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Start your learning journey with Google Cloud today
In this time of transition to home working, we want to empower you to build new skills on Cloud technology. Register below to receive access to Google Cloud training at no cost.

Get access to Google Cloud training at no cost
Whether you’re new to cloud, want to expand your skill set, or need to transition from another platform, Google Cloud training can help you do it. As more people are transitioning to remote working, we want to help you stay motivated and build new skills. We are offering one month free access to Google Cloud training available on Qwiklabs, Coursera, and Pluralsight.

Want to learn on-demand? Gain free access for one month to our most popular learning paths on Coursera or Pluralsight. Start learning from anywhere, at your own pace.*
Want to get more hands-on training? Take unlimited hands-on labs on Qwiklabs free for 30 days. Apply your skills to real-world scenarios.
Simply fill out the form to register for your free access.

*Training from Pluralsight is available in English language only.

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  • +16 votes

    In the last two weeks I've learnt 365, Azure, Intune, SCCM and Autopilot. Now add google Cloud to the list of skills I can't even use at my job! Wish the market wasn't so bad so I could use the skills elsewhere.

    • +2 votes

      Where did you learn all that from?

      • +8 votes

        There’s some resources here


        I worked at an MSP for four years so worked with MS365 E3 and Azure. SCCM is a hobby so brushed up on some knowledge gaps. Autopilot and Intune I learnt from scratch. Pretty much another powerful MDM solution like Jamf so pretty easy for knowledge transfer. I watched Pluralsight and CBTNuggets on the sections I wasn't familiar with.

    • +1 vote

      You're not working for the right company. Plenty of Cloud work out there if you look hard enough

      • +1 vote

        Yep I know. Internal IT sucks compared to MSP/PS. The market is crap at the moment to jump ship right now.

        • +2 votes

          I can confirm that the market is not slowed at all for all the three cloud providers, they are all still hiring here in Australia, headcount totally unchanged only difference is interviews are remote

    • +15 votes

      That's not learning lol I guarantee you don't know anything more than a superficial overview. It'd take months to become decent at a single one of those products / environments.


        Already had experience in them just Autopilot and Intune I learned from scratch. Others I had prior hands on experience and home lab experience. Azure is too much of a beast to know thoroughly. I didn't say I was an MSCE or anything.


      plenty of jobs for azure/o365 engineers


      Don't forget to include HP's Cloud!


      You learned Azure in 2 weeks? hmmm.


      And what did you learn? By the tine you take your head out of the hole, the tech migth have changeda nd they might have added like billion services to keep chasing your own tail! Just do it when you need the most else people in IT are just chasing their tails or technology knowing nothing what to implement and how.
      Leave it to vnedor to do their job and just manage it

  • +10 votes

    My Google cloud is already well behaved.


    Seriously, if you have genuine skills in cloud, you would be answering calls left right and centre. Everyone is trying to move to the cloud right now to reduce costs in having to buy new hardware for 12months. That and new VPN services are booooooming!!

    • +2 votes

      That's not entirely true. I've spent the past 12 months consulting on a number of large journey to cloud programs and more than half of them get canned and reverted back to on-premise infrastructure projects.


        Yes, I believe you're right.

        I cannot find the source, however I was informed their was an IT Census that surveryed companies globally on what type of platform they used. Hybrid Solutions were the most popular.


    Free AWS training anywhere?

  • +1 vote

    Well, my work company provides access to same Google Material for free. Didn't budge much.
    This one here on OzB looks so tempting :)


    Just of note .. although a great deal the access is free til end April - the 3 courses on offer on coursera are

    129 hrs
    161 hrs
    220 hrs

    Good luck anyone trying to get through one of those in a month :)

  • +1 vote

    probably also worth noting it's a 'free trial' so you'll need to have your payment details handy to be charged when you forget to cancel (this is at least the case for coursera registrations)

    • +4 votes

      i tried Coursera first and then backed out when it seemed like i had to provide payment card details. Tried the Qwiklabs options and got right in without having to hand over any payment details. Hope that helps someone else.


    Does anyone know which platform has better material for GCP - Coursera, Pluralsight, or Quiklabs?


      Some info on Quiklabs…

      I did the Google Cloud OnBoard training last week. Each day consisted of a few hours of presentations, followed by working through a Quiklabs lab related to some of the content discussed in the presentations.

      The Quiklabs labs are good for getting hands-on experience with the specifics of actual Google Cloud technologies, but are not by themselves a sufficient introduction. I would use them to reinforce other training, because you get to practice what you've learned about. They're like the hands-on labs done at some tech conferences, but without in-person lab assistants to help you step through the instructions. I like them and will continue to use them because they let you prove to yourself that you know how to do the things you've learned.

      I don't have experience with the other two providers in the particular context of GCP.

  • +1 vote

    Linux Academy + AWS is my recommendation if you want a job in Australia. Barely any ads for GCP.

  • +5 votes

    as a reminder and in case anyone interested , here you can learn more than 200 Azure related courses for free

    all major tracks/exams included - az-103, az-300, az-500, az-400, dp-200 etc


    which is better considering the job perspective ? AWS or Azure or GCP ?


    Is this site even legit? People, pay attention to the domain and do a look up.
    I’m not sure about it.


    It says "Please Wait"…
    Did you guys get the same?

  • -1 vote

    Stingy Google only free during pandemic.

  • +1 vote

    What job titles would you be applying for with these skills?

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