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[Win, Mac] Free Full License of VideoProc V3.5 and Brand New Non-Linear Video Editor @ Digiarty



Digiarty is ready to release a brand new non-linear video editing software in this summer or later. To know more about users' demands for video editing software before release, it holds VideoProc V3.5 giveaway again and sweepstakes for people who are willing to fulfill the survey.

How to get

1. VideoProc V3.5

VideoProc is the No.1 fast video processing software by making full use of Level-3 GPU Acceleration. As a one-stop video toolbox, it can edit, convert, resize and adjust large-sized/4K/DJI videos, audios and DVDs easily at fully accelerated speed. It also stands out in video downloading and recording.

Access to the campaign page, click Download VideProc and copy the license code below the download bottom(code and file will auto-match your computer system)
After installation, paste the license code as well as enter an email to activate on the software. Done, enjoy the full features.(version 3.5 only)

  • The giveaway licence doesn't support free upgrade for future versions
  • Activate the code before April.14 or it may be expired.

2. Brand New Non-linear Editing Software
On the right of the campaign page, you need to finish a 6-question survey, then enter your valid email and you will receive an email with license code and download link once it releases.

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    I don't know what it is or does, but you've sold me!


      VideoProc is video editing and conversion software for people who want an easy, stable and fast tool that can be used to post-process and reduce the file size of video footage – regardless of whether it was taken on a smartphone, camera or even an action cam such as GoPro.

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    These guys seem very sketchy, reviews that seem real mostly say the product is slow and shitty, based in China with no customer support, probably would give this a miss to be honest.
    If you want a less sketchy program, get the free version of DaVinci Resolve 16.


      It's free software, and you're negging it without even bothering to download it and try, because of reviews you've deemed to be genuine saying it's no good? Unbelievable.

      • +1 vote

        I'm not "negging" it, reviews say it is sketchy as (profanity), and works poorly. There are free programs that are genuinly good, such as DaVinci Resolve, that have a good following, are known to be pretty good and used by professionals, and aren't from a weird chinese company. Unbelievable.


      Interesting. It's ture that every software has pros and cons, but rumors do not cost anything.
      It's believed that real users will enjoy the convenience brought from VideoProc and provide their feedbacks and suggestions, and we also take their advices seriously and try to improve. That's why we're willing to provide full license giveaway for our potential users aperiodically.
      Anyway, life is fantastic, please keep calm and carry on ;)


    I have 3.2 and it works as advertised. The one thing that I hate is the nag screen every start up to upgrade.

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