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From the email…

Hey there,

Hope you’re staying safe and positive amidst these crazy times!

I strongly believe that this is a time to give, connect, and unite with others so I’d like to do my part by offering you three kickass courses for free.

These courses cost $695 combined but I'm giving them all completely free. All you have to do is enter the coupon code “STAYPOSITIVE” during the checkout process. Below are the links for each course:

I co-created this course because I needed an innovative way to sell after the 2008 recession. And while I didn't think a virus would start the next recession, here we are.

You're learning not just to roadmap a client's project, but make sure you're paid well for it and that you've gotten your foot in the door for more work.

I teach this with Brennan Dunn, who started out as a freelancer and in 3 years scaled an agency to 11 employees and $2 million in annual revenue.

It's gotten over 10K downloads and I've even had people stop me in the street to say how much it's helped their business. Best of all: it's perfect for a time like this when companies are cutting their spends.

Now's a good time to take that side hustle seriously. The idea you've had for years but have just been too busy to focus on.

And while investors may be wary of backing businesses now, that shouldn't stop you from conceptualizing, prototyping, and building a company so that when we do come out of the recession, you're five steps ahead of everyone else.

I teach this with Karl House, who successfully sold a company that started as a scribble on a napkin shortly after the recession.

There's never been a better time in history to develop a mobile game. People are stuck at home and going crazy with boredom. It's also a perfect opportunity to develop a new skill.

Fredrico Romero is a partner at Pomelo Games, developers of Bullet Boy and Mars: Mars, an Editor's Choice on Google Play. Both have over 240K reviews.

Feel free to share this with your friends, family or colleagues who you think could benefit from them too.

Stay safe and healthy!

Ben Lee

Ben Lee
Founder, Rootstrap

End Email

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