[NSW, VIC, QLD] Free $25 Deliveroo Voucher for Out-of-Work Hospitality Workers


For those in need.

From 12pm today, the new initiative called Meals for Mates will see thousands of free meals delivered across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. There'll be a total of 4000 $25 meal voucher codes available via Deliveroo for hospo workers now out of a job or just getting by on reduced hours. As an added benefit, when the hospo workers use the vouchers, they'll also be helping those venues still open for takeaway and delivery. Basically, it's a small win-win situation in what is an incredibly tough time for the industry.

Out-of-work hospitality workers can snag their voucher by emailing MealsForMates@pernod-ricard.com. Then, you'll receive a Deliveroo code, which can be redeemed anytime over the next three months.

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  • +57 votes

    Don't lie and get a code, leave this for the people it is meant for.

  • +3 votes

    How do they even enforce this???
    Don't be a scumbag. Leave it for those who need it.

    • +1 vote

      Maybe a picture of you behind the counter in uniform?

    • +3 votes

      I emailed an enquiry asking not to send voucher unless available in any WA venues, got this response:
      'Thanks for emailing Meals for Mates!

      This mailbox is being manned by your Brand Ambassador team and we’re online between 8am and midnight. We’ll respond to you with your voucher code within those hours.

      If you haven’t already, please send through the follow details, along with a copy of your RSA/payslip/letter of separation

      Full name:
      Last venue of employment:

      State of residence:

      Once we have that, we’ll send through your code.
      Meals For Mates'

  • +1 vote

    why no WA?

  • +1 vote

    as above please dont ruin kind gestures by lying and taking advantage if you are not in that field.

  • +1 vote

    So if youre out of job in other industries you dont get food?… unlucky for some but i get it. nice gesture

  • +1 vote

    that email is abit suss

  • +1 vote

    Well i just emailed them. see how it goes..
    PS: i am a barista and lost my job on monday.


    Mrs got a code as she was laid off from her hospo job. Got the code emailed and it applied straight away. However deliveroo charge delivery for everywhere other than guzman y gomez unlike deliveroo/ubereats. Can't complain with $25 off I guess.


    I lost both of my hospitality jobs :( Applied for this and just got this email:

    On Friday March 27th we launched the Meals For Mates program in support of our hospitality friends, pledging 4000 meals to workers affected by the COVID-19 crisis.
    In just over 24 hours, we have received an overwhelming number of responses. Our team are working very hard to provide Deliveroo codes to everyone who has contacted us and are working on a first come first serve basis.
    With the level of demand to date, unfortunately it may not be possible to respond to the latest emails with a code to redeem.
    Thank you in advance for your understanding and for the positive responses that are beyond inspiring to us.
    Meals for Mates Team