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Extra 50% off Selected Clearance @ David Jones (Free Delivery over $50)


David Jones have an extra 50% off a range of clearance today only. Lots of decent items including watches and sunglasses. Womens Mens Kids

Unfortunately you cant filter to just extra 50% off items.

An example: Tom Ford Sunglasses Was $679 Now $239.50

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David Jones
David Jones

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    40%, then 30%…now 50%
    I wonder what's left 😁

    • +4

      There are still some interesting items, but I may wait til the 70% off :DDD

      • +2

        I'll wait til the 100% off

  • +2

    hmmm cant see anything good

  • +7

    Mostly junk now, many of the prices still pretty meh

  • Fairly good deals on a couple of shoes (vans for like 40ish dollars)

  • still good

  • +1

    no click n collect

    • +1

      Aren't their stores closed?

      • Myers I think. Not sure about DJ

      • Still open but I think you may get fine if it's non essential

  • +5

    You can't filter by size. What the…..who designed such a site!

    • +3

      Their website is pretty useless. Filtering options non existent, literally!

  • Been trying to place an order since last half n hr but I am unable to do so.
    Payment button seems to be not working (atleast for me)
    Any tips?

    • +1

      Happened to me too. Eventually it worked (-:

      • +1

        Finally worked! Phew.

  • Either no sizes or out of stock.

    • +1

      Either you're built oddly or you didn't buy when you had a chance! :)

  • +6

    Some items I've found:

    Ted Baker leather boots. Was $400, now $100 (size 7 & 9 only )
    Fred Perry trainrs. Was $120, now $40 (size 7,8,9 & 10)
    Ted Baker chinos. Were $200, now $60 &

    • +2

      Snagged the Ted Baker boots - hopefully gets fulfilled. Thanks dude.

  • Some good stuff, but you gotta search for a while

  • +5

    It's DJ. They always tell me item is out of stock one day later.

  • Thanks OP :-)

  • Validation failure…… hard to get through the checkout

  • +4

    "We’ll be back soon!

    Sorry for the inconvenience but we’re performing some maintenance at the moment. We’ll be back online shortly!

    — The Team"

  • +1

    Looking at the Mens accessories, click on a number of things and they aren't even in stock.

  • +5

    What a painful site

    • +2

      And they will cry about online shopping killing them. lol.

  • +3

    I hate david jones filtering!!! I just want underwear!

    • +5

      Username checks out.

  • thank you OP!!

  • +3

    take an extra 50% off items that will be cancelled, ordered last week all orders cancelled, ordered twice last year through sales, all orders cancelled, this company is honestly fkn hopeless

    • +1

      Soo true. Hopeless and dodgey fckrs. Had the same issue multiple orders cancelled over last 4 weeks. Even now it takes them a week to notify you that they dont have the stock and then another 3 days to refund your money.

      • Yep exact same issue.. 2020 they still can’t get online ordering right smh..

    • would you mind sharing what items were in your cancelled order?

      • +1

        chinos, jeans, t-shirts, shorts, this was during the extra 40% off so at 50% off good luck they send it out.. it is worth a try but put it at 90% all or most items will be canceled

    • +1

      Completely different case for me. Every time I have placed an online order with DJs it has been delivered quickly and in perfect order.

      And today my GANT hoody I ordered in the 40% off sale last week arrived - again in perfect order.

      I've placed another couple of orders today and expect zero problems.

      Sometimes there is a breakdown in stock and what has been ordered - particularly when the site is getting hammered due to substantial discounts.

      Still not a reason to give a neg vote to what is clearly a bargain. IMHO.

      • its been a ongoing problem for years with DJ, see comments from other deals, yeah items are at at bargain prices but it's also a lottery if it will get delivered or cancelled, think Ive had more then enough cancelled orders & waiting for refunds to justify my neg

        • +1

          I agree they need to be better with their inventory management.
          They're never going to be as good as Amazon or a similar online retailer because the items is retrieved from floor stock in stores and often physical stocktaking is off for any B&M store. When you're talking about a heavily discounted sale item that there might only be one left of in their system in the country sometimes it's not going to work out.
          Have found them to be better lately though, personally the 10 items I ordered at additional 40% off, most very high demand and now all oos were shipped.

    • +2

      Agreed - they really are hopeless.

      They once sent me two pairs of shoes which I assume are floor-stock - look as if they have been tried on by many and have some unknown substance stuck on the inside of the shoes… Gross!!

  • +2

    between my company having VPN issues, and this website, you'd think i was online shipping in 1998.

  • yeah but still everything is like $400 for a tee shirt dress and whatever, pull the other one DJ's, it lights up and gives better discounts.

  • damn the one morning I didn't check ozbargain, would've liked the creme colour slip on vans

  • +4

    Which girl purchased that TH sweater I had in my cart? :(

    • +1

      Me. Give me your number so i can return it to you

  • +2

    Thanks grabbed like 8 things for $134 total, $400RRP or so (mostly kids items, like reduced to $9.50 shirts or $19 dresses

  • -1

    I think Im so out of style,those style items looks so ugly to me

  • +1

    Scored a bargain on the New Balance shoes last week and they sent me the wrong bloody size :(

  • +1

    Hate it when you put things in your cart and then they run out of stock when you go to check out. Sizing is confusing, 46 left but 46 what?

  • I'm annoyed, I was about to buy a Lacoste Hoody and it sold while I was doing check out! $60 down from $219
    DEUS EX MACHINA 100% Cotton Hoody $30
    G-Star Jackets from $300 down to $75

    Some good stuff, but most has sold even from a few weeks ago.

  • Scored 3 superdry T's for $55.

    Remember $10 sign up voucher as well.

    North Face jacket is priced well and in stock if anyone interested:

    • Some good stuff, lots sold out but I really believe discounts will get more heavy! Look at DJS, most stuff is discounted 30-40% and theyre giving 50% extra. Superdry will be no different, but yeah most stock will gone I spose.
      More info on that jacket, i was actually looking at it myself!

  • Cheers OP, picked up some good bargains, hopefully order is fulfilled in the next few days and not canceled.

  • Mmm Tom Ford sunnies and WFH, bliss

    • +2

      For when you can work in the backyard and look super cool during video conferencing, of course

  • looks like 8pm it stopped :(

    • Yeah why did it finish early :(

      • actually it came back on again after like 10min - some database error I'd say, coz for those 10min my stuff was still in the cart but for double/triple the price. Anyway its irrelevant now :)

  • Why can't you filter by size? (mobile browser on Android).

  • just scrolled through heaps of stuff to use up a gift card I had lying around, finally made my choice. Only to be told the gift card has expired even though It only got issued in December?? This was part of a promotion but surely it still needs to have the standard three year expiery ….? (anyone)

    • +3

      It’s a promotional gift card and subsequently expires in a month. The gift cards you buy from the shops expire in three years’ time.

      The information below relates to gift cards sold on or after 1 November 2019.

      You weren’t sold the gift card, it was given to you as a gift with purchase.

      Source: ex-DJs staff

  • Don't stress, it went from 40 to 30 to 50% discount
    Next week, probably 60% but not much will be left 🤣

  • They shipped 2 of my items (out of 5)

    It's something :D

    • I'm waiting for literally 5-8 orders to be shipped, everyone is either flat out or in slow mo 😬

  • Shipped 2 out 3 items for me

  • Shipped 2/2 for me.

  • +1

    I reckon they should stop online shopping all together until they fix it up. I had over 10 orders cancelled

  • +1

    3/4 shipped for me.

  • 1/1 shipped for me

  • +1

    Only just got my order today, still waiting for 1 item!

    • +1

      my order just got cancelled today smh

    • +1

      Me too. Ordered on 7 April, sent from WA on 9 April. Finally got update last night that it is processed in QLD, I am in Sydney.. estimated for Thu/Fri this week. I expected a delay but not this long..

  • +1

    Just an update from me on the Neg votes above…

    I ordered 6 items over 2 orders and received everything with no problem.

    The first order took 10 days and the second order arrived within 5 days.

    While YMMV, I don’t think DJ’s deserved the Neg in this case…

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