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50% off All Easter Eggs/Easter Stock @ Target (Instore Only)


50% off all Easter stock.
Some great bargains…. Cadbury Humpty Dumpty Egg $2.75
Cadbury 250gm Easter Bunnies $3.75 etc.
Lots of stock at my local (Watergardens Vic)
Edit: confirmed this is at all Target stores Aus wide.

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    Closing Down Sale?

  • +6

    It seems Easter has been cancelled for 2020…!

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      Nobody really needs a long weekend when they're not allowed to leave home and/or not working.

  • WOW. When I get on the M1 in Brisbane, do you know which exit I take for Watergardens?

    • +3

      Seems like a long drive for chocolate

    • +1

      Just follow the GPS. Wait I think your can’t cross the border. I don’t believe it essential to feed you face with chocolate.

  • Easter hasn’t been canceled

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    When will it start becoming 75% off? Plenty of stock everywhere I go and nobody is buying.

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      Bunch of cheap chocolate and sitting at home everyday is not a good combination.

    • Peoples disposable income is disappearing. This is why the economy is crumpling.

      • +1

        Other people have far more disposable income, with bars, restaurants, hairdressers etc closed.

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          Yep. They were saying that millenials are saving at least 150 a week now that this virus has kept everyone indoors

      • Crumplets are delicious

    • Myer, of course, did their 70%-off swan-song.

  • dammit. I ordered $50 of easter eggs through target on monday. Still not shipped though so wonder if I can cancel??

  • I've been trying to find the Caramilk eggs but they seem to've disappeared :/

    • I bought a few bags- they had heaps!!!

  • Is it considered essential to go to Target for discounted Easter eggs?

    • +3

      It's food…

  • Is it everywhere ?

  • +1

    Does anyone know if its on the Gold Coast ?

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      The sales assistant said that it is all Target stores. I think they are getting ready to close up.

      • Thanks

      • I didn't think it could be too far away.

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    With all the Target promotions recently it sounds like they plan store closures (similar to Myer).

  • Would be nice if they change chocolate to toilet paper, that would be wonderful

    • +2

      it tastes like shit though.

  • Confirmed SA 👍

  • Essential chocolate shopping? Happy Zombie Jesus day!!!

  • +1

    I’ll wait for the 75% plus deal to risk doing an essential shop
    Make sure if any over zealous cops are around say you are grocery shopping .
    This year with these stores as ghost towns no doubt will get huge discounts to clear all the eggs .

  • Any Lindt bunnies?

    • Yes they had lots of Lindt bunnies when I went.

  • I look for TP I see Easter eggs.

  • Just bought the humpty dumpty egg from woolies for $7. Its just not fair.

  • Is this at target country too?

  • What's the best chocolate to buy?

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