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Woolworths Everyday Platinum Credit Card, $50 eGift Card (Requires Purchase by 31/5/20) $0 Annual Fee ($49 after)


This deal expires on the 1st of April so not long to apply. Not as good as other cards but $0 annual fee cards are always handy if they have a few perks like this card does.
I think the 10% off once a month is pretty handy in this current climate where Woolies and Coles are having bugger all decent specials.

Your Everyday Platinum Credit Card comes with:

Get a bonus $50 Woolworths eGift Card*
When you make a purchase by 31 May 2020
$0 annual fee for the first year6
Saving you $49. Apply by 31 March 2020
0% p.a. for 14 months on balance transfers8
Apply by 31 March 2020. Reverts to the variable cash advance rate

Once you've made your first eligible purchase, you'll also enjoy:

10% off your shop once a month on selected dates5
saving you up to $50 every month
Up to 55 days interest free15
on eligible purchases
4,000 points = $20 Woolworths Shopping Card7
Points are automatically converted to shopping cards every 4 months

Use your Woolworths Credit Card everywhere Visa is accepted and earn points faster.

Earn 3 points For every $1 spent on all purchases of Woolworths brand products

Earn 2 points For every $1 spent on purchases at Woolworths Supermarkets as well as and BIG W

Earn 1 point For every $1 spent on eligible purchases everywhere Visa is accepted

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  • +7

    $50 is not good enough Woolworths

    • $50 plus 10% off your shopping one weekend a month. Long term is the 10% worth it? Not worth the hassle if you only spend $100-150 a week, definitely worth it if have a family and can time it to spend $400+ ($480 saved a year). No discount vouchers which can be 5% so that eats into the 10% benefit for those that use them.

      • For the coming monthS, hardly able to get decent amount of good from woolies. I have access to 6% gift card so extra 4% saving ONLY.

        • 10% is in addition to giftcard discount (or stackable).

          • @Neoika: Don't you need to pay with the CC ?I am not sure,still it is not appealing to me. I would save it to 100K Qantas points credit card

            • @SnoozeAndLose: Not necessarily. It is written in the T&Cs, but not enforced.

  • -3

    $50 GC + 1st yr only?!… :/
    I will stick with Kogan CC.

    • Some Kogan/Citi haters here.

      I got both cards for no annual fee (not just 1st year), but I also prefer to use Kogan one now.

  • +3

    I remember this card confused the f out of me previously because the sign-on bonus was Woolworths Rewards points, but then the card has its own separate points system. Couldn't figure out where the points were going.

    Not feeling I can be bothered to apply within the next 24 hours just for a $50 gift card. The randomness of the 10% off is also annoying. It should simply be a fixed recurrence.

    • +6

      It is now, second weekend of each month

    • Couldn't figure out where the points were going.

      I just got my Woolies shopping card yesterday. The points required for it start from 4000 and are redeemed in every 1000, e.g. 5000 points for a $25 shopping card.

      From my experience, the points are auto redeemed (every 4 months) at the end of Feb, Jun, Oct and the shopping card is mailed to you by the end of Mar, Jul, Nov.

    • Did you ever figure out if it's CC points or Woolies Rewards points?

      • It is another points system that I point it out how it works above.

        I think the reason why it needs to be seperate is the existence of Woolies Qantas CC. If the points you collect on this everyday CC are Woolies rewards points, it means they can be converted into Qantas points, making Woolies Qantas CC useless.

        In short, the points earned on this everyday CC should not be converted into Qantas points.

      • Woolworths Everyday Platinum Credit Card | 20,000 Rewards Points ($100) | 10% off 1st Shop Each Month | $0 First Year, $49 After

        It was 20,000 Woolworths Rewards points as the sign-on bonus, so I just naturally assumed that the card earned WWR points too …

        But the card has its own points system as mentioned above, so nothing appeared in my WWR account apart from the sign-on bonus, causing the confusion.

  • get Jet star one… much better deal.

  • The T&Cs seem to suggest the 10 percent off offer is not available in at any Woolworths supermarkets in Tasmania. Probably not a big deal, but something probably worth noting…

    • -1

      Tas. should sue Woolies for this kind of snub.

      What's up w/ Woolies to treat Tas. residents this way?
      They're already burdened w/higher Winter-heating costs

      There have been earlier snubs of the Tassie community.
      (If you live in Tas., which other co.'s do such things?)

      Do Tas. residents receive some sort of gov't payments,
      to compensate a real or perceived incr in living costs?

      I just don't get it, Woolies!

      • I believe they have a much more generous rewards system already.

        • No we really dont !

          We had 1% rewards(Frequent shopper club ) for years (Woolies owned Purity /Rolf Voss supermarkets)

          When Woolies brought out Rewards it was at 0.5%

          Was a vote decades ago to stay with FSC or Rewards - Obviously Tas voted to keep the 1%

          Then Woolworths rewards died and then rejigged to a much better scheme Tassie was not invited

          Rewards , Offers ,Competitions

          Bastard act to be honest

    • From memory, Woolworths in Tasmania is owned by a different company.
      You can't earn everyday rewards there either for the same reason.

  • thanks

  • not worth the the risk being rejected by macquire bank issued cards again. it should be $0 Annual Fee for life. many banks are offering to waive and reimburse annual fees if you call up now if covid 19 is affecting you.

  • Has anyone has anyone received their $50 egift card?

    • I'm still waiting on the CC never mind the egift card, I was a bit of a hold up but it's been about 3 weeks now

      • Wow 3 weeks and no card - did they give u any updates atleast