'll also notice this one ships from overseas, as is the case with many of the ones available on Amazon, and so takes an additional 3+ weeks for delivery. Our stock is in Amazon's warehouses in Sydney and Melbourne allowing for quick shipping :)
        The Zell one you managed to get your hands on last year is a very similar design to ours - you picked up a bargain there, congratulations! :)

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    I got one of these on the last deal (before Christmas).
    So far made a few batches, and really like it. Easy to clean and use, getting the right grind (not to fine or coarse) makes a difference.

    I like about 2 shots of coffee straight from the fridge into a glass with a slice of orange :)

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      Hi bohdans, thanks for the feedback! We're always happy to hear when we have a satisfied customer :) Totally agree re. experimenting with getting the right coarseness of grind. Same for the steeping duration and quantity of coffee you use - everyone likes it slightly differently, which is one of the joys of being able to make it at home! Love the slice of orange idea!

      Happy cold brewing :)

      Sarah - twohundredº


    How do these compare to the Hario cold brew pot?


      Hi ol mate,

      The concept is the same; you put your coarsely ground coffee into the filter and let it steep in cold water for 12-24 hours.

      The main difference between the twohundredº carafe and the Hario one, is in the quality of materials and the slimline aesthetics.
      The Hario carafe uses a plastic mesh filter, which can degrade over time and also hold the coffee flavour.
      Our twohundredº carafe uses a high quality stainless steel mesh filter, which won't degrade over time and will not hold any flavour. This means it can be used interchangeably for tea infusions and coffee, or even fruit-infused water, with no flavour seepage.
      We also tried to get a beautiful-looking carafe that you can proudly sit on your table when you have guests, and can be used as a serving jug for water etc. when not brewing coffee.
      The twohundredº carafe has a near-airtight filter with a silicone gasket to keep your cold brew fresh for a week.
      The equivalent Hario carafe would be this one: https://harioaustralia.com.au/hario-cold-brew-jug which, as you can see in the photos, has an open spout and no silicone gasket to seal in the freshness.

      We are a local family-run business (based in Manly, NSW), where as Hario are a large Japanese company. We are therefore able to provide our customers with excellent customer service, on our time zone. By buying from us, you're supporting a local business, and all our stock is in Australia meaning quick, eco-friendly delivery.

      Hope that helps! :)

      Sarah - twohundredº

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    Got one for work. Great deal

  • +1 vote

    Cool cheers. Been looking for something like this and at this price, it's worth it to give it a shot.

  • +1 vote

    great deal with free shipping too.. thank you !

  • +1 vote

    Thanks! Missed your last promo, been waiting for another. Bought!


    Thanks OP! Looks interesting to try and do at home. Can I use grounded coffee from the supermarket like Illy? Lavazza coffe? It’s not course but a powder like..???


      Hi Ozjoey,

      Thanks for the good question! The answer is not really. It will work with finely ground coffee to a degree, but the main problems are:
      - The fine dust will clog the mesh filter
      - Water cannot easily circulate around the fine grounds so will not steep efficiently
      - Fine dusts will seep through the fine mesh filter, leaving you with sediment at the bottom. This will settle so as long as you are careful when pouring out, so that's not a huge issue.

      We recommend using a coarse grind for the above reasons, to get the best results. You can buy coarse pre-ground beans, or you can use a manual grinder and buy whole beans for the freshest results. We've even heard of people using a NutriBullet as a substitute for a proper grinder in an emergency!

      I just found these guys with a quick search, who give the option to grind your selected beans to your desired coarseness. Often your local cafe will be able to grind beans for you if you buy locally and ask for a coarse grind :)

      I hope this helps!

      Happy cold brewing :)
      Sarah - twohundredº


    Oh man out of stock already!


      Hi janoski, I'm afraid so! Your fellow OzBargainers snapped these up quickly! We'll get some more sent in to Amazon and run the deal again for those who missed out this time due to us running out, and let you know when they're available. Likely to be a week or so but watch this space! :)


    All gone? :(


      Hi Slippage, as per my comment above - I'm afraid so! We'll let you know when they're back in stock and we'll extend the deal for those who missed out this time :)


    Keen to get one of these once back in stock. But for an absolute coffee novice, what else will I need to complement this besides the absolute obvious. A coffee grinder?

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