Huggie Fabric Softener 5L - Cherry Blossom & Classic Blue $6 at BigW (Online and in Store, 1 Per Customer)


This Huggie Fabric Softener freshens, softens and fragrances wash, reduces static cling, makes ironing easier and helps reduce drying time. Keeps clothes looking newer for longer. Affordable quality for less with this Australian made and owned fabric softener.

Product Features:

Fabric Conditioner
Value Pack
5L bottle
60+ loads

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  • +2 votes

    Fabric softeners do more harm than good, to both your clothes/towels and the machine


      How so?

      • +3 votes

        Due to how softeners work, by leaving residue on clothing to make them feel softer, they reduce the absorbancy of towels. They are also known to clog up the inside of washing machines.

        A capful of vinegar can have similar benefits (albeit not as soft as softeners), but has the added benefit of cleaning the machine at the same time.


          They are also known to clog up the inside of washing machines.

          I am guessing this is what is breaking our shared washing machine. Barely a year old and it's broken again.


    I found this brand of softener too diluted, you may feel you get more for the money but you also have to use more to produce the same softness than other brands. I only buy Comforts when they are on sale.