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BlackBerry KEY2 LE Champagne $336.15 Delivered @ Amazon AU


The lowest price of all time. Dont forget cashback.

A classic piece, BB phones are no longer made.

Update: still made in India https://www.optiemus.com/blackberry.html

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  • +7 votes

    It seems LE means Light Edition, not Luxury/Limited Edition

  • +10 votes

    Damn… once upon a time BB's were the ultimate cool business phone to have…


    It may be a pricing error as considering if you click on the Atomic Red then the price becomes $716.85 which is also sold by Amnazon AU. Same phone really just a different colour.

    I'm thinking the correct price is some thing over $700.

  • +4 votes

    (profanity) I want this.

    I miss my Bold 9900 so much, one of the best phones I ever had. The feel and size of it all, perfect. I still have the BlackBerry Classic too which does most of what I want, but it's locked to Vodafone and unlocking it was like 80 odd bucks :'(

    I don't need this, I don't need this, I don't need this.

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      Found a Bold 9900 in the street of Manchester, all wet back in 2012. Put it in rice, and after a week came back to live. Great phone. Loved it.

      I'm now in the same position like you, I don't need this, BUT looks so classy!

      • -8 votes

        The phone probably fell out of some one's pocket by accident. That doesn't change the ownership of it.

        Well i guess you did not know that still you did not legally own it?. Just because you found it doesn't mean that you have legal ownage of it. I'm afraid you actually committed theft by not reporting it to the police and then if no one claims if after a set amount of days then you can keep it. It belonged to some body else.

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        Put it in rice, and after a week came back to live. Great phone. Loved it.

        Im curious. What did you do with the rice?


          Nothing. Its a myth.

          Basically, there was a belief that because rice absorbs water, it would help things dry (like a dessicant).


          Put some rice on the bench, and tell me how many years it takes to be ready to eat; rice never goes soft (absorbs water) from the air; its why we cook/boil it.

          If you're in a scenario where you need to do "the rice trick" the correct affordable way to do it, is using a dessicant.

          Buy one of those 'damp rid' containers, open the seal, and put the phone on top of it.

          Wrap the whole lot in a plastic bag and seal it as best you can.

          Bonus if it can get partial sunlight (dont wanna damage the phone screen with a week of direct sun)

          This will pull moisture from the air, and anything else within the bag.

          Rice doesnt work; but dessicants in general sure do.

          I personally bought a 1kg tub of damp-rid; put a scoop (1 cup or 2) directly into a plastic bag, put the phone on a little stand to keep the 'dust' out, and knot the bag.

          Works perfectly.

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      My bold 9000 still an all time fav..so much so I still have it in its box hehe

    • +1 vote

      That models not; I think he was just saying that it's still a licenced product somewhere.

      But yes, of all the things I believe the indian public would care about doing right, I'd expect phones to be one.


    Priced at $336.15 for me.
    Checked incognito, still the same.


    You might just need a really good input/keyboard app


    I would definitely buy if the camera was any good - if it was comparable to Galaxy s8


    You have to hold the Alt key to input numbers


    As much as I love BlackBerry phones (had a BB Torch, z10 and Passport) I'm afraid this is the end of the road for BlackBerry devices. This phone might be supported for another 2 years or so, take this into consideration if you are thinking of buying a EOL product.


      I bet that most people who are arguing how good this phone is will actually not buy it because they already know that blackberry phones are a relic of the past, but are not going to acknowledge it publicly.


    Looks interesting, I guess having a physical keyboard can be very practical for some.


      But nowhere near enough.


        Its funny; I think its familiarity.

        Everyone (probably 25+ people, of various age groups,without exception) who i have handed my phone to, has been instantly won-over by the pkb.

        Their failing was lack of advertising, and in-store marketing.

        I'm only one guy; and I could have convinced a genuine 25+ people to have gone blackberry, but they already own a phone!

        If it was in store, to try before deciding, id wager there would be a LOT more users.

        Oh well, mistakes were made.
        Poor TCL.
        Hopefully whoever licences the BB brand next will be smarter. Or, perhaps they'll release their own phone again next?

        John Chen was commenting he still saw a niche market.


    For those commented on the phone's spec, screen being sub-par. Really, there are people out there that use the phone as a phone, instant message, browsing, email, and occasional snap shots. Blackberry Bold 9900/Q10 (9000's trackball was not so great) would have been perfect, excellent batter life and compact size.

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    I'd get this for kicks but when there are snapdragon 675 and 710 phones around that are better in every way for less money I just can't bring myself to get this relic. Needs to be $250.

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