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[VIC] Mince Beef 3 and 4 Star 500g $3.50 @ Coles Ivanhoe


I was just in Coles Ivanhoe and Mince beef 3 and 4 star was around half price, 4/4/20 expiry, listed on shelf as 3 star $3.50/500g, 4 star 4$/500g, though the 4 star scanned at $3.50 at register. No limit on how many you buy as they have a ton of them. I'm not sure if it state or Australia wide. Butcher said the system saw a run on mince during the panic and ordered heaps, guess no one noticed till it all arrived! lol

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    Or people have too much in their freezers already

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    Haha, the joke's now on those who bought multiple packets and froze them a few weeks ago, now they're heavily discounting it!!


    Albany Creek Coles yesterday had a heap of 3 star beef mince (but it actually looked better than normal 3 start imo) - $7 for 1kg packs. It was expiring 2/4 (tomorrow) so might end up even cheaper today.

    Worth it to freeze.

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    Stores with excess stock will be heavily discounting. Hornsby in NSW is doing the same.


    I talked to the butcher at my Woolies, he said head office shipped so much mince his fridge is full of it BUT the cuts people were wanting such as porterhouse they didn't send him, guess some places thought people would be eating spag bol or hamburgers for the next few months ….. or with people loosing their jobs mince would be what fits the budget.


    My local Coles was selling $1.5 per pack today


    Coles at Chaddy selling 3 star mince at $3.60 for one kilogram. Best before is 04/04/20. Still limiting you to 2 though which seems a waste if not all bought.


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