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[VIC] Free Takeaway Food for Jobless @ Lutfiye’s Shish Kebab Shepparton


So many good news stories coming out of this tragedy, and here's another. What a ripper example this gentleman is to all. He's even installed toilet & shower facilities out back for the homeless. Please stay safe :)

Support the initiative if you can offer any help:

"If you were wanting to help, we are currently needing paper cups, coffee, long-life milk, sugar, biscuits and toilet paper - which is hard to find,” he said. “You can drop them in our shop.” Call Azem and Jeihan Elmaz on 0413 897 209 for food inquiries.

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Lutfiyes Shish Kebab
Lutfiyes Shish Kebab

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  • This will hit the front page of OzBargain in no time (Edit: took 8mins!). Good on them and good luck to them with their future business.

  • Good on them. What a lovely gesture. God bless them.

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    No pizza, only Khlav Kalash.

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    It's the everyday Australian (by which I mean those who call Australia home, whether they are 'Australians' on paper or not) who continues to exemplify the true meaning of mateship and epitomise this country's long-held tradition to help a mate when he or she is down. When this is all over, it would be fantastic if Ozbargain put a consolidated page together of all these mum and dad businesses whose selfless generosity deserves further recognition so that we can do our best to send business their way. It's these these everyday people that deserve national recognition, not the suits on millions of dollars who constantly dominate the Australia Day and Queen's Birthday honours lists largely for having their done their jobs.

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      sorry could only upvote you once

    • There are non-australians who are also nice and helping the community go through this crisis.

      Nice people are nice the nationality doesn't matter.

      • That's fine, you can nominate them for an honoary Order of Australia via the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

        BTW- these Australians, Azem and Jeihan Elmaz are Macedonian immigrants, and Azem was recently recognised for his contributions to Australia with a Medal of the Order…. Someone should also nominate his wife.

        • What does being migrants have to do with anything? They threw away their old nationality when they applied for aus

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      it would be fantastic if Ozbargain put a consolidated page together of all these mum and dad businesses whose selfless generosity deserves further recognition

      and the opposite too. I will do my best to avoid any of my money going to the likes of Van Lieshout, the billionaire who won't give any rent relief to shut-down shops, for example. (He owns Unison Projects Group, and a bunch of shopping centres which I can't find a list of yet…)


  • When this is over, I'll be visiting when in Shepp.

  • Awesome!
    Lets hope it all goes to those struggling through this difficult time

  • Been over ten years since I lived in Shep but definitely remember the lunch packs as one of the best feeds in Shep.

  • "True Blue Aussies"

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    Great initiative. Wish you all the success in the future! Better to support these businsess rather than all these 'influencers' on social media wasting people's time and money.

    • Agreed. I have always found that small business owners are more generous and care less about "fake Internet points" than the so-called "social media influencers" or "blog mommies". Great initiative!

  • What a nice gesture. All the best.

  • Great initiative.

    I too need toilet paper - which is hard to find.

  • There needs to be more of this rather than freebies for health professionals (saying as a health professional).
    Most people working in hospitals still have jobs and don't need the help.
    Great to see.

    • I second this.

    • I think the free coffees is a nice gesture, people are just trying to show that they appreciate what the front line workers are doing for us all. In saying that, seeing people do stuff like this is absolutely fantastic!

    • They do all these deals like early shopping for healthcare workers, but then limit them to weekdays during working hours, so these people can't even take advantage of it.

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    Free Takeaway Food for Jobless

    Apple Inc. is now Jobless…

  • Not in Vic, but upvoting anyway for the good deed. Just hope no cheaters take advantage of them.

  • Back in the day when I used to fix goverernment regional computers I'd go there 2x a week and bring it home! wish there was something similar in Melb :(

  • My applause for the Elmaz family, a true friend of the people. Thanks OP.

  • Absolute legend of a bloke!!

  • I've always gone for Mustafas Kebabs in shepp, but I think I'll change to Lutfiye’s next time I'm back in the homeland. Hopefully by that time I won't qualify for a freebie though