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Groupon up to an Extra 30% off Sitewide


see the banner at the top of the page, couple good offers of things you don't need but price is ok. Just like here !

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    So many of the activities sold on there would not be going ahead with this self isolation. Hopefully they remove the clause that activity must be redeemed within 30 days of purchase and instead leave it open ended. Having said that, not much point funding a voucher for something that's non essential when it may be a long time until it can be redeemed especially while work and cash are short.

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    Do they advertise what the max 30% discount is available on?
    The first one I tried only got a 10% discount.

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      Nope they don't. Looked at 4 or 5 items, typically 3-5% discount.
      Also can't add items to cart, even from the same seller (eg. if I want 2 different sizes/colours), so get charted individually each time.

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    They are still advertising deals where the shops have been closed down

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    Sorry OP, I voted the Merchant Negative (not the deal) because I wanted to warn people about the breach in consumer rights.

    I booked paid Groupon for a restaurant reservation, I made the reservation and received an email from Groupon that the restaurant is closed due to government restrictions. Fair enough.

    I emailed Groupon, and asked for the money to returned to me via the original payment method, which was credit card. After 8 emails back ad forth, they told me only a groupon credit the expires in 6 months is my only option.

    In order to get my money back, I had to do a credit card chargeback. 28 Degrees staff was extremely helpful and sorted it out straight away.


      The credit is usually only valid 30days. You don't need to email them. You can chat directly and they usually refund to credits with no hassle. I did it plenty of times.

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        Corona Virus Refund Credit expires in 6 months. Done online, unless urgent.

        They initially refunded to payment method, but stopped that.


      The dogs did the exact same thing to me lakers1222. I am rather annoyed I wasted so much time trying to get my money back for my paypal claim to be denied and them to give me a credit anyway.. Along with these bs 30% sales where probably 90% of the stuff on there is only 10% off, I will never use Groupon again. It's an absolute time thief. I payed via paypal with my cc. Do you think I should just ask my bank to do a chargeback? Might screw up my Paypal account though seeing they denied my claim against Groupon. What is 28 degrees? Maybe I should complain to the ACCC? What do you think?


    Hmm I was wondering about the expiration on the vouchers now. I have one for a salon, that I would have used before the date was expired. but it’s closed now, do you think I could get a refund?


      Click on voucher in My Groupons
      Click on "Need Help With This Order?"
      Should explain option to extend or refund as Groupon Credit for 6 months.

      Was a better offer before But process is same.

      I could only get credit as Groupon did not contact closed merchant to extend - was running out in 2 days.
      Trouble was I was given a $10 30d credit for a previous stuff up with Groupon, after I said I wanted nothing more to do with Groupon.
      But needed to spend more to redeem it on something useful. Now am still locked into Groupon with more credit😭

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      I’ve got one for a massage and apparently only options are extend or credit - no refund

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    Groupon's behaviour here has been deplorable, and I encourage everyone to raise a case with Consumer Affairs if they are not happy with getting getting Groupon credit instead of a refund. Their conditions before stated that you could get a refund if the voucher could not be redeemed due to the merchant being closed. But they changed the conditions on 23-March, which is after I purchased my Groupons. In my view this is illegal practice, and they should not be allowed to get away with it.

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      Here here. I am making a complaint to the ACCC and I hope more people do! They basically want to make interest or investments off our money for the next 6months! Anybody keen on review bombing them on product review?

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