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Astute Affinity Mesh Office Chair - $78 + Delivery (RRP $279) @ Winc


Astute Affinity Chair - Black or Grey
RRP $279. Clearance at $78. Options for assembly.

Don't ruin your back on a dining room chair.

A stylish contemporary task chair ideal for use in the home or office environment.

The unique self weighting mechanism has been seamlessly integrated into an ergonomically shaped frame to produce a superbly comfortable chair suitable for a range of users and applications.

Self weighting mechanism automatically adjusts to each user.

Quality soft touch mesh provides instant comfort.

Simple chair adjustment makes the chair suitable for use in meeting rooms, board rooms and hot desk spaces.

Integrated lumbar curve offers superior ergonomic support.

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  • any review of this chair?

  • Also available in grey.
    Delivery prices https://www.winc.com.au/page/free-delivery

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    Guys note this is a chair meant for a meeting room, not a task chair - fixed arms, no lumbar or adjustable lumbar. If you're going to be sitting on it all day, your back won't thank you.

    • +6

      No wonder it's good for meeting rooms - keeps everyone awake lol

    • -11

      Without coming across rude, what experience do you have with chairs to jump to these conclusions? I'd imagine lots of people on here looking at this chair are looking for a cost effective, short term solution to assist with working from home and this appears to tick those boxes.

      • +6

        7 years of working in the office furniture Industry is my experience - with a few different furniture companies. I never said anything about any other brands that you should buy, I just said what is the obvious with this chair.

        If people want a chair to sit in for 1-3 hours max a day, this will be fine. But since everyone is obviously working from home - this is not the chair to use all day.

    • I've been looking for a good chair to sit in all day as my lower back has been suffering quite a bit. do you know of any chairs to look at? I have spent hours looking but there are so many brands, models and price ranges it really is confusing. I heard about the Herman Miller chairs but the price of $2000+ is a bit too much. I was hoping to spend about $700-$800.

      • +2

        I am the same story as you, shite lower back. I have just ordered a Buro Mentor, Winc were cheapest (440 delivered for no arms in balc), but the delivery period is too long, so I went here - https://furnitureatwork.com.au/product/buro-mentor-mesh-ergo...

        The other one I considered if I were to spend more (into your budget) was Ergohuman who are currently out of stocks of everything but their full leather luxury until end of month - https://ergohuman.com.au/ergohuman-classic-vs-elite-vs-luxur...

        • they look good, but without trying, no one knows for sure if they do fit your body shape or preference.

          • @aec: Yep, 100% guess, but can't try anything anywhere now.
            They do all seem to offer a return if it's not correct.

      • HM is more design over price friendly (i'd also argue their ergonomics is not up to standard for what they charge). I'd recommend 2 companies that will be more cost effective - Steelcase & Haworth if you're looking for known brands. There are a few good local brands as well, but I don't know as much about them as I'd like to.

  • +6

    any recommendations for a task chair

    • +1

      yes please - need a decent chair for home office work now

    • +2

      same question here. a task chair that dont cost me arm and leg.

      • +4

        Or a back.

    • +2

      Search Buro chair at Winc. I bought one and highly recommend it.

      • +2

        any discount on buro?

        • Which specific model did you buy?

        • +1

          I am looking for a good deal on either the Persona or Metro.

    • It is recommended for 8 hour consecutive usage at 120kg maximum weight capacity.

      If you are going to spend longer in the chair consecutively, absolutely recommend a different chair as per the above, the lumbar curve is integrated into the chair and not adjustable.

    • +11

      I went through the more-difficult-than-is-necessary process of finding a decent swivel-back office chair for WFH purposes several years ago.

      TL;DR: Unless you're prepared to spend over $2,000 dollars on a high-end, ergonomic chair from the likes of Herman Miller, which while being ludicriously expensive are exceptionally good chairs (I use a HM Aeron at work), I found the only thing that came close to meeting all of the requirements I had (proper high-back support all the way to your neck, padded headrest, lumbar support, fully reclinable, breathable mesh on the seat-back for ventilation, arm rests and a variety of materials/colours) was the Ikea Markus. It doesn't cost an arm and a leg, it comes in either a cloth fabric or faux-leather covering, a wide range of colours and it's incredibly durable and hard-wearing (I've had mine for years and the fabric has no rips or tears and it's very easy to clean, a sponge and a bit of detergent removes any stains I've had on it).

      • I have had IKEA Markus for 5+ years. Incredible value for money, good back airflow during hot weather and all around adjustablity and support.

      • The back of this chair is too straight up to my taste, and the seat is a bit small too. It feels like it's forcing you to sit straight at all time. Personally.

        • probably by design!

        • +3

          The seat is definitely not too small, I'm hardly a small person myself (6"2/90kg) and I can man-spread to my liking quite easily. If you remove the armrests (which I have done sometimes), then it becomes even more accommodating. The seat width is just over half a metre, so unless you have a half metre ass (in which case you missed your true calling as a rap video backup dancer), I think you'll fit.

          Because it's reclinable and has different levels of recline, you can simply tilt the chair back slightly, lock the recline position and then have it in a slightly leaned-back position so you're not sitting up dead-straight, if that's your preference.

      • +1

        Thanks for highlighting this chair. Looks quite good.

        No stock however in any of the colours, until May at least.

      • Yep, I got the ikea chair also… using for twelve months.

      • Ive been using my Markus for couple years now. I can vouch for its quality; however, I have been suffering from back pain when sitting on it for >6 hours a day. Everyone is different, so this chair might not suit everyone. I believe it is the lack of lumbar adjustment which is causing my discomfort. YMMV

      • I've been looking at the Markus and JÄRVFJÄLLET for this exact reason. Seems to tick all the boxes but without the crazy price. I would really like to try before I buy though, which probably isn't ideal in the current situation.

        How has the seat padding held up over the years?

  • +6

    I got this from Ikea


    Very happy with it, comfy with adjustable lumbar and head rest. Adjustable seat depth too which is great.

    There are cheaper ones as well from Ikea.

    Officeworks was sold out of the one I wanted, seems like all sorts of computer peripherals are out of stock too.

    If you are after those try out CPL, Centrecom or Scorptec, I managed to get nearly everything I need.

    Now for a proper floor protection mat….

    • +1

      Looks basically like the Markus I posted above, minus the arm rests. Even the dimensions are nearly identical.

      • I actually think it is identical! The one I bought is just cheaper as it is fabric, not leather :)

        Really happy with it so far.

      • Main change seems to be the adjustable seat depth, lumber support, and headrest. Looks like they cheapened out on the knobs and handles to fit the budget though.

    • Costco has decently priced floor mats

  • Hi OP,

    Chair looks great and I am about to purchase one, but just want to understand how difficult installation is. Would like to save on the $25 but don't know how difficult these are to put together.

    • +1

      G'day. It's not complex and comes with instructions, just a few pieces to put together. If you can do a basic flat pack, you'll be able to do this. Does that help?

      • Yes great, will install myself.

  • It doesn’t accept PayPal but I ordered one anyway.

  • +8

    $100 dollars cheaper if you prefer the Vissle dark grey over the Glose black Robust black


    • The adjustable and lockable tilt function increases stability and control in different sitting positions.

      You sit comfortably since the chair is adjustable in height.

      Your back gets support and extra relief from the built-in lumbar support.

      The mesh material of the backrest lets air through to your back during long sitting periods.

      This chair has been tested for office use and meets the requirements for durability and stability set forth in the following standards: EN 1335 and ANSI/BIFMA x5.1.

    • Thanks.
      That looks interesting and price seems to be okay.
      I wonder if the head can be adjusted/ lowrerd.

  • "suitable for use in meeting rooms, board rooms and hot desk spaces."

  • +1

    8 hours usage in the specs so can be used as an office chair

    • You'd think so, but there are always people waiting to jump on and slam any deal that is posted.

      • Is that a thinly veiled comment directed at jv? :)

        • +2

          I bought and will review - obviously WFH around 10 hours a day on average now

  • Seat to Floor Height (Min to Max.) 445mm to 540mm
    worth checking your desk height

    • This is standard isn't it? Most standard desk heights are 750mm.

      • +1

        Possibly, never paid too much attention … until now :)
        Worth doing a quick measure, and checking ergonomic alignment for long term WFH. My current chair is only ~500, and my desk almost 800. Bad.

  • +1

    This is not with adjustable height?

    • Yes it is. Seat to Floor Height (Min to Max.) 445mm to 540mm.

  • +1

    Any deals on the Buro? Why isn't that one on clearance? :)

  • I am a bit confused. Shows item as in stock but estimated delivery for 3030 Vic is 21.april?

  • I really want this but I need to know if it will fit under my desk…does anyone know the height from floor to top of the arm rests?

  • How about this https://www.winc.com.au/main-catalogue-productdetail/winc-ac...?

    Add on a $1 eraser, with FIRSTORDER code, and it comes down to $130

    • Yeah good one but delivery not until July :(

      • Hmm.. how about the same version from Amazon for $101?

    • Have this one now. May suit a very tall person but Im 184 and base is too big for me can't really sit back properly which makes any stool just as good

  • Are the arm rests removable ? (without affecting it structurally)

  • Went up market on another chair but happy with price and they also have $20 for code FIRSTORDER over $150 or $200 not sure which as I have used it already.

  • Rep, any faster estimate on delivery? It says 2 weeks to my postcode but I urgently need a chair :/

    • The fastest seems to be Brisbane, all others are 2 weeks plus. It's the reason I purchased (different chair) elsewhere.

    • I ordered on 2nd and received today , my mate got it yesterday. But the chair has gone up in price to $279. It is great for the price this deal was published for. for $279 I wouldn't choose this, I would go Ikea Markus ( if they have stock )

      • You can expect a five day turnaround.

        • I'm still waiting on mine and have emailed them with no reponse

  • Any reviews after using anyone? I'll use it for 8 hours a day so wanted to get some feedback.

  • My MasterCard payment keeps failing :/

    • Logged back in, worked 2nd time.

  • +1

    Got it today, castors are bit hard to push in otherwise it is easy to assemble. Sitting comfort is average. Seat cover is a bit thin but it is ok for me. Overall not bad for $78 delivered. It says 5 years warranty on the box.

  • +1

    I take it these are all gone at this price?


    • -2

      They're still in stock, Treeman

      • +2

        Not at $78 though..

        • Back at $78!

  • I purchased on 1/4, order tracking on the website has said processing since I placed the order and it still does. I’ve sent three emails creating three tickets and have had no response. My order number is NET48346453. Associated can you please help? Very disappointed with Winc so far :(

    • I ordered around 3rd-April, received confirmation on the 5th, and delivered around 8th.

      For $78, its a pretty good solid chair, 100x better than what I had before.
      The lift lever is chromed steel too, which was a surprise.

      Oh and the arms cant be removed, if anyone's curious.

    • I ordered on the 4 and same issue with no update to order status. Called them yesterday and was told both black and grey are out of stock and on back order until 27th

  • +1

    Looks like its back on sale again!
    Both the black and grey versions are on for $78.
    Currently, there's over 400 in stock it says.

    • Tempted but I would throw some to get a better one, like buro. After all it's relating to health where I need to sit on 6-7 hours every day.

  • Merged from Winc Astute Affinity Mesh Chair $78 + Delivery @ Winc
    Go to Deal

    Self weighting mechanism automatically adjusts to each user.
    Quality soft touch mesh provides instant comfort.
    Simple chair adjustment makes the chair suitable for use in meeting rooms, board rooms and hot desk spaces.

    • are these the same chairs they use at rmit?

    • I got one the other day when they were on sale, for $78 it’s a steal usually they are $279. Delivery took only 3 days.

      • good to hear as i ordered one earlier

        • You haven’t received your order yet?

        • got one on the last deal and really happy with it - comfortable and super easy to assemble. only issue is that one of the desks we use it at is fairly high and ideally the seat would go a little higher than it does.

      • also, was assembly difficult?

        • I've got one, it's easy push in type assembly, no nuts or bolts

          it makes me sit straight all the time which I'm not a fan of, but a good quality chair

      • How is it for long hours at the desk?

        • +1

          I am sitting on it daily at least 10 hours and have no issues really. The mesh is quite thin though and depending on your body weight you might feel the pressure from the plastic underneath on your bum increasing over time.

      • +1


        Previous thread, some decent information.

      • What's the distance(range) from Chair Arm to Floor? (and also Arm to Seat)

        Just making sure that the chair fits under my desk.

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