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Alcatel 3T10 Tablet with Audio Station for 264 Points @ Telstra Plus Rewards


There is currently an error on the telstra points redemption website for the Alcatel 3T10 Tablet with Audio Station

You can purchase for 94,000 telstra points, or 264 points plus $0

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    Got shipment email

  • +1

    Mine shipped too, tracking number showing where it is etc. Good times.

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    Same as everyone above,
    Got an email saying it's been shipped
    Not sure if Auto generated though

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    Shipment email

  • +1

    Got an email saying my order is ready to be dispatched. Also got a tracking ID

  • Got an email saying it is shipped along with the tracking number of Startrack

  • Meanwhile somewhere at the Telstra DC they are trying to figure out why these items are so popular all of the sudden

    • I even saw a sponsored ad for these on Facebook! :D

  • can't complain for 243 points….

  • +1

    Bought two thinking it would be cancelled and now have two separate shipping numbers.

    Now to google what these things actually do…

    • +1

      I still have no idea what I bought…guess I’ll find out when it arrives haha.

    • +1

      Didn't even think to do a Broden; well played. Got one though with startrack tracking number so happy days. I expect there'll be a few for sale in the classifieds over the next few weeks!

  • +5

    Shipped! Would be funny though if an empty box rocked up with nothing in it as part of April Fools

  • Shipped… Lol

  • +2

    Are we going to jail?

    • +1

      Just a 5 Star Hotel!

  • Just got a shipping notification too. Thinking this is one of the remaining retailers where orders from site to packing are separate with no oversight in between. Not complaining. :D

  • It seems the speaker can be used as a normal BT speaker and the tablet is just another cheap tablet. I'm sure I'll find a use for them both.

  • Just got the shipping notification. Thanks Op.

    • Delivered

  • Haven't got my shipment email yet… hopefully it comes through

    • Me too waiting for mail too

      • Update received my shipping confirmation too… Tracking number has no progress though

    • Update: Just received shipping confirmation

  • I have a shipping confirmation too. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Got one shipped too. Here is a recent review. Has room for micro sd card and also a sim card. Thanks op.

  • +7

    My tablet was DELIVERED this morning!


    • That's quick

    • Star Track overnight is great, must cost a fortune because it (usually) still works to lots of regional places. I'm waiting on something from south Brisbane to Townsville (~1200km) with regular AusPost and three days in it's gone 30km and is still in south Brisbane.

    • +3

      congrats, but, yet you haven't even liked this post?

      • Sorry, still a little bit of a newb when it comes to ozbargain etiquette.

  • Apparently mines on board for delivery today

  • +1

    Jesus, delivery on the way!

  • damn, missed this, i have some 4k points and don't know what to use them on. this would have been ideal

  • +1

    I've just received it. Unbelievable!

    • Yep same here Cant believe how fast it got delivered

  • Got an email saying mine is shipped. Probably should have ordered 2, I guess the misses will be grabbing this one.

  • Dang so lucky 😀 must check ozb more often lol

  • Just got mine as well, yew!

  • Let's see whether those that ordered 10+ receive them … they should in all honesty reach out to OP and post him/her 1 out of courtesy.

    • Could be a troll…

  • +1

    super fast delivery, received this morning

    • Same.

      • What’s your thoughts on it? Mine is on the way.

  • How long before you received tracking numbers? I got my receipt at 11:50am yesterday but haven't got any updates?

    • Finally got tracking - it’s on its way. Thanks Benno1986 great find

  • It's here!!

    Thanks OP! What a steal!

  • Hahaha also just got it. +1 OP ty for sharing

  • ETA is showing as today for me here in Perth, certainly won't complain if it's not today though, just stoked we are all actually getting them!

  • Mine just arrived!!

  • Mine just arrived!

  • Mine is coming also hahaha. Got an email this morning. It's just become trackable so likely delivery tomorrow I guess. If it's any good I might pick up a keyboard. I actually wanted a new tablet so this genius.

  • lol.. OzBargainers are already flogging these on Facebook Marketplace!

  • Mine just arrived too ha

    Has Sim card slot too, awesome!

  • +2

    Dear diary, today OP was a pretty awesome guy.

    Just got mine delivered !

  • +2

    Oh I'm so pissed now 😂😂😂
    Didn't actually think they would ship.

  • +1

    You wouldn't get much by re-selling it surely..

  • +1

    Anyone actually have played with it yet, and if so, any reviews?

  • Got mine delivered. So quick!

  • I just got mine delivered, couldn't believe it

  • Both my units were delivered to Brisbane a few hours ago, bloody efficient!

  • Have mine on charge now, pretty neat little setup.

  • Hope mine gets honoured; for the order email but no delivery status yet.

  • Don’t know how I missed it.
    Regularly check Ozb and Telstra store as I have 62K points and waiting for something like this :(

  • Star track at my door, delivered today.

    Ironically the other items I ordered at the same time (full points, not discounted) are still on their way.

  • +1

    Received this today and just set it up. Very happy with the quality at this price!

  • Is there a webpage to check on the status using the order number?
    Ordered on wednesday and only have confirmation email, but it seems a few people have already got theirs.

    • I'm in the same boat. Order confirmation received at around 12PM EST.
      I tried entering the invoice number into the Telstra Order Tracker… nope.
      Also tried checking in my account, the rewards portal… nope.

      • +1

        Just got an email advising mine is on its way finally :), hope yours does too!

      • +1

        Thanks for the update rlexyd :)
        Hopefully I'll get something soon as well

  • Mine's at the delivery depot. Thanks op! Might get it today!

  • +2

    Does anyone know why it beeps randomly?

  • +2


    Everybody offer this guy 264 Telstra points

    • +2

      haha I just offered him 3 offers ranging from $2 to $4 and he rejected all of them.

      • +1

        I offered 5, 6 and 7 dollars - all instantly rejected.

    • Confirmed with him he got it through this. No one buy from him. Probably the @$$hat who ordered 20

  • +1

    Got mine,thank you. Struggling to find a use case for it. It is so slow! Couldn't even maintain a single video connection (via Google duo)… So video chat is out?!

    • +1

      I'm using mine as an e-reader for the 70+ sesame street ebooks I got on here for free for my son

  • Just got mine today, thanks OP!

  • +1

    Got mine today, its a pretty crappy tablet. Might just use it as a baby monitor camera. Its slower than my google nest haha!

  • Got mine. Using it with the speaker at the moment. It's not bad but not great. I'll use it.

  • +1

    Can you use the ok google wake word to active the assistant? I read somewhere that it couldn't?

  • Cheers OP got ours delivered this arvo :)

  • Bootloader unlocked and rooted with Magisk.
    Using as a digital photo frame for now.

    • May I ask how you rooted with Magisk? Flashed Via TWRP? If so which TWRP did you boot?

      I've unlocked bootloader but that's as far as I've gotten.


      • Couldn't find a TWRP for this device, so stock recovery.
        System is configured as system as root, so flashing the boot image doesn't work, you need to patch recovery image and them boot into recovery if you want root (Power on with power + vol up) (Details here: https://topjohnwu.github.io/Magisk/install.html).

        I read-back the recovery image from the device while in download mode using SP Flash Tool and a scatter file (I can send you the scatter file if need it).
        Copied it back to the device, patched it with Magisk, flashed patched recovery image via fastboot.

        Just for fun I flashed Smali patcher and managed to get Pokémon Go and location spoofing working, but it's very laggy.

        • Ta. I think I'll leave it as it is.

  • +1

    "Attempted Delivery - Check Address"

    Called Star Track and was told apparently the address was wrong on the parcel. Asked to confirm the address…address is correct. Star Track then say the depot has marked the parcel as Check Address so they can't do anything until Telstra confirms it…then tell me to call Telstra on their generic customer service line! Woweeeee. I mean I can't complain because it's an amazing deal for what points we "spent" on it but god damn!

    • +1

      Startrack in my experience are worst… Today without even attempting delivery… They returned parcel with no card in post.. We are in lockdown so its hard to miss delivery when at home.

      Not first instance with Startrack is every delivery

    • +1

      I had issues also today with the courier delivering mine. I live in unit 5 and the courier delivered it to unit 1 this morning. Luckily unit 1 buzzed me this arvo and was honest enough to tell me they had it.

      It quite clearly said unit 5 on the parcel. Anyway..

      • +1

        haha that's outstanding, here's mine not being delivered at all, or sent back to the post office, and yours gets delivered to a different address entirely.

        I called Star Track back and they've told me it's because the package was addressed as Flat 1, #3 (no idea why the first person didn't say this) Weird though, because we are a house, not a set of flats. Surely common sense would have prevailed if he asked for my ID and saw it matched the package! Still, trying to speak with someone at Telstra now.

        • Good luck with that. Telstra's customer service is almost non existent at the moment. I got in touch with star trak and they told me what the signature said but it didn't help as I don't know my neighbors. Told me to get in touch with Telstra who are really obviously struggling right now but should have experienced back up ready.

          Is it that hard for couriers to ask someone 'Are you John Smith'. I was resigned to the fact I wasn't going to get it until Unit 1 buzzed me on the intercom.

          • +1

            @hereforthebargain: Well the good news is, I spoke to a third person at Star Track, explained everything and she was an absolute legend saying she will get it sent back out Monday with instructions to ignore the flat number and knock on the door. Surely easy enough to ask for my ID like Telstra have in the past for Star Track deliveries and have avoided this but oh well, here's hoping Monday goes smoother haha.

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