40% off (E.g Beanstalker Blend 1KG $36, Huntley St 1KG $38.40) + Shipping (Free Over $50) @ The Ground of Alexandria


Another roaster offering a deal on coffee - this time The Grounds of Alexandria - with 40% off

From their Facebook post:
"At The Grounds, our goal is to provide you with fresh, high quality coffee, every single time.

​With the sudden decline in wholesale orders, we've been left with hundreds of kilos of high quality roasted coffee beans we need to move asap.

​Rather than our beans end up in landfill, we're slashing the price of our 1kg blends by 40% so you can enjoy a cafe quality coffee without having to leave your home."


Beanstalker blend 1kg now $36
Huntley St blend 1kg now $38.40

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    I am not a coffee snob (I will drink instant or coffee bags if I can't find anything else around).

    Costco has a fair few varieties for about $18-20 per kilo. Often in a single kilo bag or 2x 500g bags.

    Is there any advantage over the cheap stuff other than a bit of taste/smell? (I fully admit that some coffee smells a lot better, but can't really decide that the flavour is better).


      Honestly, if you're happy drinking that, probably don't bother and save some money. The consistency of how these beans will taste are also an additional benefit. It probably also depends how you're making the coffee.


    $60+ a kilo you got to be kidding?

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      As expensive or cheaper than Axil, some Industry Beans, Sensory Lab, Market Lane and Code Black.

      I don't rate The Grounds on the same tier as these third wave coffee joints, but specialty coffee is expensive.

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    Lol these people can’t be serious ?? Do they even move any beans at RRP? Highly doubt it.


    If you haven't already, it's not a bad time to invest in a coffee roaster at home


    Free shipping for 1kg bags!

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