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FiXT Neon Synthwave Bundle - US $0 Minimum @ Groupees


A cool new music bundle has started on Groupees from popular American synthwave label FiXT Neon. There is a free tier already including the first bonus album and the bundle features artists like Scandroid, Mega Drive, Fury Weekend, Moonrunner83 and 3Force with 20% of your payment being donated to DirectRelief Coronavirus Relief.

These are downloads not physical copies.

For $0 minimum you get:

Essenger - After Dark (single)
Ace Marino - Summer (single)
Ace Marino - Muscle Beach (single)
Scandroid - Dreams of Neo-Tokyo (album)
Cassetter - Escape Plan (Demos & Rarities) (album)
FiXT Neon - Altered (album)

For $2 minimum you also get:

Prizm - Prizm (EP)
Pylot - Solai (EP)
Mega Drive - 199XAD (album)
Fury Weekend - Retro Rangers (album)
Ace Marino - Spaces (single)
Mega Drive - 198XAD (album)
The Bad Dreamers - Songs About People Including Myself (album)

For $4 minimum you also get:

LeBrock - Action & Romance (Remastered) (EP)
Fury Weekend - Sunset Overdrive (EP)
Scandroid - Scandroid (album)
3Force - Resistance (album)
Moonrunner83 - The Last Time (feat. Nina) (single)
Fury Weekend - Escape From Neon City (album)

For $6 minimum you also get:

Signal Void - This Liminal Reality (album)
Cassetter - The Fugitive (album)
3Force - Divide & Collide (album)
Prizm - Move Me (single)
Moonrunner83 - Streets (EP)
Scandroid - The Light (album)

All three bonuses have now been unlocked.

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