Zigbee 3.0 Smart RGBW 2.5" Downlight AU $48.35 (48% off) @ Zemismart


ZigBee 3.0 Smart RGBW 2.5 inch Downlight Led Bulb Light Work with Amazon Echo Plus Directly Smart Lighting Solution

Compatibe with Latest Echo plus/Philip Hue/Smartthings directly ,
echo and echo dot need zemismart zigbee hub
Input Voltge: 100-240V AC
Power: 9W
Cutout: 90mm
Wireless protocol:zigbee 3.0

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    Yikes. "48% off" means the RRP was just over $100 AUD. That's more expensive than genuine Philips Hue with a real local warranty and presumably much higher quality LEDs.

    Equivalent products (with wi-fi instead of zigbee) sell for around $30 from Bunnings and K-mart.

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    Have this running on Home Assistant with a ZigBee dongle. Setup and installation was a breeze.


    Do you need an electrician to connect it? As the image on ozb shows come with an AU plug, but upon checking the link, it doesn't.

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    I have over 30 of these downlights, under the 3A brand. Issues I found are:
    1. High reject rate. Approx 20% either don't switch on, or can't link to hue bridge, or it turns back on right away after you switch it off via Hue.
    2. Colour not correct. They all have to be individually calibrated.
    3. Light continues to be emitted even it's "off" in Hue app. This is annoying if you want complete darkness.


      is the 3A brand a zemismart rebrand tho?


        I'm quite sure they are from the same factory. Zemismart has not stated whether they are AU based or not, whereas 3A/Nue is Australian. Do ask if the Zemismart lights have Australian compliance certificate.


      yes nearly the same experience, I have 20 or so, the ones that do work I've had for about 2 years and have been solid, everyone that's has failed, has failed out of the box. And the light emitted after off rare to occur for me, and at that comes and goes. Very happy with them over all, but I have never paid over 45 for 1

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