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Get $10 after Your First Purchase via Referral @ 86 400 Neobank


Terms and Conditions

The Refer a Friend offer will run from 1 April 2020 to 30 June 30 September 2020 and is available to all 86 400 customers.

The Refer a Friend offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer (unless we determine otherwise).

“Friends” who were previously 86 400 customers and closed their accounts within the past 12 months are not eligible for this offer.

The referrer is limited to 20 “refer a friend bonus” payments of $10 each. Participating customers will only receive the bonus for the first 20 friends they refer who make a card purchase (maximum $200 referral bonus per customer).

Only settled card purchases are eligible to meet the bonus criteria. This means we must wait until the card payment has been settled (no longer showing as "pending" in the friend’s transaction history) before the referrer or the friend become eligible for the bonus payment. The card purchase and transaction settlement must occur by 30 June 30 September 2020.

There are always a few people who will try to game the system, so here are some fair play conditions.

We retain the absolute right to refuse to pay or cancel a “refer a friend bonus” payment without notice to you. The reasons for us to refuse or cancel a payment may include, but are not limited to, if:

  • we believe that your access to the 86 400 app is or may be fraudulent
  • we believe that you have threatened the security of 86 400
  • we believe you have breached any of our General Terms
  • we believe you are acting in bad faith
  • we have locked or closed your account
  • your account contains unpaid charges or is overdrawn

We also retain the absolute right to stop the offer at any time and to change the conditions or incentive of the offer.

86400 / 86 400/ eighty-six four hundred

Referral Links

Referral: random (912)

Referrer and referee each receive $10 after referee makes 5 settled card purchases within 30 days.

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  • +1

    Can a refferal page please be made for this mods?

  • +2

    How do people feel comfy with a banking system that doesn't have a physical branch where you could go and shout at someone :\?…

    For real tho, online-only banking seems so shady.

    • +7

      Generally a truly online bank has a very efficient user experience as well as simplified products that running in to issues is less likely than standard banks,

      You’ll only be getting a transaction/savings account here.

      Also, with everything going on right now, the appeal of going in to a physical branch is definitely not there. Many are reducing their branch opening hours and not opening on weekends (if they were open in Saturday’s anyway)

      • +1

        I suppose , but - just the idea of not seeing who's handling or who's doing it, kinda scaring me?…

        • +8

          Do your research, if it's not for you, then so be it.

        • +11

          The Big 4 banks love the pearl-clutching nervousness of people like you.

          I was with BankWest long before they had any branches in SA for me to go yell at.

          I also do a lot of banking with Macquarie who also have no physical branches.

          If I had any need for another ordinary transaction account, I'd be looking very closely at 86 400 or Xinja.

          • +1

            @xyron: Have I been a 🐑 all along?

          • @xyron: Xinja has been great for me so far. They even maintained their interest rate whilst Volt has chopped theirs twice.
            I dont think Xinja are doing new "Stash" accounts atm though you may still be able to create a transaction account (no interest earned on it).
            Their debit card is funky pink and they send stickers and even coasters. Well marketed.

        • +1

          All banking transactions are just 1's and 0's these days. Those tellers are using computer apps that generally interface the same way to their core banking system as a self-service app would.

          But, you'd be shocked if you were tech savvy to see the terrible hack jobs done within most banks to make it look like a "24/7" system for online banking. It's terribly frightening how archaic some of the core systems are.

          The new Neo/Digital Banks are built on new architecture purpose built for 24/7 transaction processing and instant payments.

          • @sghetti: You mean like multi billion dollar banks running OS/2 or old mainframes? And those that simulate 24/7 transactions when its just a centre full of people running batch commands every x hours. lol

            • @pegasusx: Hey pegasusx, I have an off topic question for you….

              You said:

              those that simulate 24/7 transactions when its just a centre full of people running batch

              What's that about? Where can I get more info on that? I'm just curious, thanks.

    • +5

      86400 is backed by the government guarantee like any other bank. I have been using ING for years and found it to be much superior than most other banks. Among the true Neo banks, I found 'Up' to be much better than this one though.

      • Why do you find Up superior? They have a minimum transaction of 5 per month to be eligible for bonus interest

        • They have a minimum transaction of 5 per month to be eligible for bonus interest

          Requires you to add a certain amount to your balance. With ING requiring you to do both.

  • -1

    The ‘First purchase bonus’ runs from 6 March 2020 – 31 March 2020 and is available to the first 10,000 new customers who open an account after 6 March 2020 and make a purchase using their 86 400 debit card before 31 March 2020. The offer is limited to one bonus payment per customer.

    • its 1/04/20 now

  • OP needs to update the link

  • +2

    Was sceptical about 86400/Xinja/Neo banks. Kudos to 86400 call centre (Based in NZ? sure alot of Kiwi akcents) as I've havent had to wait longer then 2 mins.

    But find they are super efficient via NPP and app features. Instead of the traditional 20/50k limits you can move your cash out fast.
    i.e. Very surprised as I called today and set 250k limit which resets every at midnight and had the cash to another NPP account within 20 secs.

    • +2

      Yeah very impressed myself. Very neat and decent interest rates on the save account too. They've also dropped transaction fees overseas so no reason to keep ING any more. ymmv

  • I find this an interesting concept but as I have a Com savings account (terrible interest) and 2 credit card accounts (1 no fees & 1 prepaid I share with my family for household shopping), and also a PayPal account (online shopping), I am wondering why I need another account. So I kind of need some convincing, other than a $10 sweetener, if I manage to convince another to sign up.

    • +1

      2% PA for moving at least 2k/month through the account, up to 250k IIRC. Also personally, I'm liking the 5k default limit for Osko/PayID payments.

      • +1

        This might be better once they restart opening Stash accounts


        I'm on 2.25% with no minimum deposits etc

        • +1

          They have said they're not looking at reopening for a few months.

          • +1

            @blighst: Website said looking at April, but that's probably out of date now.

            • @nafe: It's highly unlikely that they will reopen at that rate.

  • -3

    I find their naming of accounts "Pay Account" and "Save Account" simultaneously brilliant and momentarily confused.
    I love the simplicity of the names, but every time I see "Save Account" I get anxious that I need to Save something, is auto-save activated? I see the names as verbs, not nouns.
    Too many lost Word and Excel files over the years, I guess. And "Pay Account" seems to be an account I'm making a payment to…
    Office worker syndrome, years of dodgy microsoft products eating at my sanity.

    • +3

      You can rename the accounts mate

      • Out of interest how? Can''t seem it find it through google or in the app. Thanks in advance.

        • I'm pretty sure it has to be done by support.

          • @Kyle-K: Thanks :) You mean contact support yeah?

            • @gottacatchemall: Yup. I believe they're the only ones that can do it for you. However on reflection I've only seen the renaming accounts discussed in regards to joint.

        • When you make a new transaction/saver account you can name it

          • @one-land2: Given what gottacatchemall was asking the presumption is that they were looking to rename existing accounts which can't be done in the app currently.

  • when do they pay? I've made a few transactions with my card and haven't received my bonus.

    • Mrs and I got our 3 lots of 10 as soon as the shop processed the transaction. The next day it was. Straight in. Easy!

  • +2

    FYI The referral program has been extended until the end of September.

  • Just signed up thanks for this post was looking for a seperate card for Google pay only everyday kind of payments.

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