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Harris Farm Food Box $250 Delivered


I posted this as a comment in the Woollies Food Box deal but hopefully this will give it better exposure. I think it would be helpful to some people who don't meet the requirements of the Coles/Woollies boxes (seniors just under 65 years old, young families, etc). It also has fresh produce and fresh protein products, though missing things like toilet paper/soap. I personally haven't ordered one yet as I'm a one-person household and still able to do grocery shopping at my local, but have shopped at Harris Farm before and their produce is pretty good quality. The box says it has enough to feed a family of 4 for five days.

From their website (you can go and have a look at their sample box on the website):

This family box will be ever changing due to current stock availability. That said, we are committed to providing $250 worth of great Harris Farm food to feed your family well. The list below is an example of what it might include. We are working with our in house chef Alejandro to design the box, and will always strive to include a similar framework of products so you know we're providing breakfast, lunch, dinner and some snacks. Unfortunately at this time we cannot accommodate dietary requirements in this box, but regular online ordering is still available at harrisfarm.com.au

*The HFM Express Box pictured is just a suggestion.


Lettuce 1 packet baby (cos , roman , iceberg, coral etc)
Spinach 1 packet prepacked (or mixed leaves, rocket, etc)
Snow peas 1 bag 200g (or snake beans, green beans, sugar snaps, etc)
Rocket 1 packet prepacked (or mixed leaves, spinach , etc)
Mushrooms 1 small tub 200g (bottom, cup, swiss brown, etc)
¼ Pumpkin (or sweet potato, butternut squash, carrots etc)
Green beans 1 bag 200g (or broccolini ,snake beans ,sugar snaps, snow peas)
Tomatoes x 2 (any)
Cucumber x 1 continental, or 2 Lebanese
Zucchini x 1 (or golden squash, grey zucchini, asparagus etc )
Avocado x 1
Carrots x 2 (or baby carrots, dutch carrots )
Potatoes x 4 (any)

Pineapple x 1 (or rock melon, honeydew, watermelon etc)
Bananas (any)
Apples (any)
Stone fruits (nectarines , peaches ,plums ,etc)

Cheddar cheese
2Litres milk
Grated parmesan cheese
HFM yoghurt 700g

Tinned tuna
Sausages or Beef Eye Fillet or Beef Rump
Dry goods and others

Olives small tub mix (any)
Pesto (basil , sundried tomato, rocket)
Crackers (any)
Tortillas (mission , banderita , or any other wraps)
Corn flakes (any)
Sandwich bread
Rice or Couscous or Farro
Tomato pasta sauce
Tin lentil x1 (chick pea , cannellini bean , butter beans etc)
Coconut milk (coconut cream)
Curry paste (any)
Black beans (any)
Instant miso soup
HFM Soup (any)
Ravioli (veg or meat)
Mix nuts / dry fruits
Crumpets / muffins / bagels / pancakes etc
HFM Dips ( Baba Ganoush, Hummus)
HFM Pizza base (any)

I really hope it might help someone who is having trouble sourcing groceries and wish everyone well in these uncertain times. Stay safe

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  • Sausages or Beef Eye Fillet or Beef Rump

    That's a pretty wide range of meat quality to be "OR"-ing.

  • So expensive. Harris Farm prices are exorbitant unless you shop imperfect picks and random specials. I would not buy this.

    • Yeah it's not the best value (equals to be about $4.17 per person per serve) but still might be useful for those who really can't go out to the stores. And the OzBargainer in me would probably try to make it stretch more than 60 meals/servings ;)

    • Especially the one in Darby St, Cooks Hill.
      It was good when they had one at Glendale.

  • For the price point, it would be good to have more certainty. I. Looking firward to getting deliveries in WA.

    What I really wish is there were a system where the local shops could send out an alert, like, we've got 200 2 litre jugs of milk for 49 cents each. Order abd pay online limit 10 each. Or 10 kg cases of apples 15 bucks each. These sorts of deals would help keep food out if the landfills and keep me busy in the kitchen.

    I've been using my dehydrator. I've had excellent results with apples, onions, parsnips and even frozen bags of diced capsicum. Now I just want bulk specials to keep that roll moving.

    • What do you do with the dehydrated frozen capsicum after you've dried it? Do you just store it in a plastic bag? How do you use it in food when cooking with it?

  • It might be useful for some, but it appears expensive to me.

    A lot of the items would probably be in the pantries of most people anyway, or you might only need some of those items to re-stock what has been used (if at all). I can't remember when I last used Black beans, Instant miso soup, Crumpets / muffins / bagels / pancakes, or Pizza bases.
    Maybe as a one-off order, but only if you were committed to working through all those items.

  • Too bad if you had anything you didn't like lol.
    Fresh produce shouldn't have to be in such broad categories?

    At this point, it's probably just better to get ready made meals delivered.

  • Cant find a $250 box on their website - looks like theyve updated it with 4 different separate boxes (fruit & veg, protein, etc)


    • Looks like they increased the price by $60. You can buy all 4, with a "$50 discount." Overall the ingredients seem pretty similar, with some small variations.

      So overall the contents value seems similar, but the price is now $310!

      • Funnily enough, if you buy all 4 you'll get a "$60 discount" it says on the $60 essentials box. So the price would then be $300?