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Google Pixel 4 Half Price Handset Repayment 64GB ($524), 128GB ($599) with Month-to-Month Postpaid Plan @ Vodafone


Not sure if this is a mistake on Vodafone, but looks like they've published the Pixel 4 at half the price!

Month-to-month postpaid plan Handset repayment per month
12 months $43.66
24 months $21.83
36 months $14.55

Minimum cost: $524 + one month plan cost

Edit: A further $20 credit off your bill with code CAFQUL, thanks WoodYouLikeSomeCash

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  • Are you saying the phone can be bought outright or is it half of the monthly fee on a 36 month contract?

    • You can do 12 monthly payments of ~$46 each. Either way it seems to work out to $524.

      • It looks like you have to add a sim as to it as well. The price of the phone is great but if your not looking for a sim it doesnt work out

        • Just tell them you live somewhere outside the coverage area ;) then pay the phone out.

            • @Jackson: I posted previously please be careful.

              The discount is based on you following through on the 12/24/36 deals to keep the discount.

              Pretty sure early cancellation means you will pay the FULL RRP of the handset not the discounted rate.

              The deal is about getting people to lock into vodafone for a multi-year plans - not sell handsets at a loss.

              • @sn00kered: Thanks for your concern but it clearly states "Over 36 months. Min. cost $524" so they can't the jack up the price if you try to action that minimum cost.

              • @sn00kered: I understand that you're trying to warn people of the pitfalls of this deal, but there is a subtle difference between this deal and the deal you're warning about.

                The deal you're talking about is where the RRP price is listed as $1K, but has a "loyalty discount of $500…", making it effectively $500 if you stick with the plan, But if you cancel earlier, the loyalty discount becomes void and you need to pay the full RRP of $1K.

                However, this deal doesn't have the loyalty discount and the listed RRP is $500.

  • So put a price somewhere in your post.

  • I mean you still need to sign up for the mobile plan and that doesn't appear to be half price…

  • Why god do a 36 months? Crazy.

    • you'll see 48 months soon after iphone 12s 5G Pro Max rrp $3,499

      • -11 votes

        Yep. The poor people can't afford to pay upfront so they just do in smooth installments.

      • Holy hell that's a lot of money for a phone

        • The real question is unless you are rich enough to buy it outright, why would anyone pay that for a phone? I can't comprehend it. I'm still rocking my galaxy s5 which I bought for $350 about 3 years ago and I bought it after it was already around for over 2 years lol. The screen still craps on new phones today that cost more than it so its great for youtube and stuff too. Has expandable storage & removable battery which are things I value in a phone and I don't support the current e-waste of mobile phones and there throw away nature just because a battery is dead. If I had to buy a new phone today I wouldn't spend more than $400 so I can understand people wanting to buy this for $524 but anything over $1000 is crazy to me. $3500 is ridiculous but Apple is known for overcharging. Just look at Louis Rossmann on YT and the repairs he does for $100 or less that Apple try and charge thousands for lol. You may as well give your money away imo. Personally I despise them and I wouldn't own an Apple product even if it were given to me.

          • @Tythefly86: You are stuck in the past. Future is beautiful. come along

            • @CoronaV: How am I stuck in the past? If you require a new phone to be 'present' than you are possibly stuck in your phone. Look up the video on youtube called "look up" by Gary Turk. I like to live my life in reality, not head down looking at a screen 24/7. A light user like me does not need a new phone. Half the stuff isn't new anyway and my phone is better than most budget phones sold today. It will even match specs of mid range phones lol. Take the new A70 from Samsung for example; It has less pixel density than my galaxy s5, both are amoled and I will enjoy watching video on my s5 more. My desktop pc will smash any phone on the market and I do at least 98% of my computing on it so explain to me how I am stuck in the past when I use a computer that is way more powerful than your phone to do the same things?

              • @Tythefly86: I have owned and used Samsung S5 and S10 and other phones. New phones are more than twice as good as 4 year Olds. If you don't use much then you don't need it I personally like to enjoy technical marvels of this revolution and I can assure you just on camera alone when you are older you would want good photos to look at and you would be glad to spent extra $$. I know S5 takes photos but they are far behind in quality now to the new phones

                • @CoronaV: Far behind? I think you have convinced yourself of this to justify the money you have spent lol.. I would say the s2 is far behind the s5 but phones today are not significantly better like they once were.. Here's a few recent pictures on my s5 just of my mates new r34 gtr. Not even trying to take a great picture and it's more than clear enough dude. You really think im going to think this camera's pictures are bad quality when i look at them? lol: https://imgur.com/a/ZNlXqoZ

                  • @Tythefly86: Perhaps do a night shot/low light comparison to tell the real difference. Even a low end Nokia can take a decent shot in good lighting. Also take some profile shots of people's faces, and then some of vegetables/fruits to tell the difference in colour reproduction, tone, and quality of detail.

                • @CoronaV: Actually I take that back. Just looked at some photos from my old galaxy s2 and they aren't even what i would call "bad quality" and I can guarantee I will not be looking back regretting that i didn't spend a ridiculous amount of money on a phone lol. https://imgur.com/a/wtdBysg

                  • @Tythefly86: Try Nightsight on a Galaxy S whatever .. oh, you can't. Natural photos in near darkness without a flash.

                    This is a bargain price. The Pixel 3a 64g costs more on the same deal. Wtf!

                    • @kabammi: Dude if you read my posts you can see that I clearly don't care and I was talking about the iphone and phones over $1000, not this pixel deal 🤦‍♂️. This deal for $524 is fine and I never said otherwise. Either way, photos to me are about the memories and I clearly proved even a 10+ year old phone (galaxy s2) could take a decent photo in a forest of my friends 4x4 stuck in the mud.. What more detail do you need from that photo? Taking that photo with a modern day phone would not improve or change the memory that the photo reminds me of. Tell yourself whatever you want to justify it, but you wont convert me. I support right to repair and even though this seems like a good deal, the battery life kills it imo.

                      LOL to your "you can't" nonsense, if you want to talk about features that my galaxy s5 doesn't have, lets compare because we will be here all day with the features I have over you and my phone is from 2014 haha. Where's your removable battery, headphone jack, micro sd card slot to expand your storage? What about your ir blaster to use as a remote for tv's, stereo, etc? Oh that's right you don't have them lol. What about serviceability? For example: from what I hear in the comments, the pixels battery life is terrible and you're lucky to get a day out of it before needing a charge. A new battery on my phone lasted 3 days with moderate use and only needs charging every 2 days after 3+ years of use. I don't even need to replace the battery yet and it's easy if I wanted to. With a brand new pixel, charging it daily, you will likely need to replace the battery earlier and it's very hard to do in comparison. Nice 'features' you have there :) You have a phone built to fail when in 2 years or less it's probably more cost effective and convenient to just buy another phone then pay someone a large amount to pry it open and lose your phone in the process for days just for a simple battery replacement. I support right to repair and you are barking up the wrong tree here with your better camera claims. I'm not a professional photographer and I couldn't care less about your camera.

                  • @Tythefly86: 4 downvotes really lol. You probably didn't note that I was talking about the iphone and phones over 1k, not this deal. If the downvote is about the picture than you people must be crazy. I have a 4k high end monitor and this picture looks absolutely fine on it in full screen. The last thing I would think if i was looking back on these old photos is "i wish i had a better camera to serve that memory" LMAO. I only think this when viewing photos from an era before smartphones like the pictures I took in highschool on my first Nokia camera phone that was only 2mp and had terrible colors without a flash for night/low light. Now those were bad.

                    Complaining about this picture from the s2 or calling it bad quality is ridiculous and this comes from a tech enthusiast that likes high quality. I run a 4k monitor with a secondary QHD Asus monitor @ 144hz for games on a computer that takes a big steaming dump on any phone on the market, including the $3500 iphone i was referring to and it cost the same to build including the monitors. My comment was mainly aimed at the iphone and the ridiculous cost of it. $524 for this deal is not a ridiculous amount of money to me and I never said it was. People are too quick to winge and downvote instead of looking to my initial reply and what it was about. Either that or just butthurt iphone sheeple?

                    • @Tythefly86: If you want to know why, well let's start with your S5 photos. You are taking the photos in VERY GOOD lighting condition, which essentially makes it extremely easy for any phone camera to take a decent shot. Still, the exposure is uneven with the highlight blown out on the first photo on the left hand corner. There are noise in the black area of the photo (the GTR) and the image is not sharp. If you look at your second photo, the details on the roof are lost you can't see the individual tile on the left corner roof, and there are excessive noise in the dark area. Again, I have to remind you these are extremely easy condition to take photos and it already shows the aging photo processing of S5.

                      And it's actually hard for you to believe but Sony Xperia phones latest display actually crap over your 4K. It's 4K OLED Bravia display, like their top notch TV in the >$4,000 range. Your Monitors are IPS or VA, not OLED.

                      • @Bigboomboom: Yeah because the whole point of my photos is to look at tiles on a roof 🤦‍♂️. You sound like a try hard photographer lol. My phone is fhd oled and it's 6 years old so no, it's not hard for me to believe phones have 4k oled and assuming this makes you the ignorant one. By the way, you can't differentiate a pixel from one another on my 5inch 1080p phone so there is literally no point in going higher in resolution LMAO. Have fun wasting battery to push that many pixels on a tiny screen where it's unnecessary just so u can say you have 4k on a phone.. And if you want to talk about accuracy, almost nobody has actual 4k and 95% of screens marketed as such are 3840x2160. 3840 does not equal 4000 and is the whole reason the term UHD exists. 4k is wrong in most cases and I just gave in to calling it that cause every other simpleton cannot grasp resolution and run around screaming 4k for everythng.

              • @Tythefly86: S5 was nice but no more o/s updates :( apps are designed for newer systems! shes old now S5, i only pay 100-300 now for a 3 year phone.

          • @Tythefly86: Bud, I support your notion of hating electronic waste and keeping a phone for multiple years, but you really don't need to hamper your own daily experience this way. There's thousands of decent phones as second hand that is going to get price dropped until it lands to the hands of some school kid, and promptly break in a few months.

            Phones nowadays are super efficient, so you don't need removable battery. They're faster, better built, have more useful features, and are going to make your day easier. Yes, losing an IR blaster sucks, but it's been replaced by Wifi control.

            Again, I commend you for sticking with your guns for your values, and I hope you'll continue to do so. Just maybe give the s10 a look or something, the 2017 generation onward had some pretty big change.

            • @Wonderfool: OMG why do you people feel the need to try and convince me to upgrade? Will the s10 last 20+ drops on its rigid metal body without a case and keep a 100% screen? I doubt it. My phone is actually durable, not like your phones today made to break. FFS the s10 is glass all around lol. It's a fingerprint magnet too and the last phone I would want. I would sell it if given to me. I have a flagship phone from it's time and the screen alone is better than the majority of new phones made today that are more expensive. I have no need to upgrade.. I have so many features that aren't in new phones that i don't want to give up and made that clear. HOW MUCH CLEARER DO I NEED TO BE? STOP WASTING YOUR TIME LIKE YOU WASTE YOUR MONEY ON BUYING PHONES EVERY YEAR. Clearly you people can see my point because you can't help yourselves from trying to convince me and yourself that your money is well spent LMAO.

              • @Tythefly86: No one is saying to buy phone every year, but your phone is definitely old. Again, do stick with buying phone every few years. Just letting you know that there's some pretty big improvement that you don't realise you'll get, that makes even a casual user very happy.

                Infact, it's a great time to buy phones, we're going to enter a new gimmick era for the next few years, so the s10, a70 or maybe even mi9t, will be seen as the new Nexus 5.

                • @Wonderfool: STOP ASSUMING. I know more about technology than 95% of people I come across and I can guarantee you I realize exactly what I am missing and is the reason I haven't upgraded. I am using a pc faster than 95% of people's computers so trust me when I tell you that I know computing. My phone does not feel slow, it's rooted and is probably more efficient than most phones sold today because of how little i have running on the os lol. I use my phone as little as possible and could care less about all the features you tell yourself are worth upgrading.

            • @Wonderfool: Additionally your points you made are so flawed it's not funny.. You have to buy the newest devices with wifi for that to actually make sense so no, this isn't replaced with wifi when the whole point of it is convenience to use it as a remote on something old where the remote that was included no longer works or was lost.. The ir blaster is the last of my concerns. What about expandable storage, a headphone jack (no i dont have bluetooth headphones and don't want them when my best headphones are wired). The removable battery is important when the pixel will need a battery replacement in 2 years guaranteed (comments support it barely lasts a day without needing charge) and as far as more efficient, hahaha. My phone is 5inch and my screen is more efficient than 90% of new phones made today and that is probably the biggest power drawer in a phone lol. STOP TRYING TO CONVINCE ME

              • @Tythefly86: Lol all of the phones I just suggested have the features you just suggested except IR blaster. Again, IR blaster was good, but it's been mostly replaced in most sensible situations.

                Like, we're talking about 11 hours sot phones here. 11mn fabricated processors that will last you a week from charging if you're as casual as you're saying. Phones that will to the app you want the moment you want it. Just give it a look sometime.

                Edit: and if you've rooted your phone, then you should also be aware of security concerns with older software, including custom rom. Again, you don't have to buy it if you don't want to, but atleast take a look man.

                • @Wonderfool: Stop assuming I haven't looked.. OMG the assumptions on here are insane. Everyone knows everything about me right! LMAO give me a break and go spend your time wisely instead of trying to convince me to upgrade which benefits you in no way but to make you feel justified in wasting money on phones so often. Doesn't surprise me really, if your willing to waste your time trying to convince a stranger than you'd be willing to waste anything, even your money on something like a phone haha, so your the last person I would take advice from. Give it up.

                  • @Tythefly86: Lol I'm actually a budget phone buyer who buys every few years too.

                    I'm suggesting cause I like doing this stuff. Why else would I go to a page of a phone I won't buy? Lol

                    You just didn't sound you looked, otherwise you wouldn't quite dismiss everything based on specsheet alone. Sorry that i assumed so.

          • @Tythefly86: Hey. You've started a real ****fight. I agree with most of what you say. If someone says you're phone is due for an upgrade, the first question to ask is "why?". 'Cause it's two years old is not an acceptable answer. I've got a LG V20 which I paid $200 for secondhand and love. I'll let it go when they bring out a phone with Bluetooth LE Audio. That's a reason to upgrade. The new phone does something the old one doesn't.

        • soon the banks will start offering mortgages for phones

          • @FW190: You mean personal loans, they already do this, and make more money on them.

            Credit card even worse if you pay minimum only over long time.

            • @ozhunter68: people actually take out personal loans to buy phones?

              anyway, at the rate the price of smartphones are going up, it won't be long before you will need to spread your repayments over 30 years :)

              • @FW190: Signing up to a plan with handset repayments is a contract to pay off a product which is so close to being a personal loan it's not funny. The product is valued at a given amount of money that you need to pay back so yes, people take personal loans on phones every day otherwise they would buy them outright.

    • That's not that crazy. Phones these days can easily last 3 years if looked after properly. My Galaxy S8 is still going strong coming up to three years. I'd rather go on a 36 month plan than lease the phone. That was a stupid idea

  • can you just sign up for 1 month and then cancel the plan?

    • would like to know this to… just payout the phone type of option ideally right?

    • Critical information summary shows a month to month. If you cancel you pay out the phone

    • In a democracy, yes. But do we live in a democratic country these days?

      • -2 votes

        Its never been more democratic… current views that we are in the grip of a new world order are lunacy pushed by people who want a new world order, one we defeated in 1944.

        Youve never been more free. Most of us have no titles, no lordships etc, therefore come from peasants and serfs. Your ancestors never had your options, choices and freedoms.

        • Haha,….tell Julian Assange that, he exposed war crime truth and got locked up for it lol.

          • @ozhunter68: But we arent England, or the US, or Sweden. And when in time do you think the actions of WikiLeaks in regards US secrets would have been par for the course? I stand by my comment, youve never been MORE free.

            In fact if there was a new world order, he would have been dead years ago. If it was still the cold war eta of say the 50s he'd be dead already. The fact he is alive proves theyre very ineffective this conspiracy that I need to fear. Nothing has changed, it always was like this, just different technology.

            • @Tuba: I'll just agree to disagree on that one.

              • -5 votes

                @ozhunter68: LOL.. of course you will, you have no argument to offer. You confuse right to an opinion, with right to made up facts.

                We are not the US, UK, or Sweden. Thats a fact. Similar maybe, but not them so their problems are not ours as hinted at by the OP I responded too, "this country", is Australia.
                We in Australia are free, and have never had more freedom or opportunity in this country… facts
                Assange was always going to have troubles, even if he did similarly in the 1880s UK, or the 1950s US (tech aside).
                Assange would be dead already if there was some mega conspiracy. Either that or that conspiracy is so amateur I need not fear it, it has no capability even when all governments are in on it. Assange is still alive and not in a US courtroom a decade ago is evidence of how inept that so called new world order is. Why are we paranoid about people so inept?

                More likely its not a new world order, its the order that came after WW2. The UK employed Pirates, called them Buccaneers back in its heyday. WW2 led to a changing of the guard from the UK as the preeminent superpower, to the US. And the defeat of the new world order Hitler proposed in the 20s and 30s. A world order his disciples are now trying to implement through undermining the system that has given us freedom and prosperity for decades.

                The "new world order" propaganda is put about by people trying to undermine everything we have built since WW2, it is they who want a new world order, and are quite effectively playing people like puppets, people of both the left and right wings of politics in the advanced world. Each is just played a little differently. End result is a weakening of the system, and that provides opportunity for them to sweep in, just like they did in Germany all that time ago. They got their power, via propaganda, public opinion, and the laws of the country at the time. Germany was conquered by NAZIs using the system, elections, and playing the people like puppets. It was the world that was being conquered by bullets.

                The similarities of that manipulation are eerie.

        • Your argument became invalid as soon as you started comparing today's world to 1944.

          Academic freedom is at its lowest point. Scientists and researchers are being bought to suit capitalist ideologies.

          Police brutality is at its highest. Voicing any sort of opinion that threatens capitalism is swiftly shut down by the brutal force of the same people who are meant to protect our community.

          Raising and educating our children is a business. If you don't invest in this business, your children will slowly die and disappear amongst a world where more and more people are becoming self-absorbed.

          The people of Australia needs to wake up, the 'yes man' attitude to everything needs to stop. Otherwise, I'm afraid to say, we will continue to be what we now define as modern slaves.

          • -5 votes

            @superdarkhumour: FFS, youre the problem. Show me where in history a peasant owned anything like what they own today? Yes, 99% of us descend from peasants, and peasants owned nothing. Peasants were owned, not virtually as some people like to draw a comparison to employment with pay, holidays, sick leave, entitlements, pensions, superannuation, unemployment benefits, and freedom to pick and choose where you work, or what you do, to back yourself and invest in yourself and succeed or fail and try again. The differences between employment and slavery are far starker than your mind seems to grasp. You diminish actual slavery when you liken what we in the west have, to any form of genuine slavery.

            Show where in history, a peasants children went to any kind of school. It wasnt that long ago that even here that many never completed primary school. In the 50s Forth Form was an achievement. Today, Uni is in reach of anyone that meets the academic criteria, with funding and income support. Sure at one time it was free, Id happily see that come back.

            You people have no clue where we have come from.

            Modern slaves? 1st world problems. How white of you.

            Yall are on the precipice of handing the future to white extremists. Yall sounding like them now, modern slavery, LOL.

            There is no time in history where you would have been better off. Life in Australia, we won the life lottery, yall just ungrateful.

            • @Tuba: "Tuba" "FFS youre/you're the problem"

              You sound like you have some anger or spite build up inside you venting towards someone personal opinion they are entitled to just like you are. You don't need to be a white supremacist to be radical and aggressive, just look at some of the antifa movement in US.

              Yes, I am white but not born in this country. Both my parents lived in Belgium when Germany invaded, but also saw the chaos when the Americans took over, chewing gum, panty hoses and condoms, oh yes, they were opening up markets quicker than they fought off the Germans.

              I did go to school here in Australia, so I learned a bit of our local history too, you know the story about the English and the non human people that were here like ghosts.

              You seem to look at life with narrow blinkers on, not considering the countries that were not part of the Colonizing Ventures build on stealing, raping, plundering and now ongoing environmental plundering with people in power and government working together with private enterprise and corporations alike.

              Yes, I am grateful that I was born in a lucky country ( although it has seen no end of bloodshed going back thousands of years, as well as having a chance to emigrate in 1979 to this beautiful country I now call my own, Australia. I personally took part in the stopping of a Fracking Venture in Bentley up here in NNSW few years ago, but if it wasn't for the inquiry into corruption in NSW politicians the venture would have gone ahead. Soon after new laws have passed to double some forms of protesting that the government and police deem as illegal, up to 10 years jail, pretty democratic hey.

              • @ozhunter68: Go back up, look over what you felt the need to vent too… grow up.
                Ill help you since you cant follow logically..

                Somneone said something about AUSTRALIA no longer being a democracy…
                I said, its never been more democratic than it is now… ffs, they respond and react to social media. Thats almost a direct democracy (Google it if you dont know)

                You suggest im wrong about that and rant on about Julian Assange arrested in the UK, to be extradited to the US like this country is the UK or the US. We have nothing to do with it. We have advised him as a citizen, and are doing what we can. Grab your gun, invade the UK and free him if you feel strongly about it.

                Youre channeling Trump now, accusing others of what you already engaged in.

                • @Tuba: "superdarkhumour" and myself never insulted or made personal attacks like you did, completely no need for it in a sensible mature thoughts exchanging manner or even a passionate debate.

                  Maybe you're the one that Needs to Grow Up and Wis en Up!

                  • @ozhunter68: I know the difference between this jurisdiction, and the UK.
                    Im also not a chardonnay socialist. Sadly, youre more racist than you care to admit, and it shows in your points of view.

                    • @Tuba: Australia's Laws are based on UK Common Law going back 1000 years in England.

                      Unfortunately for us people Gouth Witlam changed that illegally in 1975.

                      We Australians, as well as Canadians/UK/NZ are fighting and dying alongside Every War US fights since WW2 and US and UK are the closest allies even after the American/English war.
                      And you say we have nothing to do with US and UK lol.

                      I look at the bigger picture and my mind is not stuck in the smokescreens of the Micro.

                      We could not be closer to them if we tried, take a look at our intelligence sharing and learn a bit about the World Yourself and get your head out of the Aussy Sand.


    • yes you can i confirmed, but you will need to payout the phone then

    • I was looking at it and when you select the phone and a plan it says "total min cost" and its the price of the "outright" phone plus one month so I'd think you could.

  • It's cheaper than the Pixel 3a!

    • So how it works can I just buy the phone and the plan and after a month cancel the plan and pay the phone?

  • I miss my Nexus 5.

    • except the camera and battery life, nexus 5(in fact the whole nexus series) is awesome

      • The Nexus 5 camera was one of the best released in 2013

        • i remember nexus 5 used a crappy 8m camera and the image quality was not much better than nexus 4. nexus 5x on the other hand, has great camera.

          none of that matters now, so long nexus.

          • @Tyler Kwok: When the Nexus 5 first came out the camera took pretty average photos. But it had 2 things going for it: it had OIS and it was a Google phone.
            Thanks to Google's development of their camera app the Nexus 5 camera just kept getting better over time, but you had to use the HDR+ setting to get the advantage.
            The difference in quality between a plain photo taken with a 3rd party camera app and a HDR+ photo taken with the Google camera app is like night and day.

      • I used it for 3 years from when it was released and it was very long in the tooth by year three. I did enjoy the form factor tho.

    • The Nexus 4 and 5 were such fantastic devices. My Note 9 is fantastic… but a little piece of me misses that Nexus 4 in my cupboard

  • is the phone locked?

  • This didn't include call plan. Its like 40/month on top

  • Also get pixel 4 64gb XL for $53.25pm X 12m ($639)

    Downside cheapest plan is $40pm for 7gb, if you can cancel early & payout just the handset would be ok

    • +3 votes

      Or you can do pixel 4XL for 24mnth plan at $26.62
      Total: $638.88
      Will be 12c cheaper that way :D

  • +3 votes

    Pixel 4 XL:
    12 mnth - $53.25
    24 mnth - $26.62
    36 mnth - $17.75

    Pixel 4:
    12 mnth - $43.66
    24 mnth - $21.83
    36 mnth - $14.55