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    Sure, label making might seem like a fun idea, but it can lead to problems. I knew a kid who received a label maker as a birthday gift. Within the first minute of receiving it, he stuck a label on it that read "this bites" and thus he was hooked. He'd make dozens of labels that read "property of xxxx xxxxxxx" and that even included his father's beer cans and butt.

    He also put a label on a speaker that he used to play pranks via his microphone. You can see where this is going, right? He faked an alien invasion a la Orson Welles, he faked his baby sister's first words, and faked flatulence from his school teacher that even garnered praise from the class bully. Unfortunately, he took it too far and put the speaker down a well and pretended to be a poor boy stuck down there. I guess you could say this was the beginning of trouble abrewin' at the old well.

    The police were of no help because none of them was able to fit into the well. Perhaps the chief of police had a chance but he calimed that he was too important. On the plus side, the "poor boy" was able to convince people that the school's principal had turned him away from school admission to to his shabby clothing. After having attracted the attention of locals and the media, the boy thought his gag had worked splendidly and thought himself to be in the clear. This wasn't to be because he realised, much to his dismay, that he put a damned label on the speaker with his name (thanks a lot label maker!). While trying to retrieve the speaker, he fell down the well, but the police weren't amused by the boy's prank. Even a song dedicated to the "poor boy" dropped massively in the charts.

    His adventure had a happy ending as some dedicated individuals helped the boy's father rescue him and they made sure no one would fall down the well ever again.

    Good times.