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Google Pixel 4XL 64GB $639, 128GB $714 @ Vodafone


Vodafone offering 50% off for the Pixel 4 and 4XL. Technically it ties to a plan but they allow breaking the plan by paying off the handset (at discounted price, not at original price).

Pixel 4XL: https://shop.vodafone.com.au/mobile-details/pixel-4xl-64gb-white No longer available.

Great phone at this price point. I paid $580 for one and while I do have to live with some battery shortcomings, the price makes it all the more forgivable.

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    $700 for Pixel 4 XL 64GB

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      Thanks added.

    • I have "very good" credit score. But says credit check failed. :( . Any advice on how can I grab these given store are closed.

      • :( same experience, order online was fine until the next day the call center told me that i was approved for the plan but not the phone. So i said get off and hung up. First time rejection for me for bloody mobile phone. Went to telstra and all good

        • Yep. Ridiculous flow. I tried with my wife and sister ID. My wife even has excellent credit score. All orders were rejected. Credit checking agent being strict? :D Broke my phone a week ago and waiting for something good for easter sale. But these deals from vodafone are melting. Bad that all stores are closed.

        • So Telstra has the same deal?

          • @BoughtTSLAat200: Also interested if Telstra will match the deal.

            Vodafone say phone delivery time is 3-4 weeks, not sure I can be bothered jumping through these hoops.

            • @Nebargains: I don't think it's 3-4 weeks. I ordered the XL on Sunday and it left the warehouse today and is currently with Toll.

  • are these dual sim?

    • Yes. 1 X physical and 1 X esim. Using both now on the XL from this Voda deal.

  • So confused do you must also select a phone plan? Min 40 dollars a month

    • Yes, but since these are month to month plan, not contract, so you can cancel after 1 month, and pay the remaining phone cost.

      • How do you work out the remaining cost?

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          Remaining cost is the total phone price minus what you paid towards the phone for the 1st month.

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    Are these locked to Vodafone?
    How does number porting work with eSim?

  • How bad is the battery? Need to change my mate 10 pro and was looking at getting a grey import mi note 10 pro. Any other phone under 700 anyone would recommend? TIA

    • They're on par with the Pixel 3 which mean it's not very great. It dies by about 9pm on a 7am start so I pretty much have to top up in the afternoon everyday. Not a huge concern as for people near charger / car charger.

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        I've found two things that make a massive difference to my Pixel 4 battery life. Once I disabled the always on screen and turned off the stupid radar sensor, the battery life is great! About 50/40% remaining after an average days use.
        Project solari is a total gimmick at this stage, and not worth it imo.

        • Project Soli

  • Same as this deal? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/519512

    Is it still possible to cancel without paying the first month?

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      Yes I purchased 2 last time they had this deal and cancelled next day and only paid out the handset costs

      • How much did you have to pay out?

        • $714ea for the handsets
          4XL 128gb

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        How easy was it to cancel? Do you have to call or can do it online somewhat?

      • In the Pixel 4 Whirlpool thread a couple of posters interpret the conditions as needing to pay out the first month, have the conditions changed since you did it?

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          Guys you most certainly don't have to pay a month .
          You just call the day after and say you want to cancel and just pay the handset out
          They will ask why … In my case I said I didn't realise Vodafone didn't have unlimited Spotify streaming so I want to stick with Optus .they said I would get a handset payout and the end of the cycle . A few weeks later a final bill came in for 714 I paid it and never heard from them again

      • how did you cancel?

        • When the deal was on last time I cancelled via live chat on the voda website

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    pixel 4 was a disappointment, no wonder there are so many sales for this phone. I guess no one wants it. doesnt even have a ultra wide camera.

  • Do you get a receipt showing you bought the phone outright if you cancel straight away? For salary sacrifice purposes?

    • I called and spoke to a customer care executive to give me a receipt they gave one that showed based on plan cost i.e 36*$19 something.

      my work rejected the salary sacrifice saying it is on a plan , not outright etc, but I persisted and they finally accepted it

      • Thanks for your input, sounds like a risk and would vary input to input. Interested to hear stories from others.

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    Some people were able to get these outright from voda store last time .if anyone finds a store selling in Sydney please let me know

  • Where does it say you can cancel without paying the first month?

    I tried this when I purchased the Picel 4XL and the assistant just said no.

    • It doesn't say. it worked for some people and didn't for others.

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    Just order one, when should I call them to cancel to avoid paying extra 40 dollars?

  • Looks like they are not doing well with the 4, it's been a while for the half price offer. Batter life is a deal breaker. I'd wait for 4a.

  • Back online now if anyone wants to buy

  • Seems legit

    If you choose to cancel your Red Plus Month to Month Plan, your MPP will auto cancel and 100% of the remaining handset instalments will be applied to your next bill. Recurring monthly plan fee charged until the end of the month in which you cancel.

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    Credit check on Mr. Billions….what a joke

    We need a little more time to process your application
    We're processing your credit check, and aim to get back to you within one working day, unless we need more information from you

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    Will it affect your credit rating if you cancel the plan?

  • Tried my luck… We'll see what the credit check says

  • Any idea why so many people with good credit ratings are being rejected? Seems to be a good way to keep down the number of people taking up the discounted promo.

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    Maybe credit checks have become more stringent in ways due to the current unstable economy.

  • Just to clarify, we select:

    -Interest free period 12 months
    -$40 per Month, month-to-month plan

    Apply and if we qualify, receive the phone and then cancel the contract (no early termination)?

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      Yeah, that's about right!
      The 'early termination fee' is just the remaining cost of the handset, which will be charged to your account in the next (final) billing cycle. You can't continue paying the handset off over the 12 month period.

      • Do you know how difficult it is to change payment method? I stupidly signed up with direct debit but if I can change the payment to credit card then I can get free buyers protection. Does the final invoice come with a 'pay now option' or will it just be a matter of calling Vodafone support and sifting through the options until I get someone willing to adjust it for me?

  • I have been with Optus all my life. Is Vodafone's coverage any worse? Don't really mind re customer service as if there is an issue I will go in store so I don't have to stuff around with an online chat.

    My contract with Optus for my Samsung S8 is up this month so I will need to jump on a new plan.

    Would it be worth the switch?

    • No one is jumping on this for the plan. We're all just buying the phone, cancelling the plan and then continuing to use our amaysim deal/boost 365 day/ whatever other prepaid bargain.

      Why pay Vodafone $40 for 10GB/month?

  • What if I port out say after a week or so to another provider ? Would I just get a bill to pay handset fee only ?

    I don’t want the hassle of calling and terminating contract etc.

    If someone has done this please share their experience

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    Hey guys, if anyone would be able to help it would be much appreciated. I purchased the phone, think i passed the credit check, however it has told me my order was only partially approved. Im supposed to call 1300 858 469 within 48 hours during business hours. All that happens when I call is a message saying service centres are closed due to covid-19. :(

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      same here, no luck, I tried atleast 10 times and getting the same message.

      • same issues, not sure what to do.

  • Anyone know how this works with the up to 100% ShopBack?

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    Thanks for the post. Wanted a 4XL but was previously out of stock. Only have white unfortunately (at least I won't accidentally pick up someone else's phone)

  • Cashrewards extension/app is offering 75% back on all postpaid plans like this, they pay as long as you stay 3 months. If you get the $40/m deal and stay 3 months it only costs $10 per month toallying $30. Which is cheaper than compulsory one month plus you get 3 months of data to use

    • How does the cash rewards deal work? do they only pay the mobile plan? Is it for the life of the plan? I'm currently with Vodafone on a $35 plan with 35gb, If I step up to the $50 plan (which is 45 for the first 12 months) Will they be paying me $33.75 each month for the first 12 months? What If I stay on the plan for 36 months?

      • Sorry I didn't see your reply. I'm relatively new and I didn't notice notifications at all.
        In case you still want info. The cash back is for different amounts depending on what you buy. If I remember correctly the it is only the first month or equivalent on prepaid plan too, 75% is too much for whole plan. They give you cash back after a couple months and best way is just get it transferred into bank.
        I've saved $200 from two cashback sites since I joined buying things I already buying from same place I already shop.
        Vodafone reward is at:
        The other site is:

    • From the terms of the cashrewards cashback, you are only paid the cashback on one months value, not every month will pay you back the cashback. https://www.cashrewards.com.au/vodafone#coupons

  • I ordered the XL this morning but am waiting on the credit check. Any idea how long that will take? Its been about 3 hours and I'm unable to call Vodafone as their call centre is shut

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    i got a Pixel 4 XL through JB on the $499 upfront BYO plan, battery is ok…. im a heavy user and coming from a P20 Pro, i am often finding myself looking for a charger. Wife on the other hand has the Pixel 4 and only charges once a day and is happy as can be, battery is all down to how heavy of a user you are.

    • What size of Pixel 4XL did you get? 64Gb or 128Gb?

      I ordered mine Pixel 4 XL 128Gb just now from Vodafone. Might be tempting to price-match with JB-Hifi? Cancelling?

      • wanted the 128GB but just settled on the 64GB.

  • I have received the following SMS message:

    Hi <name>, thanks for placing an order with Vodafone with reference number: <number>.
    Please head to https://URL…. within the next 72 hours to complete the verification process. Please use the same ID document you used when you submitted your application. For more information, head to www.vodafone.com.au/plan-id

    Your Vodafone Team.

    When I go to that URL I get a prompt for "Identification process".

    We will need to use your mobile device to verify your identity.
    Please enter your mobile phone number below and press send. We will send you an SMS with a link in it. Tap the link to start the process.

    I then enter my number, but that sends the exact same SMS message as above with the same URL?!!!

    So, does anyone know how to get out of this endless loop and continue ID process? Thanks.

    • Same …this sh*t is broken and nobody answers my valls

      • exactly my experience. I'm on hold atm. Will post an update later.

        • i got disconnected. if you succeed please let me know what number and what options you pressed. ty

          • @BoughtTSLAat200: FYI, it didn't happen to me just now as I clicked the mentioned URL and it went straight to the ID and photo verification.
            The only difference I could see was I didn't enter my mobile number at that stage as I have entered that in the Order page.

        • I got disconnected after 1hr 7min on hold! That's far worse than Boost where the average hold time atm is ~30min

  • Thanks, got the XL.
    With the bundling discount, comes to ~$30 for the 1st month of plan, which I will of course cancel.
    I went to a VF store to ask about modifying my existing plan, he said that they cannot order in store because there's a 6-8 week wait on them…
    We'll see.

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      OH BTW make sure you use the code "CARKRC" for an additional $20 once-off credit.

      • should go into title so people don't miss on the offer.

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    on hold 2 hrs now but i wont give up

  • I submitted the order last night still haven’t received any thing

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      I ordered mine around 8pm last night, received an SMS this morning. Followed up this lunch time and got a tracking number afterwards.
      Hopefully you will receive the follow up text shortly from Vodafone.
      This might be due to the queue in their system.

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    Not sure I got negged for stating that Vodafone has zero support. It's the truth. Their call centre has closed in India so you will not get any support whatsoever.

    • How to cancel at the end of they don't respond?

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        Port the number out? Should cancel it automatically.

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    on hold for 4 hrs

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    I just needed to click the link from my mobile and it worked..when clicking from my desktop it doesn't work. How can you cancel the service once activated if nobody talks to you?

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      The STUPID facial recognition system could not recognize my face from driver's licence!!!
      I had to cancel the process. Now it says that I need to call a 1300 number which is closed due to COVID-19 emergency!!! F**K Vodafone!!!

      • Same boat here, is there another number to call?

  • Yesterday, I ordered 4xl after few hours sms received to upload ID that i did successful. Unfortunately received an email this morning saying your application has been declined 😡 based on credit eligibility. I believe this is bullshit reason. I always pay my bills on time and never had issue of credit in past.

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    This is annoying, I can't get passed the section where it asks me to turn my head right.

    • Had the same issue, stupid thing! I had to cancel the order and submit it again.

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      I had to shave, otherwise it wouldn't accept my photo. You should have good lighting available when taking a photo.

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