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Alcatel 3T10 Tablet with Audio Station for 264 Points @ Telstra Plus Rewards


There is currently an error on the telstra points redemption website for the Alcatel 3T10 Tablet with Audio Station

You can purchase for 94,000 telstra points, or 264 points plus $0

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    This is going to end badly

    • Ended perfectly

      • *for Telstra ;-)

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    Telstra have points now.

  • +1

    is this even worth attempting?

    • +3

      I said 'no' on the bunnings drone deal.. that wasn't my smartest move. So you have to be in it to win it

      How much is 264 points worth I guess is the question.

  • +1

    Pulled it already

  • +2

    Which one do I choose, 94,000 telstra points, or 264 points plus $0?

    Which car should I buy?

    Which tyres should I get?

    Should I buy a house?

    Should I buy shares, which ones?

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  • +7

    Thanks! Got one, now I wait to get rejected.

  • +1

    I like the smallest points option hahaha
    "Would you like to pay $59,000?"
    Honestly, I have seen these in person, wouldn't even take it for free.
    (Used to work at a Telstra store)

    • +6


      How dare you say such a thing on OzBargain.

  • +1

    Got confirmation email; let's see what happens.

  • +2

    ordered one. Now have to see what it is

  • For 264 points this is a bloody good deal. Thanks OP got one :)

  • +1

    you have to sign in first to see the $0

  • +1

    Got it

  • +1

    Thanks OP got one well on paper I did lets see what Telstra do

  • +4

    94,000 Telstra Points + $76,000! NICE!

    Or 264 points + $0. So random. So good! Just ordered one. Gonna get cancelled for sure!

  • +8

    Maybe April Fools Joke from Telstra?

    • Bit of a random one if it is, they're even sending confirmation emails with the order!

  • Now it is 48 points + $59,000

  • Let the games begin!

  • Ordered one anyway. Thanks!

  • Got one, also awaiting cancellation haha

  • I still can see 264 + 0 just click the right arrow.

  • Got one!

    • +2

      Already? That is lightning fast delivery!

  • Nice pick up OP!

  • +2

    I'm not with telstra.

    Is it wrong that i signed into my mother's account, and used her points to get this delivered to my house?

    • A little, yeaah. But you do you.

      • i mean, it's 300 points, she wont notice, and i'll tell her what i did, but ehh

  • It hangs after I sign in..

    EDIT: after putting the order through, I now get an error.

  • +4

    What the hell did I just order?

  • See how we go, lol.

  • +5

    are these even worth it for 264 points ?

  • +6

    i feel like this is one of those deals you should have kept to yourself until you got yours ^_^

  • cant even access the page now

  • Thanks OP, ordered one, let see how it goes

  • Error at final checkout on both PC and through Telstra app.

  • +1

    I can't sign in to it, just keep getting "Something went wrong"

  • +2

    Page says Technical Issues now, quick everyone hide they're onto us!

  • +8

    The whole rewards page was just pulled, we did our job guys!!

    • +2

      indeed, job well done. We make Australian retailer IT system stronger!

  • Anyone else notice this on the specs page?
    "Connector type - USB Type-C"
    "Interface - Micro USB"

    • +2

      lol, I didn't even see what I was ordering, let alone checking its specs :P

  • Its not working any more

  • lol. cannot sign in now. GJ all

  • +1

    They should realise that the more OzBargainers at home, the more careful they need to be.

  • Got one before they pulled it off. Now waiting for a sorry email. Thanks op!

  • Looks like I got in just in time. Ripper deal if it goes through.

  • Oh no, we looked everywhere!
    Sorry, we can’t find the page you are looking for.

  • +1

    48 points + $59,000 now

    • +4

      they gotta make up for the loss somewhere, lol

  • Is there a way to get through the checkout without having either a drivers licence or passport?

    I only have proof of age card, but there's no option for it, so I can't spend my fortune :(

    • I just put the card number in as the drivers license number. Pretty sure the MVR use the same number across 18+ cards and licenses, so you should be good.

      • Ok ta, I'll try that

  • Managed to order one :)

  • Just got one?

    Edit: got the receipt for it as well.

  • seems to have crashed the website, can't load the store

  • Ordered one.

    Now to play the waiting game.

  • +2

    There's no chance to get these deals when 90% of ozb are working from home now

  • My order just worked using chrome. Errors on the app but went through fine on chrome.

  • +1

    Here is a review of the tablet if anyone is interested:


  • +1

    Out of stock

  • NOW it finally works, but says out of stock!! Grrr!!

  • Just curious, does Telstra ever honour pricing errors?

    • +3

      Tel$tra Plus system is very primitive. Wouldn't surprise me if they actually honour this one.

      I don't think Tel$tra is smart enough to claim that as an April Fools Day joke.

      • Aprils Fools guys! Sorry cancelling your orders!

  • They fixed points bug

    • Yup 10k points + $264

  • do points ever expire?

    • Pretty sure it's either 2 or 3 years.

    • +1

      Every 3yrs from the month you accrued them

  • +13

    I don't check Ozbargain for an hour and I miss out on a tablet with audio station, paper towels, antibac wipes and toilet paper and who knows what else I haven't seen yet 😂

    • Same boat wow! Figured it'd be just another slow morning so I didn't check til now

    • Part of me wants to set alerts up for everything and instant email notifications. The other part of me would one day like to do something productive again

  • It has been fixed, it shows 10,000 points + $264 now.

  • Holy moly, just got an email telling me it's been shipped!

    • +1

      Same here! Amazing!

    • Same. Obviously easier to let it go through to the keeper.

    • Me too! Thanks Op again!

  • +1

    I got an email saying shipped too ..

  • +1

    got shipment email yayyy

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