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[iOS] Free Follow The Breadcrumbs Children's Book (Was $2.99) @ iTunes


Standing there in the sun, Willy had a big idea.
“What if I built a lake in my own backyard?” he pondered.

How can having a big imagination get you into big trouble?
Just ask Willy Nilly. Watch in amazement as Willy’s ordinary ideas turn into extraordinary adventures.

Follow the Breadcrumbs is a beautifully written and illustrated imaginative story with the addition of pop up text and sound affects.

This adventure starts with an ordinary trip to the lake, but then Will’s imagination takes over. His big idea is to build his own lake in his backyard so the animals can visit him. He digs the “lake,” fills it with water and uses breadcrumbs to lure the animals back to his house. Willy soon discovers a great idea can lead to a whole lot of trouble when every animal in the lake arrives in his backyard.

Try it in app form on the iPad or iPhone


5 Stars *****
Great story, my kids enjoyed the story and all the animals in it. They loved the idea of a lake in the backyard, but agreed it was best to keep the lake where it's at.

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    Standing there in the sun, Willy had a big idea.

    Was he at Maslin Beach ?

  • Shows as free on the web version of the store but on my phone it's back to $4.49.

    Perhaps this is a US iTunes thing?

    • +1 vote

      Sorry we had a glitch where Itunes made it paid at the beginning of the day rather than the end. It's free again now for all today (29th March).

  • Thanks for sharing and best of luck homeschooling your tribe OP.