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3 Months Postpaid Mobile Access Fees Waived for Health Workers @ Optus


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In recognition of their support to our community, we’re proud to say thanks to Australia’s health workers by waiving their Postpaid mobile access fees for 3 months. Eligible new and existing Optus customers will be able to apply through an online form available next week until 30 April 2020. More information about specific eligibility criteria will be released shortly. We will continue to post updates here.

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    Health-care workers seeing all these offers are going to be asking themselves "Should I be more scared?".

    Answer depends on your age and pre-existing conditions, but I'm hoping that with PPE, healthcare workers are exposed to a small initial viral load, and so are at lower risk than the average person who gets this from a close contact.

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      IF the healthcare workers are looking at overseas infection rates (e.g. 15% of infections in Spain are healthcare workers) and are faced with the lack of personal protective equipment particularly in primary care settings then yes many are very concerned and would have shut the borders in early February.

      Even receptionists at your local clinic are likely to be worried.

      • -1 vote

        I did say "I'm hoping", but I was talking about front-line staff in hospital, working with suspected or confirmed cases.
        My local clinic is not even seeing anyone with respiratory symptoms, and some GPs seem to be raking it in with Telehealth.

        I'd be interested to know how many Spanish health-care workers who are infected end up needing critical care. Fatigue could be a contributing factor. We are not there yet in Australia.

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    Rival Vodafone will also come to the table to support health workers, offering two months of free phone service to registered practitioners to help them “get on with the vital work they’re doing” to fight

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    Working in healthcare, I’m getting to the point that these things are a bit much. Thanks but let’s just move along now.

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    Actually nice to come home from work (healthcare) and know that peyote truly appreciate what we do. Shoutout to everyone who's working in these difficult times across many industries.

    • +1 vote

      Just like the firies only a few months ago, people always have respect for the likes of doctors and especially nurses, but it often takes a catastrophe for them to be openly celebrated.


      I would love some peyote when I get home from work

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    As a healthcare worker, this is a very nice gesture.

    But also as a healthcare worker, I don't have to worry about loss of income due to staff cuts or businesses failing. I can probably keep paying my normal mobile bill.

    Save the free service for those experiencing financial hardship, and just give me a shitload of extra data (which would be pretty helpful) or something.

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    we don't need it, we still have jobs. poorly aimed PR.


    Yeah as a health care professional I think we all echo that we don't need any free things. Either give these benefits for those that truly need the help (e.g recently unemployed ect) or instead donate PPE to essential workers (not just health care).


    The same time as I can see it


    Optus has updated the description

    To apply, customers will need to provide their current AHPRA registration number, which matches the name on their monthly bill.

    It sucks that the industry I’m in has been thinking of getting AHPRA but hasn’t done so yet (non-clinical profession in healthcare).

    • +4 votes

      There's so many individuals that are on the front line that are AHPRA aren't register.

      The engineer who has ensured that a hospitals self isolation rooms ventaltion is working as expected or if there's an issue

      The receptionist at the ward managing all the beds and people moves; registrations and admissions.

      The team wheeling around food to the patients….

      When someone needs to go fix a printer. In a ward that is used to print prescriptions…

      These guys have a vital role in the chain but not acknowledged

      I mean these guys are great offering this. But it's narrow. And this isn't a go at Optus it's more in general offering these sort of offerings. don't get me wrong it's great! But using AHPRA and the evidence?

      • +4 votes

        I think all of those are vital roles, however the clinicians on the frontline with prolonged close contact with patients are, like firefighters in a crisis, putting themselves in harms way. Repeatedly.

  • +2 votes

    Good job Optus! Should be extended to other essential workers like teachers, police and corrections staff


      Pretty much everybody working is essential.

      Do nurses eat?

      Do they need petrol?

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    Anyone work out how to actually apply for this?

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    Bah, AHPRA registration number requirement is a bit restrictive. My wife works in a patient facing clerical role in the ED and in the coronavirus clinic at a major public hospital and has had contact with confirmed cases, but her role doesn't require AHPRA registration.

    That being said we are both still getting paid and in a better position than those now out of work. Hopefully Optus is being understanding of those less fortunate.

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    Still not available.


    'Next Week' hasn't arrived yet.


    Only for front line staff as only front line staff have AHRPA numbers. Reckon this is worth going into the title OP?


    Had anyone got their discount applied? I receive an email saying they'll get in contact within 5 days but it's been over a week now and haven't heard back.


    Just got a sms saying I’ve been approved.


    Switched over to optus from telstra and got approved for this deal but what a shocker when we tested the download speed. Am getting over 300mbps via telstra mobile and only got ~4mbps via optus mobile. Speed tested on same mobile and same location. Am in rural vic so not sure if things differ in metro areas.

    Complained to optus done all the resets and new sim but to no avail.

    Whinging done and just a quick note for anyone looking at this deal. Cheerios.


      Lots of things that can influence download speeds, I've managed to optimise my connection by limiting it to certain frequencies and towers, have you looked at your nearest tower and what frequencies it supports?


        yeah definitely alot of factors. speed improves slightly when outdoors or when tested in another building. not too sure how to limit frequencies or towers unfortunately. all good, probably will just port out to Telechoice or Telstra I reckon.

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