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AIA Health Insurance - up to $400 eGift Card + AIA Vitality access + No Gap Dental + $0 Hospital Excess for AIA Silver or higher


AIA have just launched their own health insurance product that is bundled with their AIA Vitality program.

AIA Health Insurance eGift Card Info:

Up to $400 eGift card from Myer, Rebel or Woolworths is paid after 3 months of continuous membership.
See here for the breakdown: Click Me

What is the AIA Vitality program?:

Essentially the AIA Vitality program rewards you for being physically active and ontop of your health.
A quick summary is:

  • Up to $650 of eGift Cards (Myer, Rebel, Woolworths, Ticketmaster or Dymocks) by hitting long term physical activity and health targets (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
  • Up to 50% off flights with Singapore Airlines and Virgin Australia
  • Up to 50% off Endota Spa
  • Up to 50% off Hoyts tickets
  • 50% off Nutrition Assessments
  • 30% off Jaggard Products
  • 25% off Fitbit products
  • 25% off Garmin products
  • $5 Uber, Uber Eats, iTunes, Google Play, Woolworths or 300 Velocity points each week you hit your AIA physical activity target.
AIA Vitality Points Breakdown

Read this PDF which breaks down how you earn your AIA Vitality points:
Click Here

AIA Vitality discounted gym memberships:

  • Virgin Active Gym memberships = 50% off Active Me Flexible Membership +
  • Fitness First Gym memberships = 30% off + 20% Cashback if you go 24 separate days in a calendar quarter
  • Anytime Fitness Gym memberships = 50% off joining fee + 10% monthly memberships on minimum 12 month contracts + $100 cashback for attending gym 24 times per quarter.

More Info is here:

AIA Vitality
AIA Vitality partners and rewards

AIA Vitality Silver member or higher bonuses:
  • 100% refund of your hospital excess when you hold a policy for at least six months (some exclusions apply on Silver Plus and Gold products)
  • 10% additional back on your Extras (excluding dental treatments)
  • 5% annual discount on your premium
AIA Health Insurance No Gap Dental

No Gap Dental benefit is available on eligible preventative dental services to members who have served the two-month waiting period and are using a smile.com.au dentist. Please note this benefit is included in the combined Preventative and General Dental annual limit. This benefit is limited to one service per treatment group per year for each person listed on the policy. Eligible No Gap Dental item numbers for each treatment group are:
Oral examinations
* 011 (Comprehensive oral examination)
* 012 (Periodic oral examination)
* 013 (Oral examination limited)
Scale and clean
* 111 (Removal of plaque and/or stain)
* 114 (Removal of calculus – first visit)
* 115 (Removal of calculus – subsequent visit)
Fluoride treatment
* 121 (Topical application of remineralisation and/or
cariostatic agents, one treatment)
* 151 (Provision of a mouthguard)

Go here: smile.com.au network

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  • Tempting. Do you have a source for the Singapore Airlines example? I can't see any reference on the website, only for Virgin.

    • +1

      Domestic All capital and key regional cities that Virgin Australia flies to.
      Trans-Tasman Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Dunedin, Queenstown
      International (short haul) Apia, Denpasar, Honiara, Nadi, Raratonga, Port Villa, Nuku’alofa, Port Moresby, Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Christmas Island.
      International (long haul) Los Angeles, Hong Kong
      Copenhagen, London, Manchester, Paris, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Milan, Rome, Amsterdam, Moscow, Barcelona, Zurich, Brussels.
      Singapore, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Dhaka, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Colombo, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Bandung, Balikpapan, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Makassar, Manado, Medan, Semarang, Surabaya, Denpasar, Lombok, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Mandalay, Yangon, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Phuket, Da Nang, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City.

    • they are code share for a bunch of flights

  • They charge $7.5 per adult per month for access to AIA vitality???

    • +1

      I believe that is included in the health insurance premium they quote you. I believe they have to list the breakdown by law.

      Happy to be corrected.

    • I use it and if you max out even the basic rewards, which isn't all that much effort, you get $650 in Woolies vouchers and another $260 in either iTunes or even Woolies vouchers (there are some others but this is what I use. So for $90 a month.. you're getting an extra $820 in vouchers. Not to mention all the other stuff.. I buy Endota stuff for friends/family all the time etc at 50%.. and the extra discount off any insurance premiums. Worth the $90.

      • What's involved in "maxing out the basic rewards"?

        • +1

          Best read the website.

          The AIA Vitality program is geared towards keeping people physically active and getting health checks done.
          Essentially if you go to the gym and have a fitness tracker this will be super easy to hit. Throw in 2 health checks up in the year, a flu shot and eye check up and a dentist check up and you are done.

          Pretty easy.

          • @E5TOQUE: I read the website and it didn't provide any specifics which is what I was after.

        • +3

          You receive points for doing activities meant to be healthy.

          You max it out by hitting 35,000 points in a year, and along the way you receive the rewards @kojihama mentioned above. Activities include:

          •Join a gym and go regularly (100 points/visit).
          •Get a fitbit/watch that counts steps (50 points for 7,500 steps/day; 100 points for 12,500 steps/day.) Also 10 points for a decent nights sleep (up to 2,000 points/year for going to bed early).
          •Do a Health Check - 6,000 points.
          •Log food (I do it via fitbit) for 1 week each quarter (1,200 points/quarter).
          •Do the self-surveys eg nutrition, skin check, mental health etc (various points).

          There are others, but the above will get you to Platinum status and max out the rewards in a year.

          Also, @kojihama, the $650 Woolies vouchers got "enhanced" last month, and is now only $500/year.

          • @New Chump: Thanks! Could a phone be used as a step counter?

            • @spiff: yes, but google fit is brutal with the counting in my experience compared to fitbit

            • @spiff: They give you 25% off Fitbit and Garmin devices through AIA Vitality. The prices they offer are the best around that I could find. Beats JB HiFi and so on, even when they are on sale.

              So it could be a cheap easy purchase to help get you on your way with all the fitness tracking.

          • @New Chump: I have the program for my life insurance and when it works it works well, i.e. Anytime Fitness visits. However, it was a pain setting it up correctly with the gym.

            I bought my own wahoo heart rate monitor that runs on its own app and doesnt link to program which is annoying. Doesn't sync with google fit, and even recording workouts in google fit its not registering me any points so is proving to be annoying as well.

            I find the only time i get any points is with steps, which i do bugger all as an office worker and most my workouts are gym or boxing.

            In relation to the other checks etc, they are good and easy points, however are quite invasive in relation to your eating/drinking/living/socialising habits etc etc and so they should.

            My issue with that is the data mining in relation to having a record of what you eat, sleep, drink etc and then using that against you, particularly as mine is related to life insurance.

            It says in their T&Cs its not linked etc and cant be used for insurance etc, one would assume the same for paying out health benefits.

            The concept is good, the applicaiton has been annoying for me as I'm missing out on so many points and reluctant to agree to a few things that I dont want to share with my life insurance provider, given the sums attached to it to cover my family.

            Different application as advertised here but thought i'd add my 2c. I've amased 3000 points in 3 months. Some of the point things you have to pay to get a check up etc.

            • +1

              @TheGiant: @TheGiant - agree with the data mining. It is a risk - one that I decided to accept. I'm v healthy, go the the gym a lot, and dont use AIA as my key insurer. YMMV.

              Anytme Fitness should be giving you points each visit. My Virgin Active gym visits are always spot on with points awarded at about 11am the next day. Give AIA V a call, I find them pretty responsive to any issues I have had.

              The Health check (6000 points) can now be done at Terry White/Amcal and a few other chemists for free now. (Appreciate why you may not want to do that.) The Fitness check at a gym ((3,000 points) does have small cost.

        • +1


          I did mine easily in 9 months. But I excercise 1hr a day and did all the extras

  • Haven't seen any info showing on what date their limits reset. Anyone seen this info anywhere?

    • Your anniversary (join) date.

  • Looks like for my circumstance MyOwn is cheaper

    • MyOwn is no longer available to the public. If you are an existing customer you can remain on it for the time being.
      MyOwn recently had their prices increase too.

      • And they postponed the increase for 6 months due to the covid-19 outbreak. But it is news to me they no longer be available to public, what had happened?

        • MyOwn was a joint venture between GMHBA and AIA.

          I don't know for sure but it looks like 1 of 2 things happened:

          1. They wanted to rebrand the health insurance product to a more well known name of 'AIA Health Insurance' vs 'MyOwn' and MyOwn range of products will just be a grandfathered/legacy in their line up.

          2. GMHBA have stepped away and its forced AIA to make their own product.

          I can't seem to find out if GMHBA is still behind the AIA Health Insurance product or not. If anyone finds anything let us know :)

  • FYI you can get free access to AIA Vitality via REST super

    • +3

      Not any more, ends in April

      • Yep, this is true. I’ll be sad when it’s gone because I highly rate AIA Vitality and use it to get iTunes gift cards. I haven’t paid for Apple Music or iCloud since I joined. That being said, I might move from my current health insurance provider to AIA, but I’ll need to look into it further.

  • I pay around $150 for Bupa, and I'm on the maximum value totals but literally get no benefits.

    I only use dental, clean every 6-12 months and a filling unfortunately.

    I am looking elsewhere, at the point of asking myself why I get private! It'd be nice to get some benefits back!

    • +1

      I dont many health insurance offerings that give you this kind of stuff back in return for being physically active. Its a great idea.

    • I'm in the same boat. Pretty much don't use my Bupa cover except for dental. Also I keep comparing other policies around like this AIA one, and nothing better comes out. It almost negates the medicare levy surcharge, biggest reason why I have it.

  • I am no good with apps and devices and gyms so luckily I found Qantas Health Insurance who give me whats called Average Steps and give me about 720 Qantas points a month for free without having to lift a finger or a toe. I think its called Wellbeing Rewards. I also got bonus QFF points for signing up and they also give you 5000 points per referral. I have had 2 referrals. I only pay 17.98 a week for hospital with not many exclusions. At the moment they are giving 1000 points just to trial the wellbeing app for free.

    • I just did a quick comparison of hospital only - AIA was ~$10 a month more expensive across the board.
      But for the slight increase you gain a lot more back in overall value with $0 Hospital excess and all the AIA Vitality bonuses.

      I guess if you are not very physically active, or interested in the AIA Vitality program then QANTAS may have it's merits.

      • Qantas covers pain management with a device, in bronze, u might need it after all that effort lol

  • AIA vitality has reduced the threshold for activity based rewards. Which means that you can hit the max number of pints (100) at min threshold of 7500 steps - previously 12500 - so makes it easier to hit the points to get an easy $5 / week

    • That's only a temporary thing while we're in lockdown.

  • Does anyone know if you move from GMHBA with existing AIA VITALITY whether the membership and points carry across? One would think so, just wonder about actual logistics. Thanks

    • Yes it carries over. Just make sure you have the same name, address, email address you provided GMHBA. I also called up once I signed up with AIA and they made sure my Vitality points came across.

      • Thanks!

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