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[Pre Order] Archie Rose Hand Sanitiser 500ml for $20 + $10 Shipping @ Archie Rose


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and in an effort to bolster supplies nationwide and maintain the employment of as many of the Archie Rose team as possible we have now reallocated our spirits production capacity to hand sanitizer. The product formulation is based on the World Health Organisation as well as the Australian Department of Health guidelines for effective and safe sanitizer.

Based on the very short supply of 500ml bottles from key suppliers around Australia this latest release will be dispatched from week beginning 27 April 2020 and will be drawn from a mix of bottle colours and materials and lid colours. The botanical distillate ingredients may also vary from batch to batch but will still come from the same 100% natural stock we use for our gin production.

Based on the almost instant sell out of previous batches and the number of people who have signed up to hear more about this product - balanced against our website, team and technical capabilities together with an unprecedented demand for this product - we are alerting the sanitiser notification list to updates based on when you subscribed.

This unfortunately means that based on the way our website notification list is coded that if you miss out on pre-sale stock this time around (i.e. the out of stock message is displayed), you will need to re-sign up for the notification list again in follow up - or if you’re on other Archie Rose platforms including our database and social and you’re interested in hearing more about our Hand Sanitiser please sign up also. Our sincere apologies on this and thanks again on all fronts for your patience here.

We are otherwise working around the clock to have more ready to pre-sale as soon as more ingredients and packaging becomes available - so please continue to watch your inbox for updates. Please note with a 65% ABV this product is consumer-grade and not suitable for use in a medical capacity due to the restrictions that exist around shipping products that are 70% ABV and above.

Finally, while like the rest of Australia the Archie Rose team continues to face incredibly challenging times your support of this Hand Sanitiser to date means we have been able to re-deploy all our permanent bar staff members and over a third of our casual bar staff who were stood down as a result of the government’s bars shutdown to our hand sanitiser bottling line. We thank you for your support and your patience and understanding on all fronts.

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  • +17 votes

    Not to sound snide, but $30 for 500ml of hand sanitiser..
    Think I'll stick with soap & water.

  • +3 votes

    Managed to get some from the initial batch. Quite watery and smelt like vodka.

  • +11 votes

    This appears to be nothing more than cashing in on what is a dire situation for many people.

    If you had allocated your production to medical grade product and given it (at cost price) to those who actually need it - that would have been a noble effort to 'bolster supplies nation wide'.

    • +3 votes

      think Warney's Gin company 708 is manufacturing the medical grade and selling only to hospitals at cost…

  • +7 votes

    Neg, just because it is in short supply cant justify nearly 3 times the price for 500ml..

  • +9 votes

    Just shows how greedy humans are

  • +1 vote

    only 65%? It's pretty much useless.

    I suspect this is more aimed towards collectors than anything.

    • +1 vote

      Whilst this post is a terrible deal and greedy, 65% is far from useless.

      70% is the highest grade you'd want for sanitation.

      • -1 vote

        It’s incorrect to say 70% is the highest “you’d want” for sanitation

        Many preparations contain >70% (ie up to 90%). I don’t understand why you would suggest these are undesirable.

        • +2 votes

          Whilst what you say is true, i'll clarify for you the part of my statement you don't understand.

          Anything below 50%, usefulness for disinfection drops significantly, that said, concentration higher than 70% does not generate more bactericidal or virucidal properties within a solution.

          So whilst 70%+ is fine (disregarding 90%+) it isn't relevant to go above.

          If you make your own disinfectant like myself, it would be a waste of alcohol, by getting a concentration over 70%.

  • +2 votes

    $14.50 for Aqium 1L was available before the hoarding.

    Thank you hoarders! /sarcasm

    Oh, this is not available until 27 Apr.


    Great initiative ! but in the words of Jack Sparrow 'Why is the RUM always gone ?' will we still be able to get Archie Rose gin or is that going to become scarce ?

  • +14 votes

    clearly profiteering and using their brand equity to set outrageous pricing to the desperate masses. Not a OZB worthy bargain. Kinda disappointing as I am a regular customer. The marketing text isn't relevant and kinda frustrating to see.
    As offered in the previous deal, I guarantee that you'll find a sanitizer at a more cost effective price BEFORE April 27…please feel free to PM me and I guarantee I'll provide a link in 10-14 days that will fulfill your needs. I work for a wholesaler that provides a similar product to the government and the public will have sufficient supply by then at a reasonable price.

    Please save the money and spend it on what you need, we're in for a long haul and we need to save money. Artisan sanitizer isn't a requirement in this climate and pre-ordering for 3 weeks time is problematic given the price.

  • +8 votes

    It will be great to stop seeing 'deals' like this.

    • +6 votes


      Overpriced, opportunistic profiteering.

      Price is expensive compared with alternative hand sanitisers as shown in others comments.

      No bargain here.

  • +3 votes

    Not cool.

  • +1 vote

    In 2025:

    Person 1 "Hmm, Archie Rose HS 2020, a very good year".

    Person 2 "Well, it bloody-well ought to have been good, it was $20 a bottle!"

  • +1 vote

    Cheaper in grocers.


    Maybe overpriced but I don't mind supporting a company which has found a way to keep staff in their jobs!


      Well said !! its local distillery and should support more Australian made products.

      Cheers !!

      • +7 votes

        I’m happy to support Australian made products if they represent value for money.

        I’m not happy to support businesses trying to leverage a crisis for a quick buck

        • -1 vote

          And THIS fellow Ozbargainers is why our economy is crashing.
          We love to support Australia made products, so long as we’re paying overseas prices…
          Meanwhile getting paid a mint and complaining its not enough, driving up prices of goods, assets and services..

          Greed got us here and a virus was just a catalyst to slap Australians hypocritical greed in its self righteous face.

    • +2 votes

      We’re they ever in trouble? Isn’t alcohol sales through the roof?

  • +1 vote

    We thank you for your support and your patience and understanding on all fronts.

    Well that's presumptuous and manipulative. You probably were gong to sell it to china at a higher price until that was made illegal last week. UN-AUSTRALIAN profiteering

  • +1 vote

    Nothing more than price gouging the current situation.

  • -1 vote

    Everyone saying its a rip off when you compare $/mL all of these deals work out to be $0.04/mL. If you were to buy aquim's 60 mL bottle it would also work out to be $0.04. Of course its more expensive than if you were to buy the bulk size ones (375mL and 1000mL) , but if you can't find them this would be the next best thing.

  • +1 vote

    This is ozbargain, and this is not a bargain, but a greedy cash grab for an inferior product!



    The ThankYou sanitiser spay is sold at $5 for 50ml spray bottle ($10 per 100ml) before this outbreak. For $20, you get 500ml of product which is a bargain imo.

    People need to be realistic with the situation and stop complaining about pricing.


    $50/L (shipped) is not a bargain.

  • +2 votes

    I messaged them to persuade them to offer pickup option (the ozbargain in me wanted to save $10 shipping fee).

    That was last week. They did not respond to my messages, and I’m glad that they didn’t, because I now I still have my $50 in my bank account.


    Soap and water is more effective and almost free…

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