Savings from Not Having to Catch Public Transport

Good afternoon OzBargain.

After week 1 of working from home (forced), I saved about $30 that normally would have been spent on train and bus fares.

Since I have this weekly cost budgeted in, decided to donate it to FoodBank instead. Will continue to do so while I am forced to work from home. Join me?


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    I used to take the bus to and from work. Sydney CBD is such a sh*tfight these days that walking door to door only takes 20mins more each way. So, I get some exercise and save ~$1500 per year on fares.

    I sink the savings into my hobbies, but otherwise regularly donate to charities anyway.

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      Ditto with OzDJ; I already regularly donate to charities.

      I'm loving the non-commute! I save anywhere from $7 to $30 per day depending on the time I start and whether I caught public transport or drove to work and paid for parking and tolls.


      You're lucky… 20 minutes. Was gonna say it's good for your health, but not too sure breathing in the city air.
      I should be 20 minutes away from the office later in the year (we're relocating the office. I will keep this up. Else it'll be spent on useless crap i don't need.


      Get a cheap Nike and ride, more convenient

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    My electricity, phone and internet has gone up. So probably no.

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    Many are getting a first taste of what it's like to work from home. I think WFH is generally a good thing for most people

    • less travel expenses
    • less childcare expenses if you're parenting
    • Increased productivity
    • reduced stress
    • less chances of us seeing silly traffic infringement forum topics on Ozbargain forums

    interested to see if this world's biggest Work from home experiment will yield permanent changes. I suspect most places will want you back in the office again once this is over though.

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    The most important aspect of donating is to let others know you're doing it.

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      Thought about this one. People that know me know that I don't share this kind of stuff. And I have had a few beers… maybe I don't mind as much.

      I guess i posted this in the hope others would perhaps think about the extra money they have now… and maybe someone could donate some of that extra money to their favourite charity.

      Any possible criticism, i'll just take.


      hey it's a discussion forum, we should be able to share aspects of our lives, especially if they're bargain related.


    Not sure if helpful but was told that if you're working from home you can claim a lot of these expenses from tax, such as electricity, internet, mobile etc. Worth keeping a log which may help you get more money for those food banks :).


    Can I freeze my Myki pass? It's good until 23 April and haven't used it for 2 weeks.

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    I pay $50 a week on the opal card, since I started working from home I have now redirected this into my home loan.

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    I've been saving almost $50 a week! But I was still making more money when I had a job to go to.

     ;\\         //|
     | \\  ___  // |
     |  '-[___]-'  |
     |             |
     |             |
     |             |

    That's a bucket. It's filled with my tears but I can empty it for donations.


    Hoping WFH will become the norm!

    I'm getting into a good rhythm WFH in the last 2 weeks.


    Food costs have gone up quite a lot. Sadly.


      A bit… but it depends what you eat. I try to eat the seasonal stuff. While cost is up a little, it's not too bad.


        One of the other things I've saved on is having to pay CBD prices for coffee. Now I just make my own at home…

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    HAHAHAHA… So, you don't use any extra electricity… you don't find yourself in and out of the fridge… the radio/tv not on… no computer on… and you saved what?


      Well, if you want to know… I save on transport, petrol, out of school hours care, food (cheaper to eat lunch at home), coffee (again, cheaper at home). Sure, there's some offset… i noticed the dishwasher runs an extra cycle per week. The extra power from my computer and monitor isn't that much though.

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    Just send your weekly savings to me. Promise I'll spend it on food or bank it.


    That’s nice, however I have noticed that a lot of the food has gone up. Also other things. So whatever I’m saving I’m putting towards those price hikes. I didn’t get a pay rise, like people on centrelink

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