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Gaggia New Classic $699 (RRP $899) at Appliances Online


New 2019 model with traditional steam wand. Excellent reviews. Doesn't seem to be selling for much below RRP elsewhere.

Potentially combine with this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/522307

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    Wow.. But I don't have the $100 voucher :( that would be an awesome steal

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      10 years ago they sold for abut $250. They must have gotten popular since then.

      I have a sunbeam Em6910 that does a great job. How much better would this do? The steam wand will be an improvement

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        The classic went through a period where they kept the name but made them much more cheaply (some plastic internals and other changes) this "new" classic is back to the original design. So the very cheap prices you saw might have been those inferior versions?

        Still, I'd struggle to recommend this over something like the nicer Brevilles. Machines like this and the Rancilio Silvia made sense when there was no decent competition at this price range.

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          The smaller profile is great.

          Nicer brevilles you mean the ones with boilers yeah?

          Now we are in isolation, I've looked to get the best coffee out of my sunbeam thermoblock and noticed a massive difference when letting it warm-up the block and group handle, making sure I dose correctly and adjusting the steam settings (rate / temp).

          So to be honest, this gaggia would be a nice to have.

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          I bought my Gaggia Classic way back in 2011 (thanks to OzB) using https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/60728. Ordered Friday from the UK and arrived on the Monday.

          Great machine, fully manual but required a couple of trips to the repairer during it's life and then died last year. Only two double shots per day.

          I waited for a Breville Bambino based on OzB's opinion of them and then jumped at https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/482300. Can be fully manual but I thought I'd want to tweak it because I know what I'm doing. What a (profanity).

          Roll forward to now and I'm running it fully automated and it produces great coffee according to the coffee drinkers in my house. Automated milk frothing is the thing I like the most - it never gets it wrong.

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        the gagging doesn’t steam and make coffee at the same time ….. single boiler i believe…….
        i had the 6910 for may years, makes great coffee, fast heat up and steamed and extracts coffee at the same time. eventually sold it and got the em7000, eventually sold that and got the breville dual boiler …….
        all 3 machines steam and extract at the same time , a lot of these “built to last 10 year” machines such as the rancilio silvia and gaggia will only steam or extract coffee. i’d rather machine built to last 5 years and the convenience of getting my coffee quicker.

        i have a rancilio commercial single group machine sitting in garage, heat up is over 30 minutes , hasn’t been used in years due to crazy heat up time. as it has 4 litre boiler.

        italians need to get with the times and make some affordable dual boilers like the breville but less technology.

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          I've been making coffees at home for a while now and never needed to steam and pull at the same time. I like to take the time and watch the shot so not really an issue (unless making a tonne of coffee for guests - not happening in this climate haha)



            never needed to steam and pull at the same time

            Yeah, I can't see why I'd need dual heater when I only have two hands and two coffees tops to make.

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          I had a hands-me-down Gaggia before getting the breville dual boiler. The built quality is no doubt pretty great, I think it was at least 20 years old and still worked like a charm thanks to Melbourne soft water.
          However if I had to choose between the Gaggia and the breville which are almost the same price when on sale, the brev one is a no brainer. It is pretty meaningless for a simple single boiler, non PID, no preinfusion machine to be built at such high quality in today s world unless you are looking to pass it down as heirloom (which may get quickly upgraded once ur kids get into the coffee world)
          At 600-700 the brev dual boiler is a perfect choice. By the time it breaks you will certainly made up ur mind whether you wanna invest in a "proper", built to last dual boiler. Other than built quality and the premium feel, the brev one has almost every feature you would have wanted, whereas if you have gotten the Gaggia as ur first boiler machine you are stuck with a feature lacking yet forever lasting machine which doesnt really give you a good idea about what a good machine is capable of.


          how do you find the em7000 vs the BDB ? am contemplating upgrading from a barista express at the moment. still waiting on a good price for the dual boiler however


            @Andrewczy: the em7000 and bdb make the same quality coffee once the grind is dialed in and both will make lots of textured milk.
            i didn’t get the big leap i had hoped for moving from em7000 to the bdb, but a change is always nice….i,like big mugs of coffee and not too extracted ( caffeine) but i like lots of coffee flavour … im the guys that uses lots of chili’s but throws the seeds away as i like chili flavour but not the heat ….


          This is not a bad price considering the AUD exchange rate - so long as you don't mind manual machine.
          Italian machines cost more at the start, but maybe no more expensive in the long run.
          A lot of breville dual boilers seem to be done after about 3 years, and when you look inside you can see why.
          The Silvia I had lasted 9 years with $100 of repairs. VBM I've got now is 5 years old and never missed a beat.
          I justified the $2k spent on the VBM to my wife by telling her the budget for my next car is reduced by same amount.


            @mick1: Agree, previous machine was a quaha such lasted 15 years, only repair before the boiler died was a steam tap. Replaced with a Breville dual boiler, on its last legs after 3 years. As has been said before, the Breville is a kitchen appliance not a coffee machine.


        Never. I have 3 Gaggia Classics, from 2004, 2008, and 2011. While I didn't pay RRP, they were always around the $5-700 mark.

        All 3 are still going strong. 2 have blown a thermostat and one steam valve failed, but they're 20 min repairs, not bad for 15 years of use.


    Mine is nearly 20 years old. Has been relegated to our camping machine, but still powers along!

    Great machine.


    This thing boiler or heat block like the dedica pump ?

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    Wow these got expensive! You'd be better off with a Rancilio Silvia for slightly more.


      Silvia is usually $900+, I can't find it for less than this anywhere right now, so that's a $2-300 difference and the Classic is extremely solid (and a bit less temperamental than Silvia).


    Wouldn’t recommend for milk drinks, temp will too variable

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    Fyi $669 now…temptation grows