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Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A9 2nd Gen White $1799 with Free Shipping @ OzSale


Beoplay A9 Speaker 2nd Gen White (White Cabinet Maple Legs Silver Ring White Cover)

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    Thanks, bought 5. High yield investment for my future kids.

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    Well, I know where my $1500 Centrelink payment is going.

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    There’s 3 generations of the a9. It’s not clear which one this is but I would suggest it’s first and second gen at that price

    The retail is not accurate unless it’s third gen

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      There's now a 4th gen. This is most definitely older generation. Plus ozsale is not a good place to get this, no support when it breaks down. You're on your own with sorting out the warranty.

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        The listing is for a 2nd Gen

        2nd Gen originally retailed for $2799, then crept up. The latest 4th gen is $4100

        At $1799 it’s a great speaker, it has multi room features and Bluetooth. Sounds great and reliable!!

        First gen haven’t been sold for maybe 4 years plus

        I love the A9 but now have a Beosound Shape installed…

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          it’s a great speaker,


          At $1799 it’s a great speaker

          Much less likely.


            @thevofa: Which is why it's a design price that also sounds incredible. Obviously you could buy a set of speakers that sound better, but they wouldn't look as good.


      Ouch my first neg. It's nearly $500 cheaper than the best deal. Are we not allowed to list older products? Can you find it cheaper?

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    This white chair looks amazing

    • +1 vote

      Make sure you get one for each family member. Don't want them sitting on the floor.


      Looks perfect in a "social media influencer's" room.
      Fills in the background space nicely when you're doing make up tips videos.

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    nice drawing pad for the toddlers

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    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/527695 cheaper here only one available though

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    If only it had red circles and came with free Nerf gun :)


    I'm gonna call it.
    So wanky I'll buy 10. So that's a set for each of my Air bnb rooms.
    I don't care how bad they sound.

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    According to reviews its actually a good speaker… Buy 11 and set them up in surround sound including overhead sound!


    Thanks bought 10 for each bedroom in my house.


    Good on you who can afford it. This is absolutely out of my league regardless in pandemic or not

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      People are buying cars and houses still…. People still buying mag wheels for their car, personalised numberplates…. Talk to harvey Norman or jb and people are buying bigger fridges, bigger freezers. It's crazy man. I would say that the pandemic and lockdown isn't affecting everyone financially. People are making their houses comfier and better to live in as they are there 24/7 and will be there for perhaps 8-12 months now.

      BTW its way out of my budget haha. People do buy it though, looks really great in person and sounds incredible.


    Honestly can anyone that owns this comment on its quality?

    Really considering buying a pair for the games room.


      Try it out at David Jones. They sound really good, and go very loud.


      buy multiple 4 x sonos 1s ($180), or 4 x home pods ($299) or google homes($199 in 2 days at jb) and set up in your room to project sound at a focal point where you sit & play games…you will get a much much better sound at half the price

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        Sonos 1s and google home speakers don't sound very good. They are good for their price point and functionality but if sound quality is the priority then there are much better choices. Of course it depends on how much the budget is.

        I recently listened to Sonos, Google Home, Sony, JBL, Bose and Apple smart speakers. The Bose Home speaker was MUCH better than than everything but the Apple (but also more expensive). The tricky situation with home pod is the whole apple eco system, which is a bit trickier but not impossible to access with android.

        For ~$800 you could get something like yamaha wxa-50 (I've seen it on sale for about $350-$400) and some second hand good quality speakers and it will have streaming, and will sound much better than Sonos, google, jbl, etc. If you want to go even cheaper there is something like S.M.S.L AD18. I have not heard it but some people rave about it for the price.


          And now i will say to counter your argument, he should buy dynaudio like i did….blah blah blah…
          But Thats not the point at all

          1 x Beoplay A9 @ $1800
          vs similar homepods or sonos 5s at half the price with better sound quality is the point.

          No need to go to the lengths that you are suggesting and clutter it …
          I use Questyle & RME — No point suggesting stupid stuff.

          Normal A9 for @1800 , rather buy 2 Bose or Sonos 5s or whatever similar at half the price , twice better convenience, and half the money spent.

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            @Jabberwocky: I would take 2 speakers and a box (or 2 boxes on top of each other) with 1 power cable and 2 short speaker cables. 4 speakers with a power point required for each (I.e. 4 sonos etc) is messy. I don't have any rooms that have a power point in each corner.

            I get how Sonos have done well at places like Cafés and in places where there really is space for just 1 speaker. If budget and space allows there are much better options really.

            If you can afford dynaudio and you like how they sound then that is a better buy than Sonos. :)

            PS. I wouldn't buy A9. I have enough chairs in the house, the look doesn't work for me no matter how it sounds (I haven't heard it, only read reviews)


        You really won't. Have you actually listened to one of these? Also having that many speakers setup and requiring power would look horrendous. Just get a stereo system lol.

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      Some people have these as pairs but I would go for another option…

      I’ve had the A9 since it was first released and love it. Ease of use. Style, talking point, you can carry it around too as the power cable is generally 3m long.

      Custom cover too so you can have a warm summer feel or a cool
      Winter feel… plus they sound great. Plenty of bass!

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      I read that B&O offer reasonably good quality audio, but that you can do better for the price, at least in terms of audio fidelity. They are apparently a “lifestyle” luxury brand for people with lots of money that just want good looking stuff that sounds “good enough” and just works.

      If you’re an audiophile then you’d likely buy something else.

      This is based on my 30 mins of research, so grain of salt and all that.


    Tested it at Divid Jones, 2nd Generation.
    Impressive sound, Played a couple of Techno Tracks. Fantastic. Very tempting.

    Also found Iphone X and Iphone 11 cant connect to it via Bluetooth.
    Stuff connected with Iphone 6

    I suppose Firmware update is required.

    trying to resist and not to buy it

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